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How much do abortion pills cost? answers (26)

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Early abortion pill

A: Hello, sandeep, First, I have a question. "Sandeep" is a man"s name, correct? I assume that"s not your name, because as far as I know, men can"t get pregnant. :) how far along are you? This is important. You shouldn"t have to have an abortion because you are there on a work permit. Here is how to find someone who can help you with this problem. Click on this link or paste this into your browser: http://www.heartbeatinternational.org/worldwide_directory.asp Choose "New Zealand" from the country list. There are 28 organizations in New Zealand willing to help you, on two pages. If you click on "details", you can get their phone numbers. Call the one closest to you. If you have trouble with this, let me know,...

how much Are Emergency Contraceptives?

A: Emergency contraceptives are commonly referred to as the morning after pill. They are usually taken by a woman after unwanted intercourse, such as a rape, or after having unprotected sex, in order to prevent an unwanted pregnancy. Bear in mind that some people consider this to be an abortion, even though a fetus has not been formed yet. Because of this, before using the product, do some thinking about how you feel so that you do not have any regrets later. however, this treatment should be administered as soon as possible after the intercourse has taken place in order to prevent the pregnancy from occurring. If it has not been administered within the first twenty...


Are abortions Expensive?

A: Chad, I would strongly suggest that the two of you go to this web site and look at some of the facts and ideas it has on it.  It was set up and designed for young adults and high school aged teens.  www.hometown.aol.com/jodpemm/page1.html And as always my email box and IM"s are always open jodpenn@aol.com As for the questions you have asked me today here are the answers: ." I was wondernig how much does the procedure cost usually, and how do I go about looking for the medical clinic in the area that would perform the abortion? " An abortion cost will differ.  I can...

average cost?

A: Hi Travis, It"s great that she took Plan B so quickly.  That is over 90% effective when taken within a day.  You can explore costs of abortion - but they vary widely depending on where you live.  The best sites are earlyabortion.com and gynpages.com.  Generally prices range in the $350-600 range depending on how private you want your experience to be.  No need to explore yet.  The chances are that you and she will be fine.  It might be more helpful for you to research better birth control methods.   I hope this is helpful, doctor Joan...

I''m pregnant and my husband (soon to be ex) wants me to abort

A: I know I could never go through with something like that especially to please somebody that doesn''t love you. YOU have to decide what is best for you. Realize that if you go through with an abortion you will be going through not only the lose of a husband but the lose of the baby and that very well could be too hard on your emotional well being. You need to do what is best and most comfortable for you. He isn''t considering you, so you consider you. He apparently would not use a condom or get a vasectomy, so he is not in a position to tell you you must have an abortion. The child would be entitled to child support, but that and the child would tie you to him for a...

consequences of abortion

A: Hello, sohini, If you haven"t taken those pills yet, PLEASE don"t take them! They will probably not work anyway. It is too late in your pregnancy for them to tend to work. I am getting a lot of information from India that women are bleeding to death after taking those pills. Your future isn"t going to matter to you if you are dead. It is unreal to me how careless people are with women"s lives in India. It makes me feel a sense of outrage! Oral sex is also very dangerous. You can get a nasty disease from it. Why are you even letting this man use you for his own pleasure? If you want a future, get away from men like that! If you HAVE taken these pills,...

I have so many questions about abortion so thank you in advance for answering this

A: Hello Jenn, Thanks for your questions. I don"t know if I can give them all justice in this post so I would encourage you to email me privately. My personal email address is DCHERYL51@yahoo.com and please put ALLEXPERTS in the subject line. Also, I would like for you to join the unplanned Pregnancy group on yahoo, where you can get advice from other women. This group is at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/unplanned_pregnancy_help/ It"s good that you have done a lot of research in making your decision. There are the options that you have discussed. I think you have also found out from your research that there are problems and side effects that can happen from abortion. I can"t give you any reassurance that...

abortion through Columbia Health Services

A: Dear Trying to help others with pregnancy and abortion anxieties and Reader #2, You ask good questions and are trying to keep ahead of the game. Remember, if you do practice safer sex — using protection, be it a condom or other form of contraception, for every act of intercourse — it is highly unlikely that you will get pregnant. But, there is always that fluke of nature... Health Services at Columbia, specifically Primary Care Medical Services, doesn''t perform abortions, but they make referrals to private doctors and clinics throughout Manhattan that do. The doctors and other...


abortion help

A: Won''t your regular doctor do this? Look up Planned Parenthood in your phone book. They will be able to answer your questions. They will be listed under abortions and health clinics. I happen to be pro choice, but wonder what you, personally want. Please talk with someone in planned parenthood. They can help you with various possibilities. Just wondering Hi there, Really glad I found this site! Need to ask a question. In January I had an abortion. Afterwards I went on the pill but every period I have had so far has lasted just 1 day! Before I had the abortion my periods were for about 4 - 5 days. Has anybody else experienced this? Please any help and advice would be...


Is there any pill that can help to stop 5months old pregnancy? if there is what is that pill?

A: 14 Oct 2011 Would recommend that you should seek adivce form a gynecologist, please, its always better to be safe & well. Take care, best wishes! Votes:+1CommentVote upReport DzooBaby14 Oct 2011 No, there is no pill that will terminate a 5 month along pregnancy. At this point you will need surgical intervention to discontinue the pregnancy. Have you ever considered going through with the pregnancy and giving the babe up for adoption. This could be a most precious gift for a couple who desperately want a babe of their own and cant have one. There are many very well-to-do or even very wealthy couples out there who would give a baby a most wonderful life. It could be a great, unselfish gift to your babe (who never asked to be conceived in...

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