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How many people out their own a motorcycle? answers (35)

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how many people out their own A motorcycle? My Brother-in-law Just Had An Accident With His Motorcycle The Other Day. He Could Have Gotten Killed. He Was Not Wearing A Helmet. Know He Has A Broken Jaw, Shattered Cheek, And His Eye Socket''s

A: Statistics show that half of all motorcycle accidents where the driver was wearing a helmet caused severe neck injuries.  Maybe it''s a good thing that he wasn''t wearing a helmet.  He was lucky there wasn''t any more damage.  I ride and have seen a lot of accidents.  While in the ICU visiting a friend in the hospital, there were 5 other bike accidents with injuries ranging from head trauma to broken back, neck, ribs, legs and one that wasn''t so luck.y  I feel that we take our chances anytime we step outside our house!...

how many of you like shot''s or needles?

A: I hope you''re ok now and on the road to recovery! I was thinking it''d gone quiet here... take things nice and easy and erlax and read lots of hp and get pampered. :) I don''t mind injections, the anticipation is worse than the reality and neither hurt. I do however have to see what is going on so I feel relaxed - if I can''t see I can''t be comfortable0. I don''t like other people having jabs though, I really feel for them and hate the thought they may be in pain. Mums intravenous drip came out when she was in the hospital last time and it was rather messy. She was having the drip reinserted and I passed out. Argh! Never happened before, I swear it was more the pained expression of...


What will it take to wake people up?

A: Trillion dollar spending plans, multibillion dollar bailouts, and now...here it comes. Higher taxes. Oh yeah, I''ve heard the Obama hype about all the "tax cuts" that the middle class folks are gonna get. But that''s all it is...hype! "WASHINGTON President Barack Obama is sending his Treasury secretary and budget director to Capitol Hill on Tuesday to defend his proposed tax increases, which are being met with misgivings by both Republicans and Democrats in Congress. Lawmakers in both parties question Obama''s call to reduce high-income earners'' tax deductions for the interest on their house payments and for charitable contributions. Also drawing fire is his proposal to start taxing industries...


My girlfriend''s father can''t care for himself - how do we get help for him?

A: I''m sure more educated responses will follow, but at the very least you should be talking to a social worker. If I have this straight, the one-armed man''s wife is the one leaving? You can probably go through Medicare for a lot of this, but there are people out there whose job it is to know all the options you have available to you. In the event that home care is not an option, he may have to compromise on those "several factors" you mentioned....


Politics/Economics: how would you know if you were wrong?

A: Immersion, as often as possible, in wider data sets and analysis thereof. When someone tells me a statistic that supports my belief set, I look to see if I can find a contrary data set before I accept the statistic as true. With the social sciences (politics, economics) I study history whenever possible for this purpose. It is not perfect, I simply have yet to find a more suitable means. I know I am likely wrong by my emotional investment in being correct. If I am just so damn sure and angry at a person who has an opposite opinion, I take a moment to consider whether I am still thinking clearly, It depends on what objectives you are seeking to find out. If data and statistic is the best way to predict future events then it would be the most scientific way to apply....


I''m a transgender kid who wants to be male. I get harassed for my face looking like a boy but a girl like body. What should I do?

A: First let me say that your story sounds eerily like mine, however, I''m age 35 now. I used to walk around caling myself a boy, dressing like a boy, playing with male oriented toys, etc. I was very much a tom boy. Rest assured you are not alone by way of not liking yourself and having doubts about youself and being made fun of for your looks. It seems kids will find anything to make fun of other kids about because it makes them feel big about themselves. That is one way your story does NOT differ from millions of other kids your age. It''s a fact of life and you will finally find yourself when you get older and be comfortable in your own skin and hold your head up...


Do you believe that two people can share a bond like this?

A: No, and yes, respectively. Twins sometimes say it''s happened to them. I don''t know how it could be possible, but I find it fascinating nonetheless. Yes, I''ve had it happen. Hindsight, I think. Now, if they said something at the time (before confirming that something had actually happened), then perhaps. i have 2 ways to answer this… and uneducated and and educated one: uneducated: some science has done some research saying that people have auras… kinda similar concept of a mood ring. this seems pretty relative to the question if anyone knows more, i''m not that person, lol educated: in psychology, they teach u about relationships between people. my best friend doesn''t need to...


Are you a healthy person? what do you do/not to keep it up ?

A: The King and Queen of Good Health ~ Written for an Overeaters Anonymous group .. .. .. In the old days obesity was not as glaring of a problem as it seems to be developing nowadays. Sure there have always been fat people and gluttons, but in recent years our sedentary, stressful and unnatural lives have added to the fat problem. We live unnatural lives with what we eat. a lot of our foods are manufactured in a factory as opposed to farm fresh. The meat is loaded with antibiotics, growth hormones, PCB''s and mercury in the fish and tons more of c.rap in our foods. Ten years ago the USA made it legal to use sludge as fertilizer. Sludge is the solid waste that comes from the sewage plants. Now, human waste is one thing but what about all the...


how do I help my husband?

A: Hi Wilma, Just to give you an idea of your husband"s drinking history and behaviour I am going to copy bits from your first question and paste them here for reference: "When we first met my husband didn"t drink much" He sounds like a social drinker here, no obscession with alcohol and casual use. "he only drank moderately for approx the first two years of our relationship" He started to drink more regularly after his accident. "after a few months he became violent when he was drunk" "was verbally abusive and he would wreck our home" He is starting to show a loss of control and heavier drinking patterns. "when he drank his personality would change and he would be verbally abusive" "smash up items in the house, punch holes in walls etc."...


Looking for peoples top 10 original reasons to be a Loser.

A: The main benefit to having this surgery is so I don''t have to pay money tothose pest services anymore. You know the ones I''m talking about:Terminex, Orkin, et al. No sir, all I need is one or two bowel movementsper week, and those little critters are scampering to my neighbor''s house. They don''t want any part of my stench. And it''s all natural - no dangerouspoisons around the baseboards. And to think no one told me of thiswonderful fringe benefit prior to surgery...Kevin Thank you so much for posting this! I am still pre-op and the last coupleof days I have been going through a "am I sure I''m doing the rightthing" phase! This list snapped me back on track! I laughed and criedall the way through it! I cant wait to be a looser and I will look back...

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