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How many people die from second hand smoking each year? answers (73)

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how many Non-smokers die Of Lung Cancer each Year from second hand Smoke?

A: 50000 people!...

Is second hand smoke more dangerous then actually smoking?

A: No, but it is dangerous. It can cause disease like lung cancer.. Not any more dangerous that a good whif of exhaust or campfire smoke or burning trash heaps.. Repeated exposure is the issue, not random encounters.. The body is very resilient and while smoking is not one’s highest choice there are plenty of smokers and ex smokers that have no issues.. It’s all about genetics for the most part, that is why there are no reliable predictions about anything.. So I heard. I wonder about second hand drinking. Oddly enough, I was listening to an old episode of loveline today and someone brought it up. Dr. Drew Sarcastically said… “I see thousands of second hand smoke victims...


how many smoke related deaths occur each year?

A: If you are looking for how many SMOKERS die each year, than i have that information. More people die from second hand smoke than people do smoking alone. second hand smoke causes lung cancer and harms a lot of citizens. More than 1,000 people each year die from smoking. One cigarette, just one, takes 7 minutes off of your life. (Think of the

Is secondhand smoke REALLY that bad for you?

A: it is reely bad. it is worse than smoking urself because the chemicals dont get filtered out. i ve seen many people who have never smoked before die of lung cancer because someone they know smokes. if someone you know is smoking, pleeze talk to them. thay re being munipulated by the tabacco company!!!! Yes, second hand smoke is bad for you! If your breathing in second hand smoke, you may as well smoke one yourself. You are still breathing in all those toxins that are in cigarettes. Over a period of time it can cause asthma, bronchitis , you can develop a smmokers...


Why do people smoke? It is a nasty habit and people shouldn't do it.?

A: I ask myself this question everytime i light up but i guess that i started @ a young age i have tried to quit because like you said it is nasty but it is very addicting so if you never started then good for you becuase It is a nasty habit.they want bad breath,smelly hair,and Body order.Plus they want yellow teeth,and the number 1 reason is it kills you.I think you answered your own question. I smoke because I like the effect. Its relaxing, tastes good...usually. I only actually like the taste of menthols. My teeth arent yellow, neither is my beard, my hair doesnt stink. I shower! Sure if you smoke 2 packs a day and shower on the weekends itll stink. But if you wash regularly and brush your teeth etc, nothing noticeable happens...At least...


Would one year of smoking a pack a week damage my lungs or any other part of my body seriously?

A: Putting it bluntly, what in the he....do you want to smoke for, what an idiot. That''s all I can say about you my friend. You are a number. Smoke until the end of the school year then quit, yea, sure, then the Pope is going to start. Yes smoking can damage your lungs even if you do it for a short period of time. Why would you even want to smoke? You claim that you will only smoke til the end of the year, cigarettes are highly addictive why do you think so many people smoke and are unable to quit? The brand you chose doesn''t matter either they all contain substances that can kill you. I have known people who smoked for a short period of time and gotten lung cancer and Ive known


how badly can indirect smoking person be in danger?

A: I am a non smoker, have been all my life and thanks to an ex husband and two sons who smoked I heavily for at least 10 years or more I now have COPD and must rely on an inhaler four times a day. My house has been smke free for five years but my doc says it''s five years too late. :( 40,000 children die each year from second hand smoke The also believe that SIDS is from second hand smoke my Dad a non smoker died from lung cancer. I keep out of anywhere smokey now its been written in the papers and repeated on TV so many...


smoking.. should it be made illegal?

A: I think it should be Yes I think it should. My mother died from a smoking related illness. It is a killer. In Ireland we have a smoking ban in any place where people are working and you have to go outisde to smoke or to a smoking room. I think this is very good. At least those people who don''t smoke aren''t eating smoke when they are in restaurants and pubs or the cinema etc. Try and give up. Keep the money you save in a box and at the end of a week buy yourself a treat with it. Good luck ALL SMOKERS MIGHT TAKE A MOMENT OR TWO TO READ THIS.......... There''s no need to make it illegal - just give it up, and before...


how can I stop my aunt from refusing cancer treatment?

A: Hi Lucinda, We need to stop and think about something: This may sound a little like "tough love," but why do you specifically want her to get treatment? It could be because you love her and want to see her healthy, or because you`re concerned about the ability to care for her, or many other reasons. It`s important to understand your motives because it may be part of why she is refusing cancer treatment. many cancer patients feel "out of control" because something is happening to them that they did not want and didn`t plan for. They can`t control people`s reactions (like yours) and they can`t control their own future. What they can control is when they make decisions. Remember, she is "captain of her healthcare...

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