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how to overcome social Anxiety Disorder?

A: I have social anxiety and am going to an anxiety workshop that's a couple weeks long. I am just starting it so I will tell you about some things I learned this past week and some things I have learned along the way that may help. First of all, and this is for the long run, slowly cut down and then get yourself off of caffeine, white sugar, nicotine, and alcohol. Don't just go cold turkey or you may feel panicky tomorrow just from withdrawal, but cut down a little tomorrow, maybe. Also, drink lots of water or sugar and caffeine free liquid tomorrow. A lubricated body doesn't lend itself well to tension. When a body is tense...


how to kick social anxiety in the nuts?...

A: Sandy Sandbox is correct. Humans (all of us) overthink things. Whether it''s what the girl is going to say to you when you ask her out/what the reaction from everyone is going to be if she declines or accepts or what everyone is going to think of you if you go to the party but you''re the only one that doesn''t drink or smoke. These are things that you do not have to be afraid of. I was always afraid of these exact things up until I was a junior in high school. I decided to take every action that I wanted to do (within reason) and do it. No matter how ridiculous, or...


how to overcome social Fear

A: social anxiety or social phobia can cause people to experience great stress when in situations when they have to meet or interact with other people. Symptoms may include sweating, blushing, palpitations, shaking and nausea. Often, people who suffer from this disorder feel so much fear that they isolate themselves, rarely going out and avoiding social situations. If you experience this, you can take many steps to help you to overcome anxiety and enjoy life....


how to reduce social anxiety?

A: Hi there, First off, please do not start smoking weed as stated by some idiot. It may make you feel good shortly, but it`s habit forming and is seriously detrimental to your mental health in the long run. I have social anxiety too, and I know how difficult it is to overcome. I`m at University and sometimes I can`t even leave my room when I know people are around me (what if they ask me a question I can`t answer, what if I stutter, speak in a monotone etc.) These are maybe all familiar to you. I`m glad you`ve made the decision to stop...


Is it Possible to overcome social Phobia?

A: Those who suffer from a social phobia can try overcome social phobia through one of a variety of treatment methods. how successful various treatments for social phobia are depends on the level of severity of the phobia for the individual. Doctors might put a person suffering from a social phobia on drugs to help lessen the anxiety surrounding social situations. The patient might also engage in behavior-modifying therapies, such as support groups for people who suffer from social phobia.. Using prescription medications under the guidance of a...


When Iam in unfamiliar places among people I start to feel nervous and shaky .I don''t know how to overcome the situation?

A: You need to expose yourself to this fear. The more you go out, the easier it will become. There is nothing to fear than fear itself. A lot of fears are unfounded. Be brave! Though this world sometimes sucks, we need to confront our fears head on. I was a shy child myself, fearing people as if they were gonna eat me alive when I was a little child, but I overcame this childhood fear by asking myself, ''Why do I fear? Must I really fear? People/events have no real power over my being if I don''t allow myself to be ruled by fear, so why must I imagine fear itself? What''s in it for me? '' And I tell myself, ''Fear, go away!! There is nothing you could do


Help me overcome social anxiety?

A: 1. "Plan" something to say. If you hear something funny about a certain topic that comes up often, save it. Having a go-to thing to say that you think will make people laugh will make it easier to speak. If you do say it and people laugh, they will automatically like you more and you will feel less pressure to not make a fool of yourself. 2. Realize everyone is afraid of saying something stupid, and the odds of saying something so stupid you get made fun of is unlikely. 3. Establish confidence. Easier said then done. Work out or something. 4. Start small. Baby steps. Start by joining in when the group...


how did you overcome social Anxiety Disorder?

A: Hey in that! I am not suffereing from it nor i ever did, but my fiance is....he use to be very unpromising with it, but in a minute he is getting better. I can speak what worked for him - staying in contact near reality, social events and so on, coz if you don''t ur concern will only grow...if try doing stuff that you panic of, after a while you could see that they are not so scary...practice make perfect :) Depending on how big your S.A.D. is, you should consider taking medication, BUT only near the advice of the doctor!!! Don''t bear them on your own as you can make it lone worse. Also it would be good to own a support of your friends, family, gf etc....somebody...


how do I start the orb rolling to combat social anxiety?

A: social anxiety can effect these feelings, which can also head to severe depression. http://www.socialanxietyinstitute.org/ds... There is hope; I''ve been near, and still am there, it is a long, strong struggle. I recommend Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/cognitive_b... worked best for me, beside mild anti-anxiety meds. I suffered from social anxiety for over 15 years. I''ve tried individual therapy, and group psychotherapy and studied psychology for 10 years, as a profession, but also with the hope to cure myself. Depending on your comfort height, you could go to a psychologist that practices CBT and...


how do I overcome social Anxiety Disorder?

A: welcome to the club...nah just kidding....hehe well, one thing for sure, you ain't alone on this one...cause you and me and all other peeps on here are suffering on the same issues......I suggest, having a positive thinking towards people, they ain't gonna judge you if stop acting weird....lol and start doing activities that will keep your mind and body busy to achieve focus on life...you will learn to live w/o worries when your focus on something more important like, having a happy life or doing something you like....I suggest engaing in sports...don't worry if you feel anxious the first time...later on you'll learn
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