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how many people are killed annually from smoking marijuana?

A: I''m not sure of any cases?? None. You CANNOT die from smoking Marijuana, unless you smoke you entire body weight in less than half an hour - which of course cant be done. "Regular Pot Smoking Won''t Kill, Kaiser Researchers Determine David Perlman, Chronicle Science Editor In one of the largest marijuana studies ever conducted, researchers have concluded that regular pot smoking does not cause death, but that branding its use a crime may itself pose a health hazard by exposing users to criminals and violence. " Plenty, I guess - not because of the maijuana but smoking. On the flip side at least they die on a high!! Thank you. I really do not know how many people have been killed from smoking...


how many people are killed by alcoholism every year?

A: Answer There are no correct stats on this. Unless the person is a long-time drinker and under a doctor''s care then many people die from complications of drinking too much .... liver problems, mental degeneration, heart problems and the list goes on. If a man/woman was an alcoholic and died from a heart attack then that is what is put down on the death certificate. Only if the coroner does an autopsy can one tell and unless it is an unnatural death or the family requests an autopsy many cases of alcoholic deaths slip through the cracks. Marcy Answer There are two parts to this, I think. One is, how


how many people are addicted to drugs in the us?

A: Nicotine is one of the most addictive drugs known to man (even though it is legal). About 25% of the adult U.S. population is physiologically dependent on tobacco products. Also, this drug accounts for more disease (morbidity) and more deaths (mortality) than all other drugs combined. Alcohol is the second most used addictive ''drug'' in the U.S. Alcohol, alone, accounts for almost 50% of all traffic deaths. Approximately 8% of the adult U.S. populations is alcohol dependent. many more qualify for the diagnosis of intermittent alcohol abuse. Alcohol also is involved in 10% of all hospital admissions, either directly or indirectly. Marijuana is the third most used substance, but its addictive properties are more psychological than...


how many people are arrested each year for drinking and driving and alcohol use?

A: According to the 2008 FARS database, there were 84,026 persons and 66,244 drivers involved in 60,508 crashes which killed 41,059 people. 9,447 of these persons (11.2% of them) and 8,841 crashes (14.6% of them) were reported by the police as ''Alcohol-Involvement''. BAC tests proved 5,946 of these persons (7% of all persons and 63% of those reported by the police as ''Alcohol-Involvement'') had a BAC greater than 0.10, compared to 4,001 (4.8% of all persons and 37% of those reported by the police as ''Alcohol-Involvement'') who were proven to have not had a BAC greater than 0.10. So more than a third of Americans who the police suspected had been drinking were proven by BAC testing to be innocent of all charges and most likely were not...


how many people are going bed right now? I am goodnight zzzzzzz

A: I''m thinking about it...so that means I will go in like a hour. lol If Laz''s Mouse had the sense God gave a goose, she would be in bed with her Laz at the moment..but Laz has a slipped disk in his back and prefers to be left alone to find a comfortable postion in which to sleep; besides, The Mouse is alcoholically incapacitated and has to get up shortly to go prove her employment worthiness to her bosses (all 20+--I think, lost count, lol) so will at this point wish all a good night, and best wishes and thoughts for the week to come...watch for me, and expect me when you see me...love to all...Mouse i''ve just woken up.......

how many people belive in healing the body with food and supplements instead of prescription drugs and surgery

A: It depends on what the disease/condition is. 99% of the time, if there is a prescription medication or surgical procedure for something, it''s because it can''t be controlled or fixed with diet, vitamins or exercise. If you are borderline diabetic, then diet and exercise will help a lot....but if your blood sugar is 200 and you are obese, then obviously the window for diet and exercise helping you has closed and you need medical treatment. I believe that lack of supplements and the wrong foods are what cause illness in the first place. I don''t believe in ''covering up'' an illness or pain with drugs-- I''d rather fix the problem from where it had stemmed. Best of luck in your studies, hope you change the world for...


how many painkillers are too many?

A: more than the recommended dose is too much, but people can become dependent on painkillers Why not ask her outright? Tell her you are getting really worried about the amount of painkillers she is taking, that you have found out that she could be doing long term damage to herself( most painkillers say not to use them for more than 3 days without seeing a Dr), and that if she has health problems( mental or physical) then you will help her recover in any way you can Ultimately if she does have an addictive problem with them, you cant do anything to make her come off them unless she wants to herself. Just be there for her if you can 4-5 You shouldn''t take over the counter ones for more than 3 days. You could probably substitute them for...


how many people have give up somking?is it that hard?

A: I haven''t smoked in 3 years and was a smoker for 9 years. I smoked at least 3 packs a day. And I thought it would be hard to quit, but it wasn''t I had to stop hanging around people that smoked, but only until I new I could control my cravings. I even quit going into gas stations because I knew I would want to buy them. Sometimes when I dream it is about having a smoke, but then I wake-up and am so happy that I finally kicked the habit. Trust me it will be the best choice you ever made. Oh by the by I did it cold turkey. I think that is the best way. Why tease yourself. The art is - not to smoke the next cigarette. Pretty easy really : ) good luck! i have. i smoked for 6 years and have been smoke free for 3 years. its hard at first but if...


how many people on this site actually suffer from a form of depression at the moment?

A: i dont know but you guys suck well im more depressed now, cheers your a bundle of laughs Everyone on earth has a form of it, don''t they? Kind of sad. I know I battle here and there. Mines not constant, just time to time I get down about things. Like right now my man and I are trying to get pregnant but all I can think about is my past health issues and how they''re gonna make pregnancy difficult. It''s making me doubt my decision and abilities hence causing me to be down and blue all the time. What a chain reaction. I am against meds, they just cover up the problem, they don''t help it. The minute you stop taking them, its back to the beginning. I like your approach. I love that you are talking about it and not...


Out of curiosity, how many people (who would openly admit) on here have been diagnosed with a mental disorder? e.g. depression, OCD, bipolar

A: I am also in a situation close to yours. I get extreme anxiety and I have to take online classes and I haven''t been out of the house in 3 years now. I have found that talking about it does help and I have found myself carrying around a paper bag less and less now but I still didn''t feel right. I''ve tried EVERY anti-depressant out there and none of them worked. Finally, I got up enough courage (with the help of my mother) to go to a psychiatrist and he has me on xanax and visteril and I have not had a panic attack since. Even though I haven''t experienced a panic attack yet, it is still hard but I have been working my way through it and gradually taking steps so I can actually get out of the house without feeling imprisioned. I wish the best to you and remember you have to take this one...

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