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Why do people wash their hands after urinating?

A: In the UK the upper class male does not wash hands after taking a pee. This is regarded as something that only the middle and lower classes would bother with. Looked at from a bacteriological point of view the upper clas is most likely quite correct since in practice little or nothing can be transmitted but I personally regard it as an ethical or ritual thing to wash hands after peeing....

how many people actually wash their hands with soap after going to the washroom?

A: I DO!!! I wash my hands when I poo and when I pee, in public bathrooms and EVEN HOME, and I always use soap, if not, I feel dirty. I most certainly do. if not, that is really gross. imagine all the stuff they touch afterwards, food, their eyes/mouth, their makeup..ew!! dirty!!!! always keep a small bottle of antibacterial sanitizer gel with you too..lol.. I always wash my hands in a public place, although, not always at home, depending. I do! it is so disgusting to watch people leave a bathroom stall without washing their hands! Because washrooms are full of germs you should use a hand...


What percent of people dont wash their hands after they go to the bathroom?

A: I do always. Home or out. I wonder if guys do after they pee? probably just a few % somepeople think nothing of it after usein a bathroom.for some it would be hard to wash hands out in the bush. I don''t know the % I always wash with soap or use antibacterial gel and a paper towel to open the door. Always keep a little lotion to keep my hands soft. 99.99% (talking world wide) don''t. the result would be 100 % but... fortunately i do. and fall in that 0.01 % ewww. if any of u answer that u DON"T wash your hands in PUBLIC bathrooms then you are disgusting I wash my hands with soap and water and get my kids to do it too. It''s just common sense. You''ll be...


people who don't wash their hands after using the restroom...?

A: From Pristine Hygiene: Do you always wash your hands after using a public restroom? If so, do not touch that door knob on your way out! It is covered with millions of harmful bacteria. It could also be holding other hazards such as Influenza (Flu), Meningitis, Hepatitis A and many other harmful and potentially deadly micro-organisms. We take a look at these in detail in the following pages, and teach you how to protect yourself and others. Instead of using the paper towels with which you dried your hands, try getting a fresh paper towel. One that is wet is more likely to transfer bacteria. Germs? Oh................ e coli, fecal matter... ewww... Yes, I observed what you are talking about. Like what are these


how many kids do not wash their hand before eating?

A: it must be around 98% of the 45% of the Children in the world. rest i guess dont get to eat too often Everyone dont do it. i hardly ever did when i was a kid, and i didn''t get sick very often. it depends on the person Quite a lot probably! It''s not the end of the world! It will help build up their immune system! i do wash!!!!! more than 2 less then 6 billion lots theres only one. do you want really to know? 3/4 of people of Africa don''t wash their hands before eating. 1/2 of people of Asia don''t do it 1/4 of people of Europe don''t wash it 1/8 of American people...


how long should one wash their hands?

A: 2 minutes under as hot water as you can tolerate. sing twinkle twinkle little star when you start and when you are done you can stop washing. Use warm, not hot water, you can''t tolerate water hot enough to kill germs anyway and it will damage your skin and leave it sore, dry and more able to get infection In my biology classes and at different jobs where I have worked with food, it has always been taught to wash your hands for as long as it takes to sing happy birthday. By the time you sing happy birthday, that is a sufficient amount of time to get rid of the germs and clean them well. Hi,its not how long its how you wash your hands thats important. 30 seconds or...


how many people get sick from not washing thier hands

A: Not washing their hands? This is millions of people in the world every day that live in filthy and unclean conditions and never use soap on the hands or the body and this is the cause of transfer of body fluids or flu and other conditions to be on door handles phones seats and any kind of thing that you can think of and if every one would wash and take a shower or bath every day then this would cut down a large percent of the sickness that we have in this world and Ive seen grown men use the bath room and not wash after and i just dont see this . and why not take the time to get clean and stay clean but for your...

Do you wash your hands after urinating? Why or why not?

A: I agree...yes... Yes, I do wash my hands...it is important to do this so any abnormal bacteria and disease causing viruses that may be on your hands are not transmitted to others when you come in contact with others. It is important to wash with soap and water, too...you are not actually killing the organisms on your hand by doing this, you are actually mechanically removing them from your hands, therefore it is important to scrub your hands when doing this (think doctors scrubbing up before a surgery...a little excessive for everyday hand washing, but you get my point) Use hot water if available...easier to remove the bugs! If there is no water available to wash your hands...use the...


Does washing your hands really help prevent the spread of the flu virus?

A: Because your hands are what is in contact with others. It is also what you touch everything with. By eliminating your hand germs you also eliminate you rubbing the germs in your eyes or mouth. Yes, washing your hands helps the spread of the flu virus and other viruses as well. As a rule of thumb, I always wash my hands thoroughly with warm water and soap for at least 20 seconds when I get home after being out. I make extra sure that I do not rub my eyes, touch my mouth or nose before doing so. The germs on the hands are very easily transmitted through openings in the body. There are other methods to help prevent the spread of the flu. If you do have the flu, you can make sure others don''t get it as readily by...


Pacemaker surgery. how many deaths?

A: No documentation is done/publicized because of security reasons. I would think it would be very low, its not at all like open heart surgery. I have a pacemaker and the surgery was easy, the not putting your arm above your head for 2 weeks not so easy. if I was to quess, not very many. They use a local, not general anesthesia. Having a defibrillator fitted In this section What is a defibrillator? What happens during the operation? how can a defibrillator help me? how often will the defibrillator shock my heart? What are the risks of having a defibrillator fitted? What other treatments are there? What will happen if I don''t have a defibrillator fitted? What can I expect after surgery to fit a defibrillator? This...

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