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how much are abortion pills?

A: Mifepristone, also known as the abortion pill, can be used to terminate an early pregnancy within 63 days of a woman''s last period. It costs between $350 to $650, and is available at medical facilities such as Planned Parenthood.Source:Planned Parenthood: The abortion Pill...


how much are Emergency Contraceptives?

A: Emergency contraceptives are commonly referred to as the morning after pill. They are usually taken by a woman after unwanted intercourse, such as a rape, or after having unprotected sex, in order to prevent an unwanted pregnancy. Bear in mind that some people consider this to be an abortion, even though a fetus has not been formed yet. Because of this, before using the product, do some thinking about how you feel so that you do not have any regrets later. however, this treatment should be administered as soon as possible after the intercourse has taken place in order to prevent the pregnancy from occurring. If it has not been administered within the first twenty...


suggestion for how to use abortion pills

A: Hello, Sri, Your friend is just about too far along for the pills to work anyway. And both of these medications are very dangerous. Mifepristone is a steroid. They have banned steroids for men, but apparently they don"t care enough to ban steroids for women. We aren"t considered valuable enough. Misoprostol can kill her, and sometimes it only takes hours or days. She can get an infection that can kill her so fast that doctors in the emergency room don"t even have time to diagnose the problem, let alone cure it. Or it can cause her uterus to rupture, or it can cause her to bleed to death. Her baby needs her, so she should never take this kind of chance. Her children

the abortion pill

A: Hi, kayleigh, Your brother has NO RIGHT to expect his girlfriend to use the abortion pill. It can KILL her. The manufacturer specifically says it is NOT to be used by pregnant women. Your brother has a duty to protect his girlfriend. There are several ways this can kill. One way is by causing toxic shock syndrome. That kills within hours, usually before emergency room personnel can even diagnose the problem. It can cause the uterus to have such violent contractions that it will rupture. It can cause a woman to bleed to death. Depending on how heavy the bleeding is, that could happen within hours as well. Sometimes the only way to save her life is emergency hysterectomy, which means she will never have another...

bleeding and cramping after the abortion pill

A: Dear Preet, The second round of bleeding and cramping that you are experiencing is common and normal after taking the abortion pill.  You should take ibuprofen/motrin/advil 800 mg every 6 hours and see if that helps you.  The pain you are experiencing is that the abortion was not complete, so more tissue, blood and clots are trying to come out.  The cramping is simply your uterus trying to push it out - and that is a good thing - nothing to be afraid of.  Other things you can do to help this - take a warm bath and massage your lower abdomen, exercise, and believe it or not - sex.  Sex helps the uterus to contract and push out the tissue....

abortion Pill Mifeprex 200mg

A: Hi, daniela, Thank you for helping me know the correct spelling for your name, and for the very kind rating. From what I am learning, you may have taken these pills too early. Also, they wanted you to take the second set of pills much more quickly than they usually tell women. The clue to the situation is the fact you bled lightly. If it had produced results, you would have almost certainly bled more heavily. Also, the fact it was so early does indicate that it will tend to be an all or nothing situation. Either your baby won"t make it, or he or she will be fine. While there are other possibilities, the odds are in your favor. Go and see one of the doctors recommended by the organization in your

Still pregant after abortion pill

A: No, your actions would not cause the *abortion not to work, but they do put you at greater risk for infections of th cervix and uterus, which could be a very serious matter in itself. It"s even more urgent for you to see a doctor immediately, and tell him/her that you used tampons and also that water may have gotten into your vagina when your cervix wasn"t fully closed (happens when you swim or take baths). See, ANYTHING you put in your vagina when your cervix is relaxed can lead to infections, unless it is sterilized first - but tampons and swimming pool water are not sterilized at all. It"s incredible that the clinic did not give you any instructions regarding aftercare. That was extremely unprofessional and...

early abortion, abortion pill

A: Dear Eva, There is no problem with having a second abortion.  It does not cause problems with fertility.  You will find it much easier this time because you are early.  I am an advocate of non surgical methods for ending early pregnancy - you can learn more about the abortion pill at earlyabortion.com, and earlyoptionpill.com.  These websites give accurate information about the abortion pill.  If surgical abortion is your only option, it is still a good option, and you should not have any concerns. I hope this is helpful, Doctor Joan EarlyabortionOptions.com New...

irregular bleeding three months after abortion pill

A: Dear Andrea, Unfortunately the bleeding you are describing is common after the abortion pill.  It is common to have intermittent, irregular bleeding, sometimes with clots.  There is more information on this at: http://www.earlyabortionoptions.com/abortion-aftercare.html The only treatment for irregular bleeding after the abortion pill that continues for months is to have a procedure. A procedure (surgical abortion or Aspiration Procedure) is usually effective immediately. In some sense it is up to you if you want to get the procedure. There are no long term consequences to the...

are abortions Expensive?

A: Chad, I would strongly suggest that the two of you go to this web site and look at some of the facts and ideas it has on it.  It was set up and designed for young adults and high school aged teens.  www.hometown.aol.com/jodpemm/page1.html And as always my email box and IM"s are always open jodpenn@aol.com As for the questions you have asked me today here are the answers: ." I was wondernig how much does the procedure cost usually, and how do I go about looking for the medical clinic in the area that would perform the abortion? " An abortion cost...
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