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How to cure hemorrhoids? answers (116)

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how to cure Hemorrhoids

A: This article is here to help you if you want to know how to cure a hemorrhoid or piles. When you are suffering from hemorrhoids you know just of how debilitating and painful the condition can be. Well help is at hand as we investigate how to cure a hemorrhoid for you. Hemorrhoids Is A `Condition` Firstly, it`s important to understand that hemorrhoids is a `condition` and not a disease. This is an important distinction when seeking to understand how to


Hemmoriods, how to cure them, we have tried hot baths, preperation H, little bumps on outside near entrance of rectum

A: Natural cure for Piles Hemorrhoids or piles are basically veins and tissues in the anal area that become inflamed due to a variety of reasons, mainly involving excessive pressure on this area. The most common cause of hemorrhoids is chronic constipation, as a result of which the tissues and veins in the anus become swollen and irritated. On the other hand, frequent diarrhea can also cause a person to strain during bowel movements, thus giving rise to hemorrhoids. The condition often involves burning, itching, and pain, particularly when passing stools. You have not mentioned any symptoms, and your brief description does not particularly...

how to cure piles?

A: chris is right but use the dry figs to soak in the water and have them emptied stomach in the morning and drink the water ...... along with it use black seeds just take three to five seed and chew it you will feel bitter so drink the water of the figs and do drink coconut water its goood for you as well .....neither eat fried food like samosas , chips etc nor use red chilles a they will inrease the effect of ur disease ........use black pepper in less quantity for ur chillis urge...... eat grilled or boiled food with les spices ............ Consult an ayurveda doctor or start drinking Indian Mulberry fruit juice. Rue Care Oil - it shrinks the veins, stops bleeding...


how to cure a hemorroid?

A: Don''t eat too much meat, (made my poop sticky) maybe 1-2 x week. lots of fruits and veggies. I juiced alot and sat in the tub with lots of hot water and caught up on my reading. I drank lots of different herbal teas and changed my underwear/pants twice a day (because of heat/sweat). It took about 2 months, all better now. If you want to use food as a way of alleviating your symptoms, then consume more high fiber foods. High fiber foods include vegetables and fruits, psyllium husks and flax seeds. Also drink plenty of water. These will help you reduce constipation and bowel straining. Read this article to find out more...


how to treat Hemorrhoids - burning sensation

A: Snehz-- Welcome to A2K. I have no short term solutions, but long-range, if you are at all overweight, you''ll find that your discomfort will decrease as the pounds peel off. First of all, never strain. Keep your bowels soft with whatever your body needs to allow that, fruit, prune juice, etc. (I''m sure you know). Stay away from the spicy stuff when an outbreak occurs. Wear loose clothing. Nothing too fitting that will irritate. And please, if you''re a woman, don''t try to wear thong panties. to hell with those. I never used the Prep H applicator. I''ve always used the suppositories. Perhaps a change might be in...


how to cure hemrroids at home

A: Treating hemorrhoids? Is very easy if you understand the cause , there is blood filled sacks that protrude out of the anus and this is really sore and painful and you want to help this pain and soreness get better and a warm bath to soak a while can start to help this and eating a low fiber diet for a few days can also help this and witch hazel from the drug store can numb and sooth this condtion! lifting and straining has a lot to do with this also and puts pressures on the sphincter muscles and bowels causing this to have an effect on the hemorrhoids. and any creams you use on this or medications needs

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how to cure Almoranas?

A: Almoranas in English are known as hemorrhoids or piles. The first thing is to avoid straining on the toilet, as this makes them worse, and to eat a healthier diet. Some creams and ointments soothe the pain and help you to recover, but for some cases you may need surgery. You can learn more here....


how long will it take to cure hemorrhoids?

A: It depends on the problem, however, it is definitely curable with a medication course....


how to Treat Hemorrhoids Fast?

A: the pain is unbearable, i hear you...but there are 2 kinds of hemorrhoids. internal and external. the external you can treat in a very simple procedure. the internal are a bit complicated surgery. not that it''s hard to handle but it has unpleasant complications. here is some info about it from familydoctor.org : http://familydoctor.org/online/famdocen/home/common/... The best way to Treat Hemorrhoids Fast increase the amount of fiber and water in your diet to combat the chief cause of the problem: chronic constipation. here is some info about Hemroids Treatment - http://www.hemroids.info/ according to me the there are many ways


how Do You cure hemorrhoids?

A: There is no real cure for hemorrhoids short of surgery. however, there are many over-the-counter medications that can ease the pain by causing them to shrink. Also you can try taking a lukewarm bath if they are really sore. The only way to really avoid hemorrhoids is to basically make sure you get a antibiotic cream from the doctor. You have to ask for it though so go get it checked. You dont cure them you avoid them . eat lots of fiber and dont strain when you have a bowel movement drink plenty of fluids. When you are in the bath room try to elevate your feet like...

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