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how many people are killed annually from smoking marijuana?

A: I''m not sure of any cases?? None. You CANNOT die from smoking Marijuana, unless you smoke you entire body weight in less than half an hour - which of course cant be done. "Regular Pot Smoking Won''t Kill, Kaiser Researchers Determine David Perlman, Chronicle Science Editor In one of the largest marijuana studies ever conducted, researchers have concluded that regular pot smoking does not cause death, but that branding its use a crime may itself pose a health hazard by exposing users to criminals and violence. " Plenty, I guess - not because of the maijuana but smoking. On the flip side at least they die on a high!! Thank you. I really do not know how many people have been killed from smoking...


how many people have give up somking?is it that hard?

A: I haven''t smoked in 3 years and was a smoker for 9 years. I smoked at least 3 packs a day. And I thought it would be hard to quit, but it wasn''t I had to stop hanging around people that smoked, but only until I new I could control my cravings. I even quit going into gas stations because I knew I would want to buy them. Sometimes when I dream it is about having a smoke, but then I wake-up and am so happy that I finally kicked the habit. Trust me it will be the best choice you ever made. Oh by the by I did it cold turkey. I think that is the best way. Why tease yourself. The art is - not to smoke the next cigarette. Pretty easy really : ) good luck! i have. i smoked for 6 years and have been smoke free for 3 years. its hard at first but if you have something to...


how many people belive in healing the body with food and supplements instead of prescription drugs and surgery

A: It depends on what the disease/condition is. 99% of the time, if there is a prescription medication or surgical procedure for something, it''s because it can''t be controlled or fixed with diet, vitamins or exercise. If you are borderline diabetic, then diet and exercise will help a lot....but if your blood sugar is 200 and you are obese, then obviously the window for diet and exercise helping you has closed and you need medical treatment. I believe that lack of supplements and the wrong foods are what cause illness in the first place. I don''t believe in ''covering up'' an illness or pain with drugs-- I''d rather fix the problem from where it had stemmed. Best of luck in your studies, hope you change the world for the better. . Actually any health care worker can tell you that proper...


how many bottles of ALCOHOL should a person drink EVERYDAY before they qualify to be to called ALCOHOLIC?

A: I don''t think it is a matter of how many they drink, I don''t think most alcoholics have a quota to meet but how strong the urge is to drink and the symptoms they experience when they do not drink such at DT''s is what qualifies one as a true alcoholic. its not how much a person drinks, its the physical and mental addiction that gets them classified as an alcoholic. and like any addiction, its a bitch beating it. It really has nothing to do with the amount consumed...per the DSM-IV quantity is not a qualifier for a diagnosis of either alcohol dependance or alcohol abuse. Someone could...

how many people are killed by alcoholism every year?

A: Answer There are no correct stats on this. Unless the person is a long-time drinker and under a doctor''s care then many people die from complications of drinking too much .... liver problems, mental degeneration, heart problems and the list goes on. If a man/woman was an alcoholic and died from a heart attack then that is what is put down on the death certificate. Only if the coroner does an autopsy can one tell and unless it is an unnatural death or the family requests an autopsy many cases of alcoholic deaths slip through the cracks. Marcy Answer There are two parts to this, I think. One is, how many


how many people Have Died From drinking?

A: A lot Drunk drivers kill many people. One person is killed every half-hour due to drunk driving and that is a lot of people. Each year approximately 16,000 are killed in alcohol related crashes. Alcohol is a factor in almost half of all traffic fatalities .Every other minute a person is seriously injured in an alcohol related crash.. Im doing a paper and im trying to figure out how many people who are under the age of 21 have died in the past year by consuming too much alcohol...so not like killing someone drunk driving but actually killing them selves from too much alcohol. 3000. ...


how many people die from alcohol related issues in the US every year?

A: Alcohol Impaired Driving Statistics Total Fatalities / Fatality Rates 250,000 peoplew have died in alcohol related accidents in the past 10 years.Presently 25,000 people are killed each year in alcohol related accidents.500 people are killed each week in alcohol related accidents.71 people are killed each day in alcohol related accidents.One American life is lost every 20 minutes in alcohol related auto crashes.It is estimated that one out of every two Americans will be involved in an alcohol related accident in his or her lifetime.In 1994, New Hampshire had 119 total highway fatalities, 42 were alcohol related (or 35.3% of the total). New Hampshire leads the nation with one of the lowest...


how do people become alcoholics? Is it addictive like nicotene?

A: BugBug, Actually, nicotine has been said to be more addictive (harder to quit) but the cravings for both live in the same area of the brain and are kicked off similarly...Here's the info from Alcoholism > Causes (from MayoClinic.com): Alcohol addiction - physical dependence on alcohol - occurs gradually as drinking alcohol alters the balance of some chemicals in your brain, such as gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), which inhibits impulsiveness, and glutamate, which excites the nervous system. Alcohol also raises the levels of dopamine in the brain, which is associated with the pleasurable aspects of drinking alcohol. Excessive, long-term drinking can deplete or increase the levels of some of these chemicals,...

how many units of alcohol a week should someone be drinking before thiamine supplements are advised?

A: There would appear to be a lack of evidence to fully answer your question. PRODIGY has a guideline on problem drinking [1] which includes a section on B vitamins, which reports: “people with chronic alcohol dependence are frequently malnourished and deficient in vitamins, especially thiamine, largely because of reduced absorption The SIGN guideline recommends that people who have a chronic alcohol problem and whose diet may be deficient should be given oral thiamine indefinitely There is limited evidence for recommending a dosage of thiamine in the treatment of alcohol dependence. The BNF recommended dose is:  - Severe deficiency: 200-300 mg per day. This should be given in divided doses to maximize...

how many people don''t drink or smoke?

A: 50-50 Are you saying that you think 50 percent of people do not drink or smoke? I don''t smoke- my parents smoked until I was about 7, and I''ve just never really wanted to start. I don''t mind when others smoke around me, but if there''s too many people smoking in one place (like a bar), I usually leave. The worst part is smelling my clothes when I''ve been around smokers- they smell stale, and I usually was them twice before wearing them again.drinking- I will have a drink once occasionally, but I don''t get drunk anymore. Last time I did, I whacked my head against a wall a few times, which made the hangover worse in the morning. It took...

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