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What is the best treatment for a sinus headache?

A: 1. Claritin, & if that doesnt do it - try Excedrin Migrane. 2. Sudafed works really well for me. =] 3. Vaccuum those boogers out. Hey, if it works for vaginas, why not for sinuses? Good luck, hope this helps, and I hope you''re feeling better! (P.S. Ask Fleur de lis about nettie pots. And I am a firm believer in a big pot of home-made chicken noodle soup as a cure for most ailments. If I lived closer, I''d bring you some myself) 4. You''re pregnant. 5. Oh my. Someone recommended one of those nettie pots to me once. It scared me. I prefer to stick to the man made pharmaceutical drugs such as sudafed. Plus with your leftovers, you can start yourself a meth lab. 6. Sudafed and four aspirins. 7. neti pots work really well. 8. a good hot shower. Cup some of the hot...


Weight gain and quitting smoking

A: Dear Reader, To begin with, a note of congratulations on the first step toward becoming a nonsmoker. A strong personal resolve to kick the habit is a primary factor in quitting smoking successfully. Some people may gain weight when they stop smoking, and, for that reason, they may light up again. however, a normal, healthy person would have to gain close to a hundred pounds in order to equal the health risks s/he takes with smoking. Also, it is not a given that everyone who quits smoking gains weight. Regardless, you can strategize to fend off unwanted pounds. Why Do Some people Gain Weight When They Quit Smoking? Nicotine suppresses the appetite and causes the liver to release glycogen, which raises the blood...


What is the most amusing random thing you''ve ever witnessed?

A: It was driving to work one morning in rush hour traffic through a residential area. Upon glancing ove at one of the houses, there was a dog in the front yard playing with a decent-sized stick. He would jump up, give his head a vigorous shake and let go of it. Then he ran to wherever it landed and started all over. No human around playing fetch with him. I wanted to pull out of traffic and just watch. My teenage daughter washing the dishes without being asked. Routinely, when Milo and the mouse du jour have their “seek and destroy.” It usually ends in a standoff. I suspect that the dead mice I find in the AM have died of a heart attack. I find it funny when people get so mad they''re vibrating! At end of...


Anyone gone to Mayo "motility disorders" clinic?

A: Hi Zim. I have had IBS-D for 25 yrs. The last 5 I have struggled to do anything, work,social, all. I finally told my Dr. 2 months ago I give up put me on disability and let me relax. I am a nervous wreck. He wanted me to try Mayo Clinic. I have already been with IU medical for last 2 yrs. with no improvement. They of course did all the test then said we can control your D then after a year and half of meds including LOTRONEX I was worse. I opted to not go to Mayo after trying (like you ) to see if anyonre had got results. I am now with local Spec. and refuse to drive aout of town again. I just come on here and read then tell my Dr. if I think something might help me. I am suppose to go to Dr. today at 3:00 and still dont know if Im going to make it. I had plans tonight and have no idea if...


Should a nurse w/ hepatitis A continue to work?

A: NO WAY absolutely not! hep A is spread through fecal-oral contamination, and there is a chance she/he could give it to a patient. No. A is infectious, therefore contagious. If it were C, which can only be contracted by sharing of blood, then I''d say yes but A should be dealt with. A is curable. hepetatis A is usually seen in children. well certainly it is risky What does the law say. Is she careful? how is it passed from one person to another? If she can avoid putting her patience at risk why not? why sure...since more than likely she will not be contagious after she''s missed work do to infection. hepatitis a is mostly a short termed illness and since there are many different strains of hepatitis a, anyone can get it. if she were working...


Good Moanin'' HealingWell V62

A: christina...yes we all know these helpful people who do not understand. i went though it with allergies and asthma. i guess they mean well but sometimes i think they are just dense. wait till something happens to them and that might wake them up. listen to helpful doctors and don''t bother with all your family and friends sometimes "silly" ideas. i feel i am on the other side of a river which i had to cross. it is the river of chronic illness but things can get better. take care of yourself...remember you must take care of yourself before you can take care of anybody else. your girls sound like gems and that much is good. Today I woke up and didn''t have the pain as I got moving.  Stiffness, yes.  Aches, yes.  Pain, no (not yet).  I...


3 oz travel size....?

A: 3 oz of conditioner may not last 8 days unless you don''t use it every day or have short hair. If you''re worried about, you could always purchase a small bottle of conditioner once you arrive, or just take two 3-oz bottles with you. You''re allowed to have more than 3 ounces as long as it''s separated into containers that are 3 oz or less (and fit in your ziplock bag). You should be able to carry your Venus razor and extra cartridges in your carryon. Safety razors are allowed to be carried on. If it''s a solid deodorant, it does not count as a liquid. Gel deodorants or spray deodorants DO count as liquids and need to go in the bag. A travel size deodorant will most likely be enough for 8 days. Your conditioner may not last two weeks.... mine does if I''m not swimming everyday... but...

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