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how to get rid of black heads on nose?

A: get a facial, it''ll get rid of black heads for quite some time, perhaps even forever, if you get the right one done. Either get a face cream that is designed to pull out those black heads or squeeze them out right, although the second option is painful it''s faster than the first. Do not use pore strips! They take out all those fine lil hairs and make them grow back dark! and the last thing you need is hair growing on top your nose in addition to


how to get rid of black heads?

A: Well, I have trouble with some acne myself. I use Noxzema. If you don''t want to buy anything new, smash an aspirin and mix it with lemon juice and apply to face. Never rub off stuff- dab it off with a clean towel. DONT ever pick at your blackheads. They can form whiteheads. I was given the advice to use a mixture of oatmeal and warm water or baking soda and water. You can use neosporin to spot treat if there is redness. Don''t spread it all over your face, though. If you don''t have any of...

how to get rid of black heads FOR GOOD

A: Hi Silva! The best product that I"ve found for blackheads is Salycilic Acid. It"s in a lot of acne treatments, but it can be drying- and you don"t want to dry out oily skin- it will cause your skin to produce more oil. Make sure to use an oil free moisturizer everyday. And use a scrub on your face about every 4 days. Good Luck! Read through some of my past replies for more tips... Sincerely, Betty...

how to get rid of black eye?

A: There are some things you can do to make it more comfortable, and lessen its appearance...but you can''t get rid of it completely, instantly.- Use a cold compress on the black eye for 48 hours, then switch to warm compress.- Take a pain reliever that has acetaminophen and caffeine (Excedrin is an example).- Use warm compresses, massage the capillaries around the black eye and sleep with your head elevated to stop the symptoms....


how Do You get rid of black heads?

A: Whichever method you choose to remove blackheads, please be gentle. Scrubbing hard or squeezing them damages the skin and can cause infection and scarring. Using a warm, wet face cloth to soften the skin oils, followed by using a ''pore strip'' product can help to remove existing blackheads. Keeping skin clean and moisturized can prevent future blackheads. The only real way is to clean your face well, apply a warm compress and then squeeze them out individually. black


how do you get rid of black heads?

A: miley cyrus sand blast baby lotion. get toilet paper on each of your hands, get centered on them and squeeze. Make sure you steam your face to open up your pores before doing this. Afterwards, close your pores with cool water and put lemon juice to shrink the pores. -Use a facewash like Clean & Clear blackhead scrub with the beads in the scrub! squeeze away! use those strips, or just squeeze them out and wash your face after. I suggest a ance cream , there is some that are speacialy for black heads. Give it a try , and if not just try to...


how to get rid of my black heads on my nose?

A: buy pro- active Try showering every day and not every other day! yu gotta get them out to open and deep clean the pores then yu will see progress? to get rid of blackheads. Exfoliating goes a long way. Try st ive''s blemish and blackhead control apricot scrub at least once a week. Use it on the nose and areas with blackheads Stri Vectin (buy it at GNC) works great. Put it on at night before you go to bed. pore strips will take them out, to...


how to get rid of phlegm wad in throat.Cough is productive(pearly substance), but phlegm remains.OTCs don''t help.Allergic to most. HELP!

A: There are a lot of reasons you should not ignore your cold. One of the major reasons for not ignoring it is the phlegm in throat that you will experience. however, there are many phlegm remedies that you can try. The use of ginger, for instance, is one of the most well-known home remedies for mucus in the throat. If you have excessive phlegm in the throat and cannot seem to get rid of it, ginger juice or teas with ginger infusion can help you.There are many other home remedies for phlegm in the throat, and here are a few of more common and...


how to get rid of phlegm?

A: There are several home remedies available to eliminate phlegm from your throat. Using ginger is believed to be very beneficial in treating sore throats and phlegm discharges, naturally. Take the extracts of cinnamon, ginger and carnation and mix it with some water. Alternatively, you may also use honey as a base. The phlegm from your throat can be eliminated by the consumption of this herbal concoction at least four or five times daily. You can also take the freshly squeeze juice of a lemon and mix it with a teaspoon of honey and warm water. Drinking this mixture is known to be effective in restricting the production...


how to get rid of a cold fast?

A: your taking too much junk and messing up your immune system HAVE black CofFEE Well... There''s no quick solution to anything in the world... Hmm... but you might want to start off by cutting down on the vitamins and minerals, because it''ll worsen your immune system if you overdo it. You should take multiple walks outside (wear appropriate clothing) and drink plenty of water. Your body releases about 2 litres of water per day, so it''s vital to drink 2 litres or more of water per day, especially if you''re sick. But, in general, I wouldn''t...

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