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how to cure cold Sores Quickly? - An Answer That You Surely Don''t Want to Miss!

A: By their 20''s, an estimated half of the U.S. population is said to be infected by type 1 herpes simplex virus. The obvious symptoms of this infection are cold sores, also known as fever blisters. Many people are asking how to cure their cold sores quickly, because these bumps in the mouth area are painful and irritably persistent. For as many people who are suffering from these sores, there are different ways to treat them. Some offer ointments, and others offer creams. The following are some quick ways to cure these sores quickly and easily:...


how to prevent cold sores?

A: Individuals who have been infected with cold sores virus can take preventative measures by living a healthy lifestyle and maintaining a proper diet. Those who take steps to reduce stress, such as getting proper amounts of sleep and using relaxation techniques, are less likely to experience an outbreak of cold sores. In addition, outbreaks can sometimes be prevented when early signs, such as tingling, are recognized and topical creams or medications are used right away. to get rid of cold sores you should follow some tips- *Use over-the-counter medications to relieve symp


how to cure cold?

A: there is no cure. eat onions, of course green tea w/ honey and cut up chunks of Garlic. it WORKS. Garlic is a natural antibiotic. I do it whenever I get sick and it goes away much faster than with anything. Treatment There''s no cure for the common cold. Antibiotics are of no use against cold viruses. Over-the-counter (OTC) cold preparations won''t cure a common cold or make it go away any sooner, and most have side effects. Here''s a look at the pros and cons of some common cold remedies. * Pain relievers. For fever, sore throat and headache, many people turn to...


Have any quick remedys on how to cure colds??

A: lie on bed and put hydrogen peroxide in one ear. leave in 5-10 min. drain and repeat in other ear. repeat several times a day, before bed time and when arising. Put your toothbrush in a glass of hydrogen peroxide. This will keep you from reinfecting yourself. Drink lots of water and hot tea with honey for sore throat Wash your hands frequently. It is the number 1 way to avoid sickness I usually drink lots of fluids, or ask my pharmacist what medicine he recommends ! two quarts of J&B and electric blanket in front of big screen tv with football turned on. best cure for me. orng juse (i am 9 not to good!) You''ve gotta keep warm, drink lots of water to keep...


how to Eliminate cold Sore Breakouts

A: The herpes virus is highly contagious and can spread through contact with an infected person. The virus causes lesions, known as cold sores, which develop in and around the mouth area. While there is no cure for cold sores, once you learn your personal triggers, you can ward off breakouts through lifestyle changes. Stress, fatigue, sun exposure and a weakened immune system all contribute to breakouts....


how to cure a Sore Throat With Apple Cider Vinegar

A: cold weather, sickness and excessive yelling are all possible causes of a sore throat. Whatever the cause, apple cider vinegar can cure a sore throat by eliminating bacteria....


how to cure a sore throat in a day?

A: Avoid taking cold water and freezed items. Gargle with warm water added with a small quantity of salt atleast every hour and take steam inhalation twice a day. After steam inhalation, donot expose yourself in the air. Honey with gingerpaste will also help a lot if one teaspoon full taken thrice a day. I eat ginger or make ginger tea. I have found this to work great. Drink some fruit juices high in vitamin C such as oranges and lemon . Gargle warm salt water three times a day and drink lots of warm fluids, tea is great. That ought to fix you right up. 1) Gargle with warm water (approximately the same temperature at which you would drink coffee or tea) 2) Use a neti-pot to clear out your...


Anybody know how to cure a sore throat?

A: See your doctor. Its a sign there is something going on in your body. Have a doctor check your lungs, make sure you don''t have something going on in there like an infection, liquid, or other problem. Maybe allergies. Are your coughs productive? If so, what color is it? Have you had heartburn recently or do you get it often? Acid can irritate the esophagus and make you cough. If all other things are eliminated, try Prilosec OTC or similar and run the course in the directions, but ask your doctor about it first and get their ok. Bad idea to take medicine you don''t need. Try Garlic Tea. 1 head (not clove) of garlic peeled 2 tsp lemon juice 2 tsp honey 8 oz water. blend well, strain...


how to cure a sore throat?

A: grate a little fresh root ginger, teaspoon of honey, squeeze of lemon within hot water, drink this 4 times a afternoon. Warming and very soothing I promise. suck on a fishermans friend this other works for me!!!!!!!!best cure is boil some water beside sum lemon in it and a air of honey till its all mixed ably and sip it slowly......just pocket some soothers and a paracetomalgargle w/ warm brackish water! drink lots of liquid, mostly warm tea! : ) that seem to soothe my throat, and after time, the soreness will go away! if you surface that it''s getting worse, try a different doctor! hope you feel better! : )I used to suffer from frequent sore throats, but I own...


Um, I might have a cold sore, how to cure?

A: It''s best to leave it alone. You could put some ice on it. You ate the wrong p*ssy man and now you got herpes of some form.You better go to a Doctor abrevea You should not pop it, that may cause the little clusters of blisters to multiply. If it is already a visible blister, there not much you can do, at this point you just want to dry it out as soon as possible. Use products like Campho-phenique, Zilactin ( liquid), these things will help it dry out and go away. Your best bet is to keep these kind of products on hand so that when you notice a blister next time, you can dry it out before it fully becomes a blister. You can use products like...

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