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How to get rid of whiteheads? answers (128)

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I have a GIANT cyst on my cheek - it has THREE small whiteheads. how do I safely get rid of this beast quickly?

A: Iíd take some hydrogen peroxide and put that on a cotton swab, and gently brush over it. Also, are you against popping? I would just pop it, not rip it.. Is it a cyst or a pimple?. @auhsojsa Iím against ďpoppingĒ as in squeezing the thing until it pops like a regular pimple, because this is no regular pimple. Iím not against any safe, scar free ways to remove it.. @prioritymail It appears to be some hybrid of bothÖitís the size and pain of a cyst, but its forming a few whiteheads like a pimple. The whiteheads are very recent though, the past few days itís just been a cyst to me.. Because itís so big, you may need the...


how do I get rid of my horrible acne without paying a fortune?

A: I have tried several different types of acne treatments. You name it Iíve tried it. Now I wont list the product I have tried here because I donít want to get into any trouble. lol. But lets just say they have some big celebrities behind them which would make you think they are the miracle cure. Unfortunately I was wrong. to make a long story short, the simple answer to the question is YES. Why do I say yes? Because I am living proof that it acne can be cured. I use to have huge pimples, blackheads, whiteheads and zits. I used to try...


how can I get rid of Blackheads on my nose and clear my skin?

A: well, i don't know about the redness or breathing problems (sorry) but i can help with the blackheads. take a tomato, cut it in half, and rub the juicy part on your skin. leave it on for about 10 minutes. do this every day until they're gone. i hope this works for you (if you decide to try it)...

how do I go and get rid of a whitehead?

A: Do not pop it! No more scars. Whiteheads are white for a incredibly good basis! They are white blood cells aggression an infection, if you remove it it can deepen the infection and get worse and mark. Have patience, your body know what its doing, and now you do too! Silly. Well... Usually whitehead dried itself compared to black head. I know its very shameful but try not to bother it. Wait a few days for it to dry completely and you can... scratch it stale. Dab Benzoyl Peroxide daily if you want it to dry fast. Popping the whitehead when it be still... fresh. would cause scare or pigmentations. And scars usually fade in months. If the point...


how do I get rid of white seed looking bumps in my face?

A: I would recommend possibly getting a facialist to see if these are whiteheads and to gently clean them and exfoliate and put you on a regimen.  option 2 is to see a dermatologist for an evaluation and anti-acne regimen if indeed these are whiteheads, which are small sebum filled pores....


Anyone know how to rid yourself of acne?

A: I''m 25 yrs old & finally JUST getting rid dof my acne. Dermatologists didn''t help--finally I created my own "regimen" to clear it up... I use johnson & johnson''s PURPOSE face wash, Benzoyl Peroxide, and PURPOSE Sunscreen. I''ve also used Burt''s Bees blemish stick when my skin''s dry (Benzoyl is very drying) with good success. But it depends on the cause of it. You should really check out the message boards at acne.org for more reviews of products which sound closer to treating your skin (depending on how oily it is, how...


how do i get rid my acne?

A: Here is my skin care routine and it works wonders. Itís good for ANY skin type and is a great routine for anyone wanting to improve their skin, no matter what age, sex (yes boys can use it too), or skin problems you may have. The problem with most of the products out there in the market is that they contain detergent which will remove dirt, oil, and makeup but it also strips your skin of water. It''s not labeled as detergent in the ingredients but it''s called Sodium Laureth Sulfate or Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (check the ingredients on your current cleanser). When your skin is dehydrated, it breaks down more quickly and will cause you to age faster because you lose...


how can you find rid of a couple of blackheads besides using some blackhead control?

A: smear honey on it. Honey contains crude antibacterial chemicals. Clean them out like a pimple. you be in motion for a facial... they do the same piece.Read the article below : - Remove blackheads, whiteheads, pore deep cleaning,pimples, acne, the knit : http://www.acneskin123.com/an-effective-... - Simple Pimple Solutions For You, the link : http://www.acneskin123.com/simple-pimple... - get rid of Your Pimples - Seek Acne Help, the intermingle : http://www.acneskin123.com/get-rid-of-yo... - how to get rid of...


What gets rid off white heads on you're nose?

A: I use rubbing alcohol on my face 2 times a week. It really cleans all my pores properly & prevents any type of pimple, just dont rub to hard & be careful near your eyes. Also, if you have a problem area, with a cotton swab add the rubbing alcohol daily to it. At night before bed you can put a bit of toothpaste on the white head & go to sleep, chances are it will be gone by morning. Never use peroxide on your face, it will only irritate & bleach it. All this really works & there is no need to by facial products that can only damage your skin. Only do it 2 times a week, you...


how do you decide what products to get for acne when theres so many?

A: It all depends on your skin type. There are three different skin types. You can either have: combination skin - Your T - zone. Which includes your forehead, nose, and chin, is oily while the eye area, cheeks, and neck are dry and possibly flaky. Oily skin - Your oil glands are in overdrive, so skin is shiny and pores are clogged, causing black heads, whiteheads, and pimples. Dry skin - Your under productive oil glands leave your skin tight and flaky and, in some cases covered in tiny, hard bumps (usually found on cheeks) If you have combination skin wash your face with a gel based cleansing fluid or glycerin bar. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water and pat dry. Apply an oil absorbing lotion to your T - zone, then cover your entire face with an oil free...

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