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How many people go through surgery and slowly gain back their weight? answers (92)

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how many people go through surgery and slowly gain back their weight?

A: It depends entirely on the surgery you choose and your post-op nutrition.If you are not given the tools for long term success, it will beungraspable. THEN, you also have to apply the tools. Some are willing towork with the tools, but the surgery lets them down. It takes thecombination for long term success. Cathy, I just came back from my consultation, and I am sorry to say, Ichickened out. My husband and I felt this was not for me. Unfortunately,I am a sweet eater. So the VBG would be no use to me. Because you caneventually eat what you want. You may have to eat small amounts but youcan graze all day long if you need...


how do people get cancer?

A: Well, for starters, Lupus isn''t cancer. Lupus is an autoimmune disorder, which means that the body''s immune system gets confused and starts attacking its own cells. The exact causes of Lupus aren''t known, but there are probably genetic aspects to it, and also environmental factors that can make the disease worse and even trigger initial onset in someone who already has the genes for it. As far as I know, there''s no connection between high blood pressure or diabetes and lupus. Most likely, your mom has Lupus because she has the combination of genes that cause it. That can happen even if no one else in your family has had Lupus because there are recessive genes (i.e. genes that are...


Has anyone gained back weight and managed to lose it again?

A: Try www.livingafterwls.com The five day pouch test - this is supposed tohelp.Blessings, Anita I agree with Anita. I have done the 5-day pouch test and it works reallywell. I would recommend it to anyone who is questioning whether or notthey have stretched out their stomach. I year out and I have lost over 100 lbs. I have found some great productsthat have helped me and I want to share them. Arbonne sells Multi Vitaminsthat will totally dissolve in 30 minutes which is great for those of usthat have had RNY surgery. Your body will absorb all the nutrients withoutpassing them. I also used the Protein shakes (Chocolate) is my favorite. They are very low sugar


What are the odds I gaining back all lost weight after WLS?

A: Well my surgeon has never had anyone gainall thwe weight back, but some doget heavy. WLS is a TOOL. We choose to either use or misuse it. We arewarned pre op we MUST add excercise to our lives permanetely and forever.Also avoid sugar and other high calorie foods. Follow the rules success canbe ours. Ignore the rules and back to the big mens store:( I managed toloose it all and began a mild regain:( I got off the oreo cookie bars, andfight other bad food addictions like M&Ms:( I lost what I gained itsall in my...


I feel like I''m running myself ragged taking care of my mother. She needs continual care. I feel like the stress and fatigue are affecting me with back pain, weight gain, and headaches. What can I do for this?

A: I would try and get one day to myself. One day where you can just do what you want to do. Maybe try recruiting a neighbor, friend or even a nurse for that one day. If one day does not work out, maybe try one hour a day that is just for you....relax in a tub, take a nice walk etc. Best wishes to you! You can also find information and resources for caregivers here, that I hope will help: http://www.revolutionhealth.com/healthy-living/caregiving/caring-yourself/emotional-toll/ You can help your self by taking care of YOUR needs as well There has to be a balance. Remember that if YOU are not well, you cannot continue to care for your Mother. Try to find a little me time. This will benefit you and those around you. This...


Just curious how others feel about their weight current or goal?

A: Hi Deanna! At 5''7", I originally set my goal at 145. But at fivemonths out, I''m at 183 and feel pretty good. I''d like to lose more, but Ican''t imagine losing 38 more pounds (at this point, it feels like it''d betoo much). I think if you''ve landed in a place that feels good, and youhave no health problems that warrant pushing it further, there''s no reasonto go for an artificial goal (or a particular dress size). Just my 2c! I''m 5''4" and started out at 263 pounds. I am down to 161 and feel andlook great....


I am 27 Years old and I am Getting Braces..Do they Hurt ?

A: i do not know if they hurt, but metal ones are not good. Nickel is added to the metal in braces (and crowns) so they don''t rust. It is a known cancer causing agent, added to our government''s list a few years ago. They are still able to put it in people''s mouths though, along with many other toxic things. I suggest you get invisaline. Nothing is toxic-free, but it is better than nickel. --------- Irritating Dental Work: Another Leading Cause of Oral Cancer David L. Lewis, Ph.D. March 10, 1999 Recently, a national dental journal ran an excellent feature article on oral cancer and urged dentists to be more pro active...


Weight loss??

A: Have you researched all the types of WLS available? If not, please look atthe DS forum. Statistics are reporting a higher success rate with thissurgery, both in weight loss and in keeping the weight off long term. Fewersurgeons perform this procedure and yours may not be able to tell you aboutit. Again, check out the DS board, and best of luck in whatever you do. I looked at your profile but you do not say what kind of surgery you arelooking at. Weight regain is more common in Lap Band because it requiresfills and it allows you to go


I am at 14 months and I have the Ultimate Plateau Busting Guide

A: This sounds like some good advice, but I must respond to a couple ofthings. First of all, not all carbohydrates are bad. If the Atkins dietwas the miracle he thinks it is, we wouldn''t need the surgery at all. Balance is the key. many vegetables like brocoli and carrots containcarbs. You can''t tell me those are bad for you, I don''t care how manycarbs they have. Also, regarding St. John''s wort. Please research this carefully. It is anatural substance, but it can be very dangerous. Most STW in this countryis such a small dose that I''m inclined to think the results are fromplacebo effect. True doses of STW are MAO inhibitors. These can be...


I know people tend to start re-gaining weight after 3 years. Can anyone tell me WHY?

A: Hi. I am a little over 3 years out. I went from 269 pounds to 128. Now Iam 135 pounds, but I started weight training, so I think that is the extra(my clothes are the same). Yes, it''s true, I have to fight bad habitscoming back and I can definately eat alot more now then when I first hadsurgery. Still, as you say, not nearly as much as pre-op, but still. Ihave to use the WLS "tool" as they say. I do fight hard tomaintain my weight now and if I do not eat right and exercise, I do see thepounds creep back. I think at some point, your body figures out how to"beat the system" that was set in place with...

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