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How to get rid of hiccups answers (125)

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how to get rid of hiccups?

A: have you tried taking 9 sips of a drink (swallowing after every sip) with no breaths inbetween? That''s what helps me... good luck! plug your nose hold your breath n stick 1 finger in your ear and think as hard as you can about your next hicup. this ALWAYS works for me...let a teaspoon of sugar dissolve in your mouth. try it!! Try sports, especially running could help. get someone to scare the hell out of u, drink water upside down Well, you could do the following: 1:Stand up side down while gulping. 2:Hop while you hiccup(note that this may take a longer period of time). That''s all I got! Good Luck! hiccups are...


Any suggestions how to get rid of hiccups?

A: Well, some of us are up late! When I was a cocktail waitress, way back athousand years ago, I could NOT proceed with hiccups. The barkeep used togive me a shot of lemon/lime juice straight. WHOA! I think it shocks thesystem or something. No sugar, no calories, and done often, it MIGHT hurtyour pouch, but once? Nah. I use it today, but I use "RealLemon"? Like 1 oz, toss it back and shudder. I usually hic one moretime, then it''s over. If it doesn''t end by tomorrow, please see your docbecause when it stops being cute, it may be a serious potassium issue, OK?...


how to get rid of hiccups

A: A teaspoon of white vinegar straight up.No joke!It''s awful, but it works magnificently. Try drinking a glass of water through a wash cloth...I don''t know why, but it always seems to work! lol I wouldn''t be able to bring myself to drink vinegar! lol eat a spoonful of sugar or have somebody scare the crap out of you. well you could also stand on your head and eat a lemon lol :)xx DEATHLY xx My kids get hiccups a lot and I always have them sit on my lap and relax then I rub (in circles) their chest. It relaxes them enough that within a minute or two they''re gone....


how to get rid of hiccups ?:-/?

A: I have no idea why this happens it sounds like a trip to the doctor would be the next step! I get hiccups often (not as often and as long as your boyfriend) and I get rid of it by simply holding my breath if they're small hiccups or gulping down water straight without stopping for air which will get rid of it. Just a simple idea to see if it works :) good luck with that!...

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What Causes hiccups and how to get rid of Them

A: You`ve experienced this agony before. The familiar anxiety engulfs you as you feel the ailment`s onset. You wished you would never have to undergo this another time. Your body convulses uncontrollably as it mercilessly buffets your body. Your mind races as you think, "how could this be going on once more?" You yearn for release from its constant abuse, but your only choice is to put up with it. You`ve got the hiccups. hiccups can hit any one at any time. They are uncomfortable, awkward, and just plain annoying. But exactly what are hiccups? What causes hiccups? And finally, how can you


I need help, any suggestions of how to get rid of the hiccups, other than breath holdling or having someone?

A: try drinking a glass of water very very slowly this will relaxer the throat muscles and hopefully stop the hiccups Try this.. get a glass of water. Put ur lips on the far rim of the glass so that most of the glass is under ur chin. Bend over and drink the water. Be careful or it will go up ur nose. Kinda like drinking upside down. I do it every time I have hiccups. It works every time. Eat a spoonful of sugar---sounds odd, but it works EVERYTIME for me. In 2006, Francis Fesmire of the University of Tennessee College


how to get rid off hiccups?

A: hold your breath for about a minute what works for me and my family is, after you hiccup hold your breath for 10 seconds and then slooooowly release it. Dont breathe heavy afterwards, breathe and a slower rate until your sure the huccups are gone. Drink a lot of water and hold your breath for a while. Well, I heard somewhere ( in a magazine ) that if you stick your tongue out really far (out of your mouth, I mean) and then hold your breath for a little while, it might work. Or what I usually do, is drink ALOT of water, or think about something else, because the more you think about it and wish for it to stop, it''ll keep on going. Or, I...


how to get rid of the hiccups?

A: Try 1) Holding your breath 2) Drinking water upside down 3) Something really sour like lemon juice...

Whats The Best Way to get rid of hiccups?

A: A friend (not Mary Poppins) turned me on to this one when I couldn''t get rid of hiccups for several hours. It is simple and it worked! Just swallow a spoonful of sugar. About a teaspoon no gooey. They will be gone in no time. holdin my breathe or drinkin a cup of water surrounded by one shot both work for me very capablyget a cup of hose down and put a paper towel over it and drink through the tabloid towel if that doesnt work theres always hold your breath or hold someone scare you :)Say elephant 5 times silently...


hiccups, how to get rid of them, quickly?!?

A: I'll start this off by saying that when I get the hiccups I get them really, really badly and it's not too terribly frequent. Personally though, I make myself throw up when I get a bad case. At some point I learned that I could fight them in discomfort for an hour or more because I have a lot of trouble shaking them, or I could just be very uncomfortable for a couple of minutes. Throwing up is surefire because it will force the trapped air out, but of course it's not terribly good for you to make yourself throw up. Another...
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