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How much does an abortion pill cost? answers (16)

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how much does an abortion cost?

A: According to Planned Parenthood, in-clinic abortion procedures can cost around $350 to $900 in the first trimester. abortion costs are generally higher at hospitals and in the second trimester. A medication abortion (abortion pill) costs about $350 to $650.Source:Planned Parenthood: In-Clinic abortion Procedures Good gravy. how on earth can a doc justify charging so much for a medication abortion? Amazing....


Are abortions Expensive?

A: Chad, I would strongly suggest that the two of you go to this web site and look at some of the facts and ideas it has on it.  It was set up and designed for young adults and high school aged teens.  www.hometown.aol.com/jodpemm/page1.html and as always my email box and IM"s are always open jodpenn@aol.com As for the questions you have asked me today here are the answers: ." I was wondernig how much does the procedure cost usually, and how do I go about looking for the medical...

abortion help

A: Won''t your regular doctor do this? Look up Planned Parenthood in your phone book. They will be able to answer your questions. They will be listed under abortions and health clinics. I happen to be pro choice, but wonder what you, personally want. Please talk with someone in planned parenthood. They can help you with various possibilities. Just wondering Hi there, Really glad I found this site! Need to ask a question. In January I had an abortion. Afterwards I went on the pill but every period I have had so far has...


abortion through Columbia Health Services

A: Dear Trying to help others with pregnancy and abortion anxieties and Reader #2, You ask good questions and are trying to keep ahead of the game. Remember, if you do practice safer sex — using protection, be it a condom or other form of contraception, for every act of intercourse — it is highly unlikely that you will get pregnant. But, there is always that fluke of nature... Health Services at Columbia, specifically Primary Care Medical Services, doesn''t perform abortions, but they make referrals to private doctors and clinics...


abortionS! Someone please help!?

A: Contact a clinic near you for information relevant to where you live. I'm not sure of the laws where you live. Keep in mind abortion is easiest and safest when performed early in pregnancy, so get in touch with a clinic asap. The RU-486 pill combination has been studied and approved as safe. It is used to abort pregnancies generally before 8 weeks gestation. You will take the pills and go home where you will abort and experience symptoms like a period with worse than usual cramps. There are also surgical...

3 months pp, preg, hubby wants abort

A: you need to do what is best for you and your family regardless of what your husband wants to do. i would take his feelings into consideration, but the bottem line is this, you will have to live with your choice to do this, not him. granted he may feel a small amount of regret afterward, but im pretty certain it wouldnt amount to what you would feel, since its obvious you are against doing it. you should tell him, its not something you could do. i would discuss the option to adopt the child out rather than force you into a corner making you do something youre not comfortable with. two kids is not much more work than 1,...


Mainly for those who are liberal about sex: does abstinence only deserve a second look?

A: I think itís disregarded now because we have condoms, the pill, the shot etc etc. Weíre told some of these methods are 99.9% effective, and thatís a lot lol. If we had a 99.9% chance of winning the lottery, or getting a good job, people would take whatever chance there is. We still have sex for pleasure. Masturbation and the like canít recreate the actual feeling.. I think it unworkable and unrealistic to promote as anything but an ideal. I simply isnít something everyone can or would be able to do. I think if we as a society w


I am deeply concerned.

A: It sounds like both that doctor and your boyfriend have been trying to pressure you and your friend into not having an abortion. There is absolutely no truth to the claim that medical abortions cause you to have mentally retarded children in the future. In fact, having a medical abortion now does NOT AT ALL affect any future pregnancies or children. Here is how the medical abortion works. You know you"re taking two sets of pills, right? Both of them block certain hormones in your body,

What are your thoughts on the fight going on between Rush Limbaugh, and Sandra Fluke?

A: Let me submit to you that Rush Limbaugh is a steaming cup of diarrhea.. I pretty much tipped my hand on my thoughts in the way I worded the details to this question.. But to add a few very important points, all the Republican talking heads who are claiming that Sandra Fluke wanted taxpayers to fund her birth control are either lying or are commenting on something as if they are experts when they havenít even bothered to get the facts. Neither Georgetown University nor taxpayers pay for student healthcare insurance. The students themselves must pay out of pocket.. and both Rush


Aside from a lack of comprehensive sex education, why don`t more people use birth control in the United States?

A: More people are using birth control, according to the Guttmacher Institute. Itís probably because of more education and easier access to contraceptives.. Of course, there are still states that try to keep teens from accessing contraceptives. Texas and Utah require teens to have parental consent in order to be able to purchase them. It is those with the least experience who are most likely to have unprotected sex.. how many of you went to ask your parents to sign so you could have contraceptives just before you wanted to have sex the first time? Can you imagine doing it? Very few, Iíll bet. Thereís a ways to go on the access front, Iíll tell...

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