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How many people died from smoking? answers (1183)

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how many people die from smoking?

A: Approximately 438,000 people die from smoking-related lung cancer and other disease every year in the United States. According to the National Cancer Institute, ''lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death.''Source:National Cancer Institute: Tobacco Facts...


how many people die from smoking each year in NZ?

A: More than 4500 people die annually from smoking related causes in NZ and it is the leading cause of preventable deaths. Lifetime smokers have a 50% chance of being killed by smoking and loose and average of 14 life years. The World Health Oganisation estimates that around 9% of deaths worldwide are directly attributable to smoking. -All information given in population health paper at the University of Auckland....

how many people die from smoking yearly?

A: Yes because smoking puts tar like junk in your lungs that most likely will give you lung cancer or bad lung problems plus it makes it hard to quit once you''ve started so i advise people quit early....

A estamate of how many people die from a fire?

A: Some hundrerd to thousamds can die from a single fire, but the most damage comes from the smoke. About two-thirds of of deaths are because smoke can carry hazardous fumes into a person''s lungs covering them with tar and poisoning the blood stream. These unfortunate deaths cannot be countedthey are to numourus and the variables are different in every fire....


how many people die from tabacoo each year?

A: 400,000 people die each year, from breathing people''s smoke, or getting lung cancer, and mouth cancer, from tabacoo...

how many people Die from Second Hand Smoke?

A: 9,395,771 have died last year all over the Earth this year....

Exactly how many people Die from Methamphetamine Each Year?

A: I don''t know, but a dear friend of mine died of a heart attack a couple months ago....after smoking it....a lot of other factors, but that was the thing that did it.....not his first time smoking it....
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