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Why do so many people think that they have OCD?

A: I know, my friends used to always say i had OCD so i looked into it, and i don't. It must be awful for people who do have it, the obsessions or intusive thoughts, the compulsions which must be carried out as opposed to just frequent hand washing. it can cripple peoples life, this is when OCD becomes clinical and sufferers need help. I think it is just due to not really understanding the disorder, it's the same for me and people claiming to have anorexia, or wanting to become anorexic. it drives me up the wall because of the severity of the illness and how much damage it does to the body.. mental illnesses are serious matters and shouldn't be diagnosed...


how many colds do most American adults get each year?

A: Most American adults catch two to four colds every year. That''s part of the trade-off of living in this world. You know, interacting with people: shaking their hands, touching things they''ve just touched, kissing them, and whatever else comprises interacting in your life. Unless you can swear off people and hire someone to clean every doorknob before you touch it, washing your hands is the best way to prevent colds....


how does one wipe their tushie after surgery?

A: Funny, I had the same concern and found that it just wasn''t a big problem. Remember that the nurses at the hospital are used to doing things muchworse than this - that it is their job, after all - and just ask for theirhelp. They certainly understood when I was in the hospital. Also, somepeople have used tongs to help reach. I didn''t have to do this but didfind that one lifesaver was taking wet wipes to the hospital with me. Itreally helped me feel much cleaner and the nurses even thought it was agood idea. Good luck to you - just remember that you will never have to gothrough asking for this kind of help again once the weight comes off!!! Hi Terri, I remember reading a lot about this on here when I was...


Why are people so afraid of germs?

A: Media hype. It started with simple television ads in the 60’s for products like Listerine (which supposedly killed cold germs…they had to publicly recant.) It’s just snow balled from there. The media recognized their ability to freak people out over nothing, and they play it for all it’s worth.. And yes. I believe it’s doing us more harm than good, both physically and psychologically.. I agree with @Dutchess_III.. Me too! Uh….wait…. Yes our fear of germs is getting worse. Have you seen the enlarged pictures of dust mites in ads? Marketing for filters and cleaning products is all designed to play on these fears.. Hand sanitizers are very bad for everyday use.. Also antibiotic soaps.. Look at the hygiene of dogs and cats. They very rarely get...


Why is their so much hospital acquired infection killing patients?

A: Almost all hospital acquired infections are spread because of poor hand-washing habits and techniques. Every employee and visitor in every hospital should know how to wash their hands properly. Hands should be washed before and after contact with each patient-NO EXCEPTIONS This is how everyone should wash their hands. #1 Use a paper towel to turn on water. #2-Wet hands #3 Apply lots of soap into hands- preferably antibacterial liquid soap #4 Rub hands together briskly making lots of suds=bubbles all over your hands, backs and between fingers too. YOU MUST RUB SOAP ON HANDS FOR A FULL 15...


people with eye contacts open this!?

A: Yes. Always. 2D I usually put them in right after my shower, so that''s taken care of. As for taking them out, I don''t wash my hands, but I use no-rub solution before I put them away. When I first got them I was extremely careful. After about a week of that I never bothered even thinking about my hands when dealing with my eyes. I think a reasonable answer would be that you should handle your lenses only with clean hands. If your hands are clean, no need to wash them. If not, wash them, especially rinse them well, to keep any soap/foreign matter from contaminating the lenses. And it is just as important to keep the lenses clean; the eye proteins that accumulate on them (they are like a...


Hand sanitizer?

A: It isnt bad for her, she is just being overly cautious. She is doing the right thing and it can only harm her if she drinks it (hand sanitizer) I purchased hand sanitizer for each of my 4 sons and put in their back packs and told them to use it while at school. You never know. SHE IS VERY SMART. many of the bacterias and viral infections can be dangerous. Smart Girl. The only problem with hand sanitizer is that it uses alcohol to kill the germs. The alcohol dries out your skin, and makes it crack open causing multiple areas for bacteria and viruses to gain entry into the body. So using germ-x could actually cause you to get staph.... Handwashing = good. Hand sanitizer = not so good. Why? Okay, everybody! Where...


washing hands? how to deal with taps, doors, towels?

A: Most people reading your question will have no idea what Norovirus is and how it is contracted and dealt with. I have below attempted to answer your question as well as educate readers to what Norovirus is and how to deal with it. What are noroviruses? Noroviruses are a group of viruses that are the most common cause of gastroenteritis (stomach bugs) in England and Wales. In the past, noroviruses have also been called "winter vomiting viruses", "small round structured viruses" or "Norwalk-like viruses". how does norovirus spread? The virus is easily transmitted from one person to another. It can be transmitted by contact with an infected person; by consuming...


how to not get sick?

A: wash your hands VERY well and FREQUENTLY! They say to say your ABC''s while doing it (or that''s what they teach kids!). Use warm water and get inbetween your fingers and under your nails. Try not to touch anything in restrooms. Use your elbow to open doors or a paper towel to flush or touch faucets. Everything in the bathroom is just full of germs. The best way not to get sick is to take good care of yourself. Get plenty of rest. Exercise. Eat healthy (lots of veggies and fruits). Don''t smoke or drink. Most of this is just common knowledge. If you do get sick the best thing is rest. It just takes time. Also, stay away from others so you don''t get sick. I hate it when sick people go out when they don''t really need to and contaminate...


how do other countries deal with the hospital superbug MRSA?

A: Unfortunately this is a symptom of the failing NHS standards that Blair and Brown tell us are in our imaginations. Cleaning standards in hospitals are crap.........I know I work in one! The cleaners are usually low paid immigrant workers, speaking little or no English and unfortuantely have no concept of the standards that are required. Every ward should have a steam cleaner and it should be used a minimum of twice a day. Unfortunately there is also the issue of hospital visitors that do not, will not and will never use the cleaning gels provided. I can''t speak for every hospital but it does seem to be pretty much the case in most. The problem is education, kids are not taught about bugs and hygiene, so they grow up without a clue, and some land up as cleaners who do not have any idea...

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