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how to get rid of hives?

A: http://www.getridofthings.com/get-rid-of-hives.htm hives that occur all over a personís body should be treated with an antihistamine to prevent that person from going crazy. Well, they wonít really go crazy, but they kind of go crazy what with all the itching. If you donít have a prescription for an antihistamine already, Benadryl is one of the more powerful antihistamines available over-the-counter, but beware that it causes drowsiness. Natasha has been using Zyrtec to


how to get rid of hives

A: hives also known as utricaria is a skin condition which tends to leave rings and patches all over the body.  This condition can be due to an allergic reaction, extreme temperatures, heredity, or hyper sweating. Try these home remedies to treat hives – If an allergic reaction is the cause for hives, then keep a not of the allergic substance and avoid it completely to prevent hives. to get relief from the pain and itching apply cold compresses over the affected areas. Drink herbal tea prepared form peppermint...

Does anyone know how to get rid of eczema? Please help!!!! I am tired of my feet itching!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..

A: Eczema''s one of those weird things that flares up....we''ve had luck w/ Blue Cap (natural remedy, online) & plain ol'' Eucerin. My DH uses a prescription cream. 1. use Eucerin cream (can get at any drug store) 2. go see your doctor and get a prescription I had eczema what I was younger for years, but when I was an adolescent it started to clear up. But are you sure you have eczema? It doesn''t typically occur on the feet. Try using a product called Udder Balm at night. Really put it on thick on your feet and then cover them with socks so that you don''t get the Udder Balm everywhere. It helped my nephew who has...


how to get rid of moldy smell in apt?

A: get you a hot so hot you can barely stand it bucket of water pour half a bottle of bleach in it and add a small box of arm and hammer baking soda and lemon juice that should take care of any mold it did in my house oh it should also take care of the smell as well Air out the house on a regular bases I live in an apt that flooded a few years ago (before we moved in). We were welcomed to a moldy smelling apt and the previous tenant smoked as well. We tried everything to get rid of the smells. Air it out, airfreshners

my grandson is 4 yrs.old he has hives and now their is bruising around the aera also can you tell me what that is and why it did it and how to get rid of it?? PLEASE

A: Hello. Here is our symptom checker that you can use to check your grandson''s symptoms. I hope that this helps and you are able to find relief for him soon. Take care.......


how Do You get rid of hives?

A: hives are generally an allergic reaction. If you experience other symptoms such as shortness of breath, you should go to a healthcare provider immediately. S/he may test to determine the underlying cause (allergen or trigger) then will most likely administer an antihistamine and/or anti-inflammatory, either orally or by injection. An oral antihistamine may be sufficient; always consult your provider. First you need to figure out what the hives are from so you can make sure to avoid getting them again. to help


What is the best medicine or way to get rid of cough and cold?

A: vitimin c Why is it that when people are feeling well, they know there''s no cure for a cold, but when they get one, they''d rather believe the TV ads than expert medical knowledge? Eat some chicken soup and plan on being sick for a week or two. A lot of people swear by NyQuil or DayQuil. Benedryl may help with the cough and drying secretions. I feel your pain...i just got over a cold that i had for 3 weeks! Drink lots of water. thats all i can think that will help get rid of it faster...but there are things to relieve it for the time being. Aferine is an absolute life saver. also, cant live without nightquil....good...


how can I get rid of hives?

A: hives are one of the most common forms of skin rash. The most common cause of hives is an allergic reaction, typically to food or medication. The allergen triggers the release of histamine in the body which causes inflammation, itching and often times a rash or hives. hives are typically mild and resolve on their own. however, in rare cases they may also be the first sign of a potentially life-threatening allergic reaction, known as anaphylaxis, which requires emergency medical attention. If you...


how do u get rid of hives?

A: benidryl Wife had hives very bad. The doctor gave her medicine. You start with so much and as the days go bye you back off a little at a time till he tells you to stop. It'' nothing to mess with as they can get into your mouth and throat. topical steroids. topical antihistamines. Systemic steroids. Systemic antihistamines. Take your pick. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. topical antihistamines are pretty harmless, and would be a good place to start. Anything beyond that, in your friend...


how do I get rid of hives?

A: you go see a doctor just incase! =) you are allergic to stings...get a allergy pill and take it and the hives will fade. you have to be allergic to something to get hives. probably the mosquitoes. take some benedryl and go see a dr. to make sure. The doctor should be able to prescribe you something, but in the meantime, benedryl will make them go away temporarily. You must be allergic to mosquitos then! I would use...

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