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How to get rid of whiteheads? answers (128)

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how do you get rid of sties off your eyelids?

A: gold ring ask some 1 if u can use theres then run away with it lol xx pop it,, lol joking Blowtorch !! or hot air gun you are meant to rub it with a gold wedding ring my nan always said because a wedding ring has been blessed old wife''s tale or not but it has worked for me A sty is simply a whitehead in one of the hair follicles. If you can identify the eyelash that is coming out of that follicle, pulling it out with a pair of tweezers will normally take the rest of the sty with it. A warm compress beforehand will help, but be warned it hurts like a b***h! Better if you have someone else who can do it with your head in their lap. These are...


how do I get rid of a pimple that''s just coming in

A: Put a hot cloth on the pimple to leech out the oil. Once you can see the whitehead, you can use medicine or pop it!...

how do I get rid of my zit in 3 days!?

A: ur own urine It depends on where the zit is...if its on your face ..cut your head off.... pop it boil it •Roasted and powdered Pomegranate skin is good in treating boils, pimples, blackheads and whiteheads. •Strawberries can be used for conditioning and skin toning treatment. They are rich in Salicylic Acid, an ingredient found in many commercial acne creams. •Orange juice can be an effective remedy for pimples and acne. It can also be used for scar and blemish removal. You can pop it and have someone else do it not that i know of but if u really want it gone u should get the proactive refining mask and just follow the directions, it works really well and then if it still isnt gone just put...


how do you get rid of spots and blackheads without cream?

A: Blackheads are dark spots on the skin which result from the accumulation of oil and dust in skin pores. The sebaceous glands within the skin secrete a natural oil called sebum, which sometimes clogs the pores, hardens and becomes dark on coming into contact with air. These are called blackheads.   The easiest way to prevent blackheads and dark spots is to keep your face clean. Wash your face well with slightly warm water at regular intervals through the day and before going to bed at night.   You could also make a face pack by mixing gram flour and yoghurt and apply it on blackheads. After the paste dries wash it off gently with...

how can I get rid of my acne and acne scars fast and effectively?

A: A dermatologist can prescribe stuff that will zap your zits for you (I had to do that; I''d tried OTC stuff for years--nothing), but only a plastic surgeon can get rid of the scars, and that''s expensive. Stop popping whiteheads to avoid more scars. Okay: I know how this is gonna sound but you gotta trust me on this... It works:) you know that cheap drugstore stuff carmex? It says it''s for cold sore but everynight just put it on whereever you have scars. And then in the morning just wash your face. You should start seeing results in about a week. But seriously this...


I want better make up? What the good stuff? And how do I get rid of black heads?

A: I have tried a lot of makeup products and these are the ones I have found are the best: FOUNDATION CoverGirl TRUblend Liquid Makeup- http://www.covergirl.com/beauty-products… EYELINER PENCIL Maybelline Define-A-Line Eye Liner- http://www.maybelline.com/products/12/ey… LIQUID EYELINER Almay intense i-color liquid eyeliner- http://www.almay.com/Pg/Main/CatProdDet.… MASCARA CoverGril LasBlast Volume Blasting Mascara- http://www.covergirl.com/beauty-products… CONCEALER CoverGirl CG Smoothers Concealer- http://www.covergirl.com/beauty-products… EYESHADOW I have used so many eyeshadow brands to name. I have not been really dissatisfied with any except my Jane eyesadow, which is hardly pigmented at all, and must be applied...


I Have Really Big Whiteheads All Over My Back - They Are So Bad I Can''t Sit Back In A Chair Because They Hurt Sometimes how Can I get rid of Them Without Doing Anything Harmful?

A: This sounds pretty uncomfortable, i''d go to a dermatologist and he might give you antibiotics and other medicine to clear them up, my son had this and he was put on minocycline and it cleared it right up:) best wishes....


how can i get rid of my acne?

A: i know how you feel some acne products work them doesn't mean it going to work with me cuz everybody is different but this tips help me a lot i hope it help u too! sorry it long tips try Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash. it works for me and it take 4-5 days acne gone i do once a day tips: when i feel pimple come up i wash my face with Neutrogena until it gone for Acne, Whitehead and Blackhead look ingredients in products Salicylic Acid: is ideal for unclogging pores and treating blackheads and whiteheads, Bbenzoyl Peroxide: is ideal for acne it kills the bacteria in the pores that cause inflammation and acne. retinoids like Retin-A or Differin and lotions containing alpha hydroxy or salicylic acid...


how can I get rid of my acne by paying $30 or less?

A: Really doesn''t sound as if you have "acne". Just pretty good teenage skin.Home remedies: Ok so this may seem weird but once a week dissolve 2 uncoated asprin tablets with as little water as possible to make them into a gritty mixture, then and honey and cover your face with it. Keep it on for around 5minutes then scrub it off. Then use a moisturiser afterwards. Most people find this really works for them, but some people find it does nothing.Targetting spot gels (like Freederm) are great for whiteheads and pimples but won''t do anything for blackheads. For blackheads you can get blackhead strips for your nose and they will remove any exsisting blackheads....


how do you get rid of a large pimple that is too close to your eye to squeeze or treat with acne medication?

A: Answer See a doctor. Don''t mess with stuff that''s close to your eye. Answer I first noticed what looked like a firm whitehead in my eyelash line, about 6 mos ago. Doc originally thought it was a sty. Recently had him look at it again, and he sent me to an opthamologist. Eye doc said, Plugged Sybacious Gland, ie...Pimple, but because of the location, you can''t squeeze. He poked it w/a sterile, very thin needle, then squeezed. I sat there thinking, ''Why didn''t I do that?'' LOL...Seriously though, you do want to be careful around the eyes. Answer Do not poke or drain things yourself!! Just wait it out and see a doc if it doesn''t shift Answer: You...

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