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How to get rid of low blood pressure? answers (318)

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how to get rid of low blood pressure?

A: low blood pressure alternative remedies  low blood pressure is often caused by medication, dehydration, heart problems such as arrhythmias, and damage to the brain or spinal cord. The most obvious and common cause is probably blood loss, but this of course is unlikely to be the case here. Dehydration and starvation however are commonly the cause of temporarily low blood pressure. You should therefore make sure that you drink enough water each day, and avoid...

how to get rid of popped blood vessels in the face

A: Information on Petechiae Red patches or small red spots of pin point size under the skin's surface are referred to as petechiae. Leakage of blood from the capillaries into the skin results in petechiae. Petechiae, also referred to as ecchymosis, if blood collection happens in larger areas. blood is collected in flat areas under the skin, is known as purpura. Thrombocytopenia or low platelet count is a typical cause of petechiae. This is attributed to the coagulating function

Does anyone know how to get rid of cold sores?

A: Once you get one it takes 10 to 14 days for it to clear. The medication available helps any pain but you have to let it heal naturally. I saw a chapstick for coldsores (if that''ll help you out) just recently at the drugstore, but I forgot what it was called. ....sorry.... abreva rinse your mouth with salty water. it works for me!! The trick is to start at the beginning stage of the coldsore Valtrex helps. When i had one i first took a Washcloth ad soaked it in hot water that put it on the cold sore....next i put some BLISTEX on it and it went away in 2 days The best


how to get rid of fats in hips and thighs?

A: Layers of fat often get deposited under the skin in masses separated by fibrous tissue. Menopausal women and overweight people are more prone to this condition than others. The fat deposits are called cellulite, and they most commonly affect the hips, thighs, arms and abdomen.   Regulating your diet and exercising are the most effective ways of losing fat. Eat generous amounts of fruits and leafy vegetables, as they are a rich source of natural minerals, complex carbohydrates, fibers and water. You should also replace carbonated and alcoholic drinks with fruit juices

how can I get rid of high blood pressure

A: you need to chiiil! have you had your BP checked? if so, and it''s high (140/70) then you should be able to get medication to ease it and control it more. however, you getting stressed is not going to help!yes, the guy that parks outside your house is a twat, have you said to him you need that place because of your disability? if not, he''s unlikely to be psychic...and if he doesn know, then you need to accpet it, there''s little you can do, and by fretting your doing yourself harm... Simply a Rose


how to get rid of the bloating and puffy feet and legs

A: Hello daycap and welcome to HealingWell. That bloating is ascites. Are you taking diuretics? If not that should help with some of the water retention. Also with cutting back on your fluid intake some. Did your doctor refer you to a hepotologist? You really need to see a specialist for this disease. It''s a scary disease for sure, but you need to start taking action now. Please read our educational post in the resource thread at the top of our forum. It has a lot of good information... Take care and welcome again........thoughts and...


how do you get rid of high blood preasure?

A: well you really cant...then again allah(god). is the highest in all. if you ask allah to help you and cure you he might because nothing is too great for allah... just eat last salt...avoid problems...yell less...get more sleep...exercise more...get massage to relax u.. doing all this will come ur blood down but i dont thing it will help u get rid of it losing weight makes a huuuuuge difference....and relax more...don''t allow yourself to get stressed. less stress at work cut down on salt ,dairy...


Does anyone know the best way to get rid of a sore throat?

A: reflexology is the best and fastest cure, it is done by massaging the web between the thumb and index finger, one side at a time, try to rub out the sore spot you will discover there in the muscle, after you stimulate the healing process by pushing your thumbnail into the nail bed of the opposite thumb until you produce pain, (this begins the healing process through radical sympathetic reflex activation) Best remedy - Take hot water and add lot of salt. Gargle it (water shd not be too warm/cold, it shd be a little hot, hot enough for u to handle but pls, dont burn ur mouth, be careful). Dont just do the normal gargling, take the water in ur...


Is there anything to do to get rid of a cough?

A: You have to use things that will stop a sore throat or go to the doctor''s office, go to your local pharmacy a medicine that is called Amoxicilin. mmm... Difficult one..... I gather your already seeing a GP/Physician. If it is really worrying you go back, or to another doctor in the practise and ask for a possible hospital consultancy refferal. If your in the UK they do it over the internet to the NHS''s new system, works well, and pretty quick, you get a choice of 3 hospitals. He sounds as though he may have a...


Has anyone found an Alternative way to get rid of Migraine Headaches?

A: 1. The answer? Lots of sex!!!! 2. Have you tried massage therapy? Trigger point bodywork along with relaxation Swedish massage can be very helpful. Also chiropractic has been known to work wonders on migraines. Some people use ice on the back of the neck, but if you put it on the base of the skull a little higher, if you feel upwards on your neck to the skull, where that bone protrudes, get the ice there, moist heat on your back, soft music after massage and/or chiropractic, it does feel better. 3. It depends on what is causing the headaches. I think a lot of migraines stem from sinus...

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