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how many people that you know smoke?

A: too many!! I kn ow two too many...both of them are my grown children. way too many, and they all need to quit before it makes them really sick. None. Wait, maybe 1 person. But 99.9% of people I know don''t 47. Lots, it is too bad!! Smoking is unhealthy and addicitve I wish they all could/would quit!! Almost everyone That I know does they get PO''d when I''m around cause I am on oxygen and they have to go outside Honey, I live in Greensboro, NC. there is a nearby city called Winston-Salem and...


how many people die second hand smoke in the us?

A: the following information is from the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) and the information is hosted on the CDC website: http://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/preview/mmwrhtml/mm5425a1.htm An estimated 38,112 lung cancer and heart disease deaths annually were attributable to exposure to secondhand smoke. the average annual SAM estimates also included 918 deaths from smoking-attributable fires. Note: the information quoted above is an average annual deathrate from secondhand smoke from 1997-2001. This answer is intended to inform and not meant to adversely affect the site hosting the...

how many people die in a year of smoking?

A: that is an awesome story Inkybob. Sorry to hear it Here are 2 articlesthat might help answer your question: Embargoed until Noon ET June 30, 2005 Contact: CDC National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion Office of Communication 770-488-5131 Smoking Deaths Cost Nation $92 Billion in Lost Productivity Annually Smoking cost the nation about $92 billion in the form of lost productivity in 1997-2001, up about $10 billion from the annual mortality related productivity losses for the years 1995-1999, according to new data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. the new lost productivity estimate when combined...


If so many people have died from smoking and drinking then why is it legal?

A: the reason drinking and smoking are legal is because it is a couple of the main ways that the government makes their money besides controling half of the drug smuggling in the world and if they just took it away people would find a way to do it anyways. Because our government is making tons of money from these two industries! I think that it''s great that our doctors and scientists can now determine, better than ever before, what is and what isn''t good for you. I want...


Would marijuana legalization lead to a happy ending or a sad ending in the us War on Drugs?

A: I think it would definitely reduce a lot of violence and unecessary arrests out there, though the so called ''war on drugs'' would continue. Let''s face it, grass is not that big of a deal, and yet thousands are locked up every year for it. I think legalization would be a positive thing if the government regulated and taxed the plant. Think about how much extra money they would make to spread around for positive things (like funding law enforcement, schools and environemntal efforts, not to mention a great way to support your local farmers who ALWAYS need help, God bless them)thru a sin tax...


how many people are presently suffering from asthma in the us? how much funds are spent each year on treating this disease?

A: Asthma is a serious and chronic (long-term) medical condition that affects nearly 300 million people across the world. It is characterized by an inflammation of the bronchial tubes of the lungs, which are the main airways that bring in fresh oxygen to the body. the inflammation produces excess mucus in the lungs and causes the bronchial tubes to tighten, making it difficult to breathe. these symptoms become worse during short-term ‘asthma...


how many people actually believe this?

A: I am not sure about this. My husband thinks that when you are diagnosed with cancer and they cut you open to take it out, the air gets at it and it starts growing faster. I DO think that doctors take advantge, as I just know of too many times when people have been diagnosed. I don''t think doctors know as much as they say they do. It''s an inexact science to say the least. wouldn''t they have had like millions of lawsuits already if the procedures weren''t necessary? Hi, Christi-- I think it''s possible that you''ve...


Is the war on drugs in the us enabled greatly by citizens?

A: Unfortuneatly, I think that if there are drugs available, people are likely to use them. Humans are naturally susceptible to addiction and pleasure, and drugs are both. But I do agree with you, if people make a conscience decision and refuse drugs, the drug supply would decline. however, there''s a subculture now that advocates drug use and believes they''re not bad and that using them is cool, and I think until it subsides (


how many people smoke tobacco in us?

A: I am sorry but i dont know exactly how many do but the true answer is horrifying I think that nearly 400,000 die a year in the us According to the American Lung assiciation, around 45.1 million Americans smoke...


Should the current regulations against smoking and illegal drugs be reversed in the us?

A: From what I have seen on Fluther there are many here who thing it''s perfectly OK to simply pick and choose what laws they want to follow, and would just as soon do with out most of the “Nanny” laws completely. My personal feeling is that if I don''t think a law is necessary, I will try to use the system we have in place to change it. Well for one thing it''s not always personal responsibility vs. blame the advertisements. I am for these regulations not because they impose on an...

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