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how to reduce dandruff.any treatment or good medicines?

A: dandruff is a common problem and needs to be tackled at the earliest. If not, it will lead to falling hair and balding and skin problems. Also, if dandruff falls on the eyelid, you could end up with scanty lashes. It could also weaken your eyesight. Himalaya is an excellent brand. Even Nizerol is fine. But first, I would suggest that you check your diet and find out if your water intake is adequate. Please have a minimum of eight to 10 glasses of water daily. If you eat rich, fried foods, you will be prone to dandruff. So correct your diet and try eating fresh, green vegetables and fruits and white egg omelettes


how to reduce dandruff ?..?

A: you need to discover what shampoo is suited for your scalp, because every people has a different oil secretion on the scalp, using anti-dandruff shampoo is not enough, you need to maintain cleanliness but not really clean because our scalp need some oil, in order to avoid dryness...


how to reduce hair loss and dandruff?

A: dandruff is a condition of the scalp in which the skin on the scalp begins to flake. Itching and scaling can also occur and the flakes can be either dry or greasy. dandruff occurs when the process of shedding old skin cells takes place faster than normal. Usually as new skin cells grow, the old cells are pushed to the surface of the scalp from where they are shed. In some individuals this process occurs much faster, thereby causing an excessive shedding of dead skin cells. dandruff can develop due to various reasons such as hormonal fluctuations, poor dietary habits, excessive use of hair cosmetics, infrequent washing of the hair, stress and...


how to reduce/get rid of pimples by tonight?

A: um, well nothing is going to work that fast, but laying out in the sun dries them out and drinking lots of water will help too. drink like 6-8 cups a day and your skin will feel amazing! Also, if your pimples have been a problem for a while now, go to a dermatologist(skin doctor) and get a prescription.. its really not as big a deal as it sounds. im 15(turning sixteen soon) and ive been using prescription meds for almost a year now. they arent completely gone but they are 10X better than before. like i take one in the morning and two at night. its really not that big of a deal to me really its not. Ive never tried


how to treat dry and flaky scalp? I''m not sure if it''s due to poor blood circulation but the flakes are very big and it is itchy. Please help!

A: First and foremost it is of prime importance to find out the exact cause for the your dry and flaky scalp because after the cause is identified then the correct treatment can be followed to rectify the situation to prevent further harm. Dry flaky scalps could be mainly due to climatic conditions. Depending on the kind of climate present in the place you are living, your skin can get affected and so does your scalp. Hot and dry climates can make your scalp lose its inherent moisture and go completely dry. This can lead to dry skin flakes peeling off from the crown of your head and hairline. Besides this you may also notice some white powdery like dust or flakes due...


Hair Fall due to heavy dandruff

A: Hi, keertipati! Your question states something about hair fall. Are you having trouble with hair falling out? It would be helpful to know exactly what you mean for people who do come along to address your question. Thanks! Hi, to solve the problem of dandruff, first you should know the reason behind that problem. Main reason behind the dandruff is dry and itchy scalp, which creates the problem of dandruff and hair loss. to solve this problem permanently, you should treat your scalp to make it clean and healthy. I have also faced this problem and my doctor suggested me...


how do you reduce dandruff?

A: to reduce dandruff, one has to mix shampoo with a little water before putting it on your head. Rinse thoroughly with water. You can use anti-dandruff shampoo to get rid of the flakes....

how to Cure/Prevent ''Cradle Cap''

A: Cradle cap is a condition in infants and babies in which the scalp has red and sometimes scaly patches. Cradle cap can be likened to dandruff for babies. The scalp’s sebaceous glands are basically working on overdrive, and produce too much oil. Cradle cap is not usually a serious condition, and is not really uncomfortable for your baby. Parents might be alarmed with the appearance of red patches and scaling on their baby’s scalp, though. Fortunately, cradle cap can usually be treated with frequent shampooing. A mild baby shampoo will usually do. You will usually have to wait for your baby’s sebaceous glands to normalize in their oil production. 


how to get rid of dandruff? minor flaking?

A: www.laehshea.com Try the Good Hair SMoothie with probiotics Althought head and shoulders may help it has medications so there are more natural produces to help with your problem. Try Tea Tree oil or Paul Mitchell makes a great product called Tea Tree Shampoo and conditioner. You can find this product at professional salons and would only recommend buying from them. My son uses Avon''s ADVANCE TECHNIQUES 2-in-1 Anti-dandruff Shampoo & Conditioner Formulated to fight and control dandruff flaking, itching and irritation while helping to prevent re-occurance, our cleansing and conditioning formula leaves all hair types healthy, shiny and flake-free. Creatine+...


how to keep a lovely hydrated coat in the winter?

A: I would not use Perfect Coat. It has way too many chemicals. My dog broke out in hives after using that stuff and her coat was dry and brittle like straw... and that was from their "hypoallergenic" shampoo. I use Earthbath Oatmeal and Aloe mostly, but anything from the Earthbath line is good, no harsh chemicals that dry the skin and coat. If you want something specifically for dark coats, I''m sure there are better products out there than Perfect Coat. Try putting a humidifier close to their dog beds. We don''t have a humidifier but we hang wet towels in our bedroom during the winter to put moisture in the air, and this has helped our skin and the dogs'' coats tremendously. You...

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