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how should diabetics follow a healthy diet?

A: p.c78 {font-weight: bold} Diabetes is a long-term DISEASEA disease is an illness or condition that interferes with normal body functions. ''); return false''>disease that is caused by too much GLUCOSEGlucose (or dextrose) is a type of sugar that is used by the body to produce energy. ''); return false''>glucose (sugar) in the BLOODBlood supplies oxygen to the body and removes carbon dioxide. It is pumped around the body by the heart. ''); return false''>blood. This happens because there is not enough of the hormone INSULINInsulin is a hormone released by the pancreas that helps the body to control blood sugar levels. ''); return false''>insulin. If you have diabetes, it''s important to make sure you eat a healthy diet and particularly control your sugar intake....


Get Real! Tell Me how Normal People Can Have A healthy Diet And Lifestyle

A: Do you find yourself starting each day (month or year!) with the best of intentions about your diet and lifestyle - yet somehow the real world gets in your way and everything goes wrong? Your boss drops a pile of urgent work onto the already huge urgent work pile One of the kids has to have a costume for a friend`s fancy-dress party The Dad`s taxi rota falls apart and you have to fill-in or disappoint everyone Your partner unexpectedly invites work colleagues home for a "quick bite to eat" An elderly relative has a fall and you want to help with their shopping Fill in the mini-crises in your own life that get in the way of that healthy lifestyle you know you should be following So instead of...


how do you handle a restricted diet for life?

A: Jennifer, hang in there...It''s hard but it will get easier. Find your joy in living healthy and having fun and not in food...food is simply energy we need to keep going. That''s how I''m looking at things now. Yes, donuts are better then brocolli but only for the moment. I had so many of those moments and now I''m paying the price. Now, I start the rest of my life trying to be as healthy as I can be. It''s hard, but be strong, accept the challenge and never give up. Always remember there''s a whole bunch of us just like you fighting every day. Well, at first it was hard watching others eat ice cream and cookies and i wasnt able to. But now I can enjoy those same types of food. There really aren''t any...


how Do I Make a healthy Meal Plan?

A: To make a healthy meal plan, begin by determining your specific dietary needs and researching what you should be eating. For instance, if you are trying to lose weight, a meal plan might be low in calories; if you are weight lifting or doing a lot of exercise, however, you might want a higher calorie meal plan. Any other specific dietary or medical restrictions should be considered when creating a healthy meal plan, such as a preference for a vegetarian diet, or a restricted diet due to diabetes. In general, a healthy meal plan will predominantly contain foods from the fruit, vegetable, whole grain, and lean protein categories. Processed...


After a heart attack, I should be on a specific diet, yet it seems that many of the diets for the heart do not agree with the diabetic diet. I love spicy and tasty foods. Do you have any suggestions as to a diet that balances the heart and diabetic requirements?

A: If you start by consulting with a Registered Dietitian who is also Certified Diabetes Educator, you can learn how to follow a carbohydrate counting meal plan with a caloric level that will assist you in both stabilizing your blood sugar levels and losing weight. This will help in your overall diabetes self-management reducing your risk of another heart attack or a stroke. You can further tailor your meal plan to include many of your favorite foods using ?heart healthy? cooking and food preparation methods such as replacing higher saturated fat foods with healthier fats in lower amounts and using natural seasonings such as garlic, onions, cilantro, peppers (even hot chili peppers for an extra zing) in addition you...


Can you tell me how many grams of Carbs should I have per day? I am following a 1400cal diet.

A: There is no universal ''right'' or ''safe'' amount of carbs. Every person''s situation is different. Some people find they can keep their blood sugar in good control and feel their best on a very low carbohydrate diet (for example, 60g or fewer per day). Others do similarly well on higher-carb eating plans (for example, 200g per day). It''s important to choose healthy carbohdyrates and to avoid the ''empty'' ones that cause your blood sugar to spike. healthy carbs include vegetables, fruits, and 100% whole grains close to their natural state (such as rolled oats, barley, or quinoa). Unhealthy carbs include pasta, bread, bagels, white rice, and added sugars.It''s crucial to find the right carbohydrate intake for you....


following a healthy Diabetes Diet

A: Everything in Moderation If you have diabetes you know that it can very hard to know what kinds of foods you can and cannot eat. There are many foods that can trigger your blood sugar and which can then cause you many health problems. So to avoid this you need to know what foods to consume and how much of it. There is really no specific diabetes diet plan a person can use, however, they can understand which foods are good and which foods are bad for them. A diabetic should not have to always limit themselves to some of their favorite foods because it can cause their blood sugar to increase, but they should eat these certain foods in moderation. The best thing to remember is that you


should I get a second opinion - yesterday my eye doctor told me that I have fluid in both eyes and need for them to be lasered.

A: Hello Rebeccae57 You have a serious condtion that is a known complication of hyperglycemia. Laser surgery, whether it be focused or scattered surgery, is an attempt to preserve your vision. Be sure your ophthalomologist is board certified and has experience with laser surgery. It is never wrong to get a second opinion. If you are near a big city, try to locate a teaching hospital that is specialized in diseases of the eye. Look to see if there is a retinal specialist on the staff. This is the opinion you need. Your own ophthalmologist may know a diabetic retinalogist in your area. Damage to the retina and damage to nerves and to kidneys are examples of long term microvascular complications of hyperglycemia. What are you doing to control your glucose levels? Are you taking your medicines as...


Could Type 1 Diabetes be a result of the mother/father doing all the right things?

A: It''s a genetic disease that might be caused by a virus, but it has relatively nothing to do with the immune system. The pancreas does not distribute insulin properly. Whether children are given healthy or unhealthy diets will not effect those with type 1 diabetes in their development of symptoms. No it''s a genetic thing,like the mother grandfather had it and now the child has it too I don''t think so. Doctors at this point do not know why people get diabetes. We know the risk factors such as heredity, obesity, improper diet, race, and lack of exercise, Risk factors mean that people in the above group do get diabetes more frequently than the general population and people without these risk factors do get diabetes but in a lower...


What can a type 2 diabetic with a sweet tooth eat.?

A: Try lots of fruit, as the doctor suggests. There are alot of sugar-free cookies and candy that taste better than those made with regular sugar, my mother-in-law was diabetic type 2, so when I baked something I use Splenda for her. sugar free jello, sugar-free jello pudding, other sugar free desserts Like one person mentioned about eating grapes. Grapes are high in sugar. I would be extremely cautious about eating grapes. My best advice is to you talk it over with your doctor. Your doctor should have given you a food chart to go by with your diabetes when he first diagnosed you with this problem or shortly thereafter. Like another person mentioned about Splenda. Now Splenda is good source of natural sugars. What that person is true about Splenda. I cook Splenda in...

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