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how much does chemotherapy cost for breast cancer?

A: chemotherapy costs for breast cancer vary widely depending on the drugs used and treatment duration. For instance, 5-FU, which treats breast cancer, costs $100 to $300 for eight weeks of treatment when used alone. If 5-FU is combined with Avastin, the cost rises to $20,000 to $30,000.Source:Johns Hopkins Medicine: High Cost of chemotherapy If you are fortunate enough to live in a country where healthcare provision is funded by taxes it will cost the patient nothing. chemotherapy treatment costs for breast cancer treatment were depending on the drugs and treatment duration....


how much does chemotherapy cost?

A: chemotherapy costs vary widely depending on the drugs used and treatment duration. For instance, in 2007, 5-FU, which treats gullet cancers, cost $100 to $300 for eight weeks of treatment. Combine 5-FU with Erbitux to treat head and neck cancer and the cost rises to $20,000 to $30,000.Source:The High Cost of chemotherapy from John Hopkins Medicine...


how do I get checked for HIV and how much does it cost?

A: You can''t. THere is NO TEST for HIV. Hidden Facts and Dangers of HIV Tests What''s in the Fine Print Remarkable information about HIV tests including the fact that no HIV test has ever been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration for the actual diagnosing of HIV infection. Few doctors, clinics, journalists, or AIDS organizations know that all current HIV tests are approved only as screening tests, prognostic tests (for predicting a possible future outcome) or as "an aid in diagnosis" and are not intended to be used for determining if a person actually has HIV. The FDA''s lack of such approval speaks to the fact that no HIV test can directly detect or quantify HIV or determine the presence of specific HIV antibodies in human blood. Recent changes in the fine print of the...


what is chemo? and how much does it cost?

A: Hi Courtney - chemotherapy (chemo) is using drugs to kill cancer cells. Many different drugs will be available to your grandmother, and in different combinations; the doctor will figure out which drugs will work best against her particular cancer. She''ll probably have 4 to 6 injections, 2 to 3 weeks apart, so the process will take several months. She may feel quite ill after the injections... or she may not. She''ll almost certainly lose her hair. As for cost, it costs many thousands of dollars - again, depends a lot on what type of drugs she has.   She''ll perobably be quite fatigued while she''s doing this treatment, and may not seem like herself. Hope you can give her a hand, and be there for her if she needs you. Good luck - PJH...


how much does uterine cancer treatment cost?

A: The cost of treating uterine cancer will depend on your insurance benefits. Generally, if you do not have insurance and can`t get assistance from the government, you can expect to pay upwards of $100,000 for treatment. Be sure to talk to the doctors offices, as well as anesthesia, the hospital, and pathology to see if you can get a cash discount if you pay in full or arrange a payment plan. If medication is needed, many pharmaceutical companies also have programs to help you pay for your necessary medications. Treatment of uterine cancer generally involves a hysterectomy, radiation and or chemotherapy.. ...


how much should I pay a live-in caregiver?

A: Before you know what to salary to pay a live-in caregiver, you need too know what is required. Ask yourself these questions: 1. Is it possible for one person to be both caregiver and housekeeper for my loved one? 2. Is my mother able to sleep at night or does she need assistance. If a helper must get up more than once or twice, live-in help may not be the way to proceed. 3. Is my dear mother suffering from dementia? does she need help walking or managing her medication? 4. If you want the live-in helper to move into your mother`s house, how long will it take for her to leave her present home? Where will she go if it does not work out? 1. Is it possible for one person to be both caregiver...


how does a person maintain weight during chemotherapy?

A: sorry my friend it is an unfortunate sideeffect of the treatment. both my bro & sis lost a lot of weight, but once treatment stops it will return but only very slowly. you kinda lose your appetite for a long time!! It''s hard to maintain weight during chemo b/c of the nausea/vomiting, anorexia and general loss of appetite that these people endure. Supplemental shakes such as boost or ensure can provide calories if solid food cannot be eaten. Small, frequent meals, usually of soft bland food such as pudding, mashed potatoes may be tolerable. If a persons weight drops too low, their doctor will probably admit them to the hospital for parenteral nutrition which is intravenous nutrition (TPN and Lipids). If the MD decides it is necessary to continue this once the patient is discharged,...


Do you always lose your hair when you go through chemotherapy?

A: IMO it depends on two things, the individual and the type of chemo. I am on 5FU and avastin and four other chemo drugs. was on them all except for the avastin from Sept 04 to March 05, went to duke and they put me on the Avastin immediately. Both places told me if i was gonna lose my hair, it would start in about two weeks after the first chemo treatment...i held my breath. no hair loss on the first treatments....then when they put me on the avastin and one other new drug at Duke, sweated thru those two weeks again but the only hair i lost was body hair! Legs, arms and I can live with that! its grown back now but is a lot finer and thinner, still nothing to complain about. Ilost my eyelashes one time, they came back fuller, and my eyebrows one time, but they came back a LOT thinner! Go...


does a biopsy tell if a cancer has spread?

A: No, a biopsy will tell you if its a cancer or not, and most lumps are not. If it is it will tell you what kind, and that will suggest the treatment. If you are just about to have a biopsy, ask them for more info. It depends upon what they are doing the biopsy on... A biopsy will tell you and the physician what type of cancer you are dealing with, and that in turn will tell if that type of cancer is predisposed to spreading. A PET scan will tell if the cancer has metastasized(spread). no it does not ,the biopsy serve 2 purposes: 1st it answers the question whether the cells are cancerous or not ,and 2nd (if cancerous) it allows the "grading" which is simply who aggressive the cells are based on the look under the microscope and...


I want to open a cancer hospital in which people can get treatment at free of cost or at very less price?

A: IN CANADA WE ARE TAKEN VERY GOOD CARE OF AND FORTUNATELY DON''T PAY FOR THE CAER THAT WE NEED....I WILL HOPE AND PRAY THAT YOU CAN DO WHAT YOU WANT AS I REALLY AM FLOORED THAT PATIENTS IN THE STATES HAVE TO PAY FOR THEIR TREATMENT. You would have to earn huge money but I think you have a big heart & a great desire to do amazing things. If it''s your will, it will happen. Good Luck & if it''s in the USA I would be happy to volunteer in some way! You are going to need a hell of a lot of sponsership to do this. My mom died of cancer back in march of this year and her medical bills were through the roof for the surgery and the chemotherapy. Its a good idea in practice, but unless you can get some big name companies or massive backing from philanthropy, I don''t...

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