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how to get rid of cramps?

A: You can get rid of cramps By takeing basically any over the counter pain relievers but the best One to use is tylenol or motrin...

how to get rid of cramps for a girl

A: to ease menstrual cramps for females you can take an over the counter medicine such as Pamprin or use warm water on your stomach....

how to get rid of cramps in My Calf

A: Calf cramps can occur while playing sports, stretching or even while you sleep. The sharp, sudden pain of a cramp is an involuntary muscular contraction. The exact cause of cramping is unknown, but it is believed that dehydration, tight muscles and low mineral levels in the blood are contributors. Experiencing a calf cramp can stop in your tracks, so it is important to learn the techniques for quickly treating and relieving the pain....


Does any body know how to get rid of cramps

A: Try aspirin, paracetamol or ibuprofen. These medications can help reduce pain and swelling. If this isn''t possible then take a hot bath, or shower or put hot towels where it hurts. Rest if possible and avoid caffeine or black tea (it makes the cramps worse). Also try herbal tea like raspberry leaf tea which calms menstrual cramps. I know this sounds grossbut it works and it works FASTget some nutmeg and hot teaput the nutmeg in the hot tea with NO sugarand drink it I do it all the time when im cramping its nasty but its worth it! I swear I have the worst cramps in the world.what to do is,...


to the GIRLS, how to get rid of cramps

A: there is one chinese tea (got it in Super 88) - it was called "Ladies'' Comfort Tea" hee hee. It worked wonders for me... Does is have caffeine in it though, most tea has caffeine :-( i don''t think so. it was herbal. don''t know for sure which plants they used, it involved hibiscus, i remember. but i don''t think caffeine was involved. Bourbon works for me. Hope you feel better soon! love your new avatar btw, crazie. These. Therma Care mac11 wrote:Bourbon works for me. Hope you feel better soon! Thank you Mac... stay safe and sheltered down in Houston mac! Been worried about you, hope all is well. dagmaraka wrote:love your new avatar btw, crazie. Thank you, colorbook found it for me... You may have seen the thread on it I''m okay, and ready for Rita....


how to get rid of cramps in mussles?

A: honestly taking a warm bath and stretching out is good...


how to get rid of period cramps?

A: to get rid of cramps: take ibuprofen, use a heating pad in lower abdomen, do some light exercise, drink plenty water & herbal tea. ChaCha on!...


how to get rid of Bloating - Tips

A: In order to learn how to get rid of bloating it is first necessary to understand why we become bloated and what exactly we do that triggers it. There are many things attributed to the causes of bloating including but not limited to our diet, the way we eat and other factors out of our control such as disease or other health issues. For most people, bloating is typically caused by an excess of gas or liquid inside the intestines. Some common symp


how to get rid of Abdominal cramps

A: Unlike other illness, abdominal cramps are not restricted to a class of people. Young or old, rich or poor, men or women, everybody could suffer abdominal cramps. It is usually caused by indigestion if you eat more than what your stomach could digest. If you eat too much, your intestines will work harder in digesting excess food-this will lead to abdominal cramps. however, there are still other causes of abdominal cramps such as food poison and menstruation. Worse is abdominal cramps could just...


how to get rid of a UTI?

A: Cures for UTI  The first step in treating UTI is to keep off from all kinds of foods and drink that only irritate the urinary tract and further complicate the issue. Anything that has chemically processed sugar or alcohol is a complete no-no. Even though it maybe troublesome and hard to urinate during an UTI, one must not fight the urge to do so. It is essential to empty the bladder as often as you can because the act helps to get rid of the bacteria and frequent urination means helping to...
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