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Anyone know how to rid yourself of acne?

A: I''m 25 yrs old & finally JUST getting rid dof my acne. Dermatologists didn''t help--finally I created my own "regimen" to clear it up... I use johnson & johnson''s PURPOSE face wash, Benzoyl Peroxide, and PURPOSE Sunscreen. I''ve also used Burt''s Bees blemish stick when my skin''s dry (Benzoyl is very drying) with good success. But it depends on the cause of it. You should really check out the message boards at acne.org for more reviews of products which sound closer to treating your skin (depending on how oily it is, how sensitive, etc.) You also might be allergic to some products or foods, which could be causing even more acne (as I, myself, unfortunately discovered!) i use a product from Avon...


how does poor sanitation help spread cholera

A: Cholera is an epidemic caused by the bacterium Vibrio Cholerae. Ingestion of this bacterium causes acute diarrhea and transmission occurs through direct fecal-oral contamination or through the consumption of contaminated water or food. In its most severe form, cholera manifests as a sudden onset of acute watery diarrhea that can prove fatal as it causes severe dehydration and kidney failure. Mild diarrhea in most patients is accompanied by nausea and a fall in blood pressure. The patient experiences severe stomach cramps, rise in temperature and clammy skin. Cholera is a contagious disease and the bacterium has a very short incubation period – two hours to five days – pathogens stay in the feces of infected people for 7 to 14 days and infect other...


how does conjuctivities spread?

A: You can catch it by mere looking into the eye of that person. Do not share things with an infected person and also dont look into his/her eyes. eye to eye contact. I was playing with my grandpa as he was having conjuctivities. I looked his eye and I felt a sharp pain in my eye. Few days after, I had to consult a doctor and checked my eyes. After that, I was given a bottle of eye Drops. My mother helped me. She looked at my eye, and my whole family was infected! All of us cannot go to school or work. We had to sleep separately and cannot talk to each other. Conjuctivities is a painful experience. When a person has conjuctivities, stay away from that person. first, conjunctivities is a bacteria not a virus as first said. Next the bacteria can be easily transmitted and


how can I get rid of MY HORRIBLE ACNE!!?

A: proactive! looks like it works on t.v. wash daily with hot water and vinegar, when it gets clear then do it once in a while to keep it clear. Best see a dermatologist. If it is really bad only an antibiotic from the Dr. will do it. Small doseage over a long period of time. What you can try is this. First, do not wash your face all over like normal. Go to the Dollar store and buy some Witch Hazel and cotton balls and a tube of Antibacterial ointment, any kind you have used before, some people are allergic to Bacitracin. Then when you clean your face at night take a really , really warm washcloth wet of course and put it on your face. This will soften the boils. then take a paper cup and mix...


how do we stop a cold?

A: colds are viral in orgin... we get colds, but there is no sure fire way of getting rid of them. just make ourselves feel better with medication. prevention can be anything from dressing properly for the weather, to not sitting near an open window.... wash your hands and cover your mouth when you cough to keep others for catching your cold. There are over 200 different types of cold viruses and I believe some mutate. You do become immune, just to that particular virus. They would have to make a immunization for every type and since they mutate, its hard to keep up. Thats one reason you take a flu shot every year, the viruses that give you flu mutate. Take airborne, I swear by it. Unfortunately, the cold virus changes every year. It adapts to survive. The best way to...


how long does face acne last??

A: get off the grease porky!!! im kidding,uuummm....proactive? Don''t worry about acne. It will go away as u grow up. This question has so many variables, but generally speaking acne can last up into ones early 20''s. Yes stress is a factor, but if you say you live a fairly stress free life that may not be the case. What kind of face wash are you using? It is important to use one that is meant for your face. It could be that you''re washing too much and irritating your skin by stripping it of it''s natural oils. Don''t wash more than 2 x a day and try using something mild like Cetaphil soap. If this doesn''t seem to work then maybe something stronger like ProActive will be good. Whatever you...


E Coli: how To Protect Yourself

A: Dear Health-Minded Readers, Recently in the news we heard of what the World Health Organization called the `world`s largest E.coli outbreak` in Germany, France and other parts of Europe. The outbreak affected mostly bean and seed sprouts, lentils and adzuki beans and there were several fatalities from it. Fortunately, that particular E.coli outbreak did not affect the United States. however, from time to time, E.coli contaminations of food do break out across the United States, particularly in the warmer weather months. In fact, just last month there was an outbreak of E.coli in hazelnuts that spread across 3 states! The truth is, you have to be very careful with the hygiene of your food. many of my patients who...


Why do people say blessyou when you sneez?

A: I was told that when someone sneezed :ahh choo", that it was thought that they were saying "bless you". So as not to seem rude, the other around them would repeat what was thought to be said. "bless you" This custom originated in the years of the great plague, shortly after the death of Christ. Pope Gregory the Great began blessing many people to prevent the onslaught of the plague and this ascended into the custom of saying ''God bless you'' whenever someone sneezed to hopefully prevent that person from getting the plague. So there you have it. Some people think that this saying is to get a persons heart beating after a sneeze... in fact, your heart does not stop a beat when you sneeze. Why...


how do you get the flu?

A: It is viral, is in the air, also you have to wash your hand many times a day, to prevent it, cleaning is the best way to avoid it and of course not get in touch with sick people You''ll find out in med school...Other than the answers given here, preventing it and spreading the word not the virus should be number one if your going to be a doc...But know there are people who can not have the shot, myself and my mother are two out of millions who cant...Now figure out why...and that will make you a good student.... First of all I want to wish you the very best being that you are going to med school in a year. The world really needs good doctors very much. Influenza...


If a sick person coughs on my shopping trolley, how long does the virus stay contagious on it for?

A: Viruses have lots of modes of transfer like hand transfer, through blood, and air borne. Make sure you don''t touch your trolley. Cold and flu viruses are very strong they can last from seconds to years. Carry antiviral wipes with you wipe things down before you use them and in case someone coughs or ssneezes Remember to do your part by covering your coughs and sneezes as well, this should cut things down for you. not very long if u use purell! die germs die! people from the U.K. Rock! I love shopping trolleys :) hopefully there was not enough virus there to get sick from it and/or you can fight it off IF you got it from there. wash them trolleys! Certain viruses, especially those that cause colds, are quite hardy and can live on a hard...

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