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How much money is the abortion pill? answers (32)

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pregnancy symptoms weeks after abortion pill

A: Hi, Rachel, I haven"t seen any statistics on how likely pregnancy is after a pill abortion. Another thing: if you were having sex, or he came near your vagina, you weren"t being careful. I know they tell you otherwise, but condoms don"t work. the people who claim they do will make money if a woman gets pregnant and seeks abortion, and they"re not that truthful because it would hurt their bottom line. how far along...

Early abortion pill

A: Hello, sandeep, First, I have a question. "Sandeep" is a man"s name, correct? I assume that"s not your name, because as far as I know, men can"t get pregnant. :) how far along are you? This is important. You shouldn"t have to have an abortion because you are there on a work permit. Here is how to find someone who can help you with this problem. Click on this link or paste this into your browser: http://www.heartbeatinternational.org/worldwide_directory.asp Choose "New Zealand" from the...


A: Hello, Lakshmi, That"s what I thought. the company that puts out those kits, Cipla, is totally irresponsible. they"re doing it for the money, I"m sure. Misoprostol is the drug that is not supposed to be used by pregnant women. So many doctors these days don"t even know what medical ethics mean anymore. It is forbidden to give a woman any drug to produce abortion, and doctors are supposed to first do no harm. abortion is very harmful, no matter...

another abortion with in 3 months

A: s, there are no guarantees in life. Women who have never had an abortion have babies with problems. And women who have had abortions have healthy children. Down syndrome is not caused by a previous abortion. It is a genetic defect. None of us wants our children to have problems. This is normal and to be expected. But the child you have right now is the child you have, whether perfect or not. In reality, all of us have defects. But some are more troublesome than o

I am a drug addict,how can I stop my fiance from leaving and taking my kids with her?

A: Hi ob1knob666, First let me say welcome to our little community, you''ve come to a great place for support! You seem to have a great attitude, and I''ve no doubt that you will keep your family together. Being on Suboxone and admitting your problem are good first steps. Counseling will help greatly, wish your girl would go with you. Give her time. Sounds like she loves you. You have so many reasons to stay clean. Do you attend any meetings? AA or Na meetings seem to be quite popular. Just a thought. Keep coming back here for support. Best wishes to you, sweetlemon Thank you for becoming me. I do not attend meetings. I get a call weekly from the programs coaching staff. I don''t really feel...


abortion - Please Help Me!!!

A: Hello, Leigh, I will try to address each issue you have raised, though I might miss a few. All I can say is Wow! but I"m glad you shared all those details with me. First, please know I am not a doctor. I am simply someone who has done a lot of study and who has talked to hundreds of women. I have been involved in this area since 1970. Paragraph by paragraph, or whatever. If your abortion at 16 caused so much emotional pain, how do you know it was the right thing to do? abortion is deeply invasive, and a woman...

Help the pill is making me crazy!??

A: Contraceptive Emotional and Personality Damage in Women By Dr. Gerard van den Aardweg Member Advisory Board, the Edith Stein Foundation Systematic contraception - and sterilization - is part of modern life. Tens of millions of women the world over, inside and outside marriage, are on hormonal contraception (mostly, the pill) and as far as powerful organizations as the UNFPA and IPPF are concerned, many more millions must be added. In countries with intensive pill habits like the Netherlands, there are still increases in pill use among adolescent girls (27% between...

getting pregnant soon after a medication abortion

A: Hi, Bonnie, First of all, being seven weeks and one day when you took the pills puts you on the edge of when they will be effective. In fact, depending on whether you are counting last menstrual period or gestational age, you could have been over the limit. Normally, if a medical abortion fails, they do a surgical abortion. If you had significant bleeding and passed tissue at first, that"s one thing, but if all you"ve had is light bleeding, it wouldn"t surprise me if you learned you are still pregnant. I am assuming...

"Ttkm", how Can U Have A Miscarriage On Purpose ?

A: Go to a drug store and take a lot of Vitamin C and get some parsley. This will cause your miscarriage. Good Luck!! Worked for me. :). Making a decision like abortion or having a miscarriage is completely up to you.... Other people just needs to shut up and stay out of it...only you know what your going through so dont worry about what other people think cause deep down if they were faced with a problem like that they probably would think like that too... So like I said its your decision! Think about it*. If you are 10...


there is a good chance that my SO and I are pregnant. Can anyone answer some questions for me before we head to the doctor?

A: the most important thing you have to know is tell your doctor everything and follow his instructions. Do not be afraid or embarrassed to tell him, your baby''s well being depends on you being honest about everything. I don''t believe the one drink or the pot would harm the baby; many of us who gave birth some years ago drank moderately during pregnancy. You can discuss it with your doctor but I don''t think I would worry too much about that aspect. Hey girl First of all, congrats on being pregnant! I''ve been trying for a while now to have my own. My sister

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