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How to get rid of blackheads answers (347)

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how to get rid of blackheads On The Face?

A: You could opt for a short term or long term solution when fighting the scourge of the blackheads. The short term solution would be to use medically approved, blackhead removal strips from the market. These need to be applied to the infected area and then peeled off. It will remove about 60% of the blackheads on your face. The most common areas for its application is the T-zone - the forehead and the nose. But this will not prevent blackheads from occurring again. In fact it will be a drain on the pocket. Instead you could invest your money into...


how to get rid of blackheads

A: put blackhead removal into search and surf the web for the many suggestions that you haven''t yet tried...


how to get rid of blackheads On Your Nose?

A: Personally, I just pop them. As soon as you squeeze the black head, the white sebum comes out. If you leave the sebum in your pour, it will most likely become irritated and turn into a red pimple. The problem with it turning into a red pimple is that, it is not just a normal pimple. You cannot pop it and must wait until the irritation comes down. Best Advice: Squeeze the sebum out, if its too late... Dont touch it! If you do, it will be a longer process to heal and it will be red, irritated, and unattractive!...

how to get rid of blackheads without squeezing them?

A: You need to exfoliate....there are a lot of good scrubs out there that are affordable..biore also makes strips that helps remove them without picking or squeezing them..you should never do that to any acne or blackheads ..it causes scaring and just puts bacteria right back in the pore...try to avoid touching ur face in general throughout the day...if u have oily skin try to keep as much oil off the skin by using blotting papers or doing a mid day cleanse...also make sure u use makeup that does not settle in your pores...


how to get rid of blackheads ?

A: steam your face so it loosens them up and then pop them right on out of there..dont use any amount of extreme force just gently apply pressure. then exfoliate afterwards and apply a mild astringent to your face twice a day....


how to get rid of blackheads?

A: Mix bacon grease and ashes from a fireplace. Apply thoroughly and let dry. After an hour or so, scrape off the excess and go to sleep for at least 10 hours. Voila!...


What is the best way to get rid of blackheads and acne?

A: i agree with james :]] cut your face off blow torch ! Cleanse the face thoroughly with a good cleanser meant for oily skin. Preferrably use a salicylic acid cleanser. Apply an astringent like witch hazel. It helps reduce oiliness. If its a bit harsh mix a bit of rose water in it. Apply a good quality medicated cream or gel containing resorcinol, salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. This helps is soaking the oil and helps in peeling away the blackheads. You can get creams or gels of Benzoyl Peroxide treating blackheads If benzoyl peroxide leaves your skin dry, apply an oil-free moisturizer after 10 mins


Hi , i have spots , blackheads and acne all over my face do you have any suggestions on how to get rid of it?

A: Try some gas,and a wire brush StoP WORKING AT MacDONALDS LOL http://www.acne-review.com/?OVRAW=proactive&OVKEY=proactive%20solution&OVMTC=advanced&OVADID=4721755011&OVKWID=18286787511 acne.org This is not an advertisement. Seriously, I used Murad, Proactive (which actually worked for a couple years, then stopped working for some reason), and MANY home remedies. I even stopped eating red meat and dairy, and was taking like 11 vitamins a day because I read on the internet that it was all supposed to help. I went to multiple dermatologists over the course of about 5 years, and none


how to get rid of my black heads on my nose?

A: buy pro- active Try showering every day and not every other day! yu gotta get them out to open and deep clean the pores then yu will see progress? to get rid of blackheads. Exfoliating goes a long way. Try st ive''s blemish and blackhead control apricot scrub at least once a week. Use it on the nose and areas with blackheads Stri Vectin (buy it at GNC) works great. Put it on at night before you go to bed. pore strips will take them out, to prevent them you could try rubbing a little witchhazel or alcohol on your nose...


Whats a way to get rid of blackheads and zits?

A: Eat better, sleep better, drink plenty of water and wash your face more than five times a day or whenever you feel your face is getting too oily. Number 3 sandpaper for pimples use shampoo trust me it works but black heads are a ***** to get rid of Arbonne International has some great products tested by Dermatoligist. Arbonne Clear Advantage Set. My niece love the products and it cleared her face up. www. arbonne.com Arbonne International Independant Consultant #15959823 Two things that help out a lot: Mary Kay costmetics has this 3 in 1 cleanser that works wonderfully. I just started using...

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