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How to remove whiteheads? answers (115)

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how to remove whiteheads?

A: ... don''t. leave your skin alone, as most attempt to remove such things will result in damage and eventual scarring or ''premature aging''. simply keep your skin clean (don''t use soaps unless you really need to, as these will strip your face of it''s natural healthy oils, as well as clog pores with residue which only increases the problem). the occasional blemish is natural and part of the function of the human body. action should only be taken when it poses a health concern, and in those cases, please see a physician....


how to remove white heads naturally?

A: Hi @ai-ai, my sister is pimple-prone and used to have lots of black and whiteheads, She used a lot of over the counter products but it persisted until she tried some of these natural remedies. * Get a small potato and grate or mash it. Take the mashed potatoes with a cotton pad and apply it on the affected area. Do a little scrub on the area and leave for about ten minutes. Then wash off with lukewarm water. * Mix a tablespoonful of cornstarch and vinegar. Make a paste with it and apply it to your face. Leave it for 20 minutes and wash off with a wash cloth soaked in lukewarm water *Mix a tablespoon of lemon juice and one tablespoon of peanut oil and apply the...


how to get rid of nose whiteheads

A: Whiteheads are tiny projections on the skin caused by the accumulation of oil in the skin pores. This oil or sebum is secreted by the oilglands in your body. If this oilis not eliminated properly, it gets accumulated and hardens. Usually, whiteheads appear on the face, especially around the nose. The most common causes of whiteheads are improper cleaning of the skin and bad eating habits. In order to prevent whiteheads, you should drink a lot of water and avoid fried and spicy foods. Proper cleaning of the skin is very necessary for preventing the whiteheads.If you happen to face the problem of whiteheads, you may use any of the following home remedies for getting rid of whiteheads: Soak one tablespoon of fenugreek seeds in water in the...


how to get rid of whitehead?

A: Tips to remove white heads- 1.Take steam of hot water  putting camphor in it. 2. Take lot of water say about 20 glasses per day . 3. Apply warm  honey on the white heads .Leave for 15 minutes ,then   remove them using a friction mitt. 4. Take a thin cotton cloth dipped in lemon juice  and apply on the skin where white heads  are prominent. Keep this for 15-20 minutes then wash with warm water . 5.Take a homeopathic remedy called as berberis aquifolium 6c  5 pills 2 times daily for  1 month....

Anyone know how to rid yourself of acne?

A: I''m 25 yrs old & finally JUST getting rid dof my acne. Dermatologists didn''t help--finally I created my own "regimen" to clear it up... I use johnson & johnson''s PURPOSE face wash, Benzoyl Peroxide, and PURPOSE Sunscreen. I''ve also used Burt''s Bees blemish stick when my skin''s dry (Benzoyl is very drying) with good success. But it depends on the cause of it. You should really check out the message boards at acne.org for more reviews of products which sound closer to treating your skin (depending on how oily it is, how sensitive, etc.) You also might be allergic to some products or foods, which could be causing even...


how to get flawless skin for a teenager?

A: Neutrogena Deep Clean: Ideal for normal to oily complexions, remove dirt, oil and makeup also removes dead skin cells. do this 3 times in week look Among the hundreds of ingredients in skincare products Vitamins A, C, E, B3 Vitamin A (retinol, retinoic acid or Retin-A, retinyl propionate, and retinaldehyde) Vitamin E: DL-alpha-tocopherol Vitamin C ascorbic acid or Ascorbyl Vitamin B3 : niacinamide or niacin FACE WASH :Aveeno Ultra-Calming Moisturizing Cream Cleanser. (reduce redness). Cleansers: * CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser * Olay Foaming Wash * Dove Sensitive Skin Foaming Facial Cleanser for acne, whitehead and blackhead look ingredients in products Salicylic Acid: is ideal for unclogging...


Home remedies to remove black heads?

A: Mary Kay have an amazing home microdermabrasion kit. You can view an impartial review on Youtube or vist the mary Kay webite link. I will be happy to meet and give you a complementary facial if you are in the Pompano Beach area. The best thing for you to do would be to go get a professional facial from an esthetician. When booking your appointment, make sure state that you want ''extractions.'' People get blackheads for a couple of reasons, including using bad products on their faces (soap, most products from the super market/drug store), using cheap sunscreens (same). Of course diet and exercise play a role too. Many people find that giving up dairy is effective...


how to get rid of zits and fast?

A: buy some rubbing achocl. it should only cost $5.00 or so. rub that on your zits. it works for me. wash face with mild soap and dry at night take toothpaste and apply on acne. (this will dry acne bacteria). wash face in am. this is how most models rid acne before photo shoots when do you need it? in like a day, just wash ur face a lot w/ soap and warm water. faster than that, you can buy cover-up or speacial face wipes. good luck :) Well, there''s really no fast way of getting rid of zits/pimples. My sister had that problem, proactiv is def. the way to go. Her face cleared out quick, but thats a long term goal... I''d say use face scrub every night and every morning, but except for...


A way how to get rid of my acne?

A: First of all try taking a shower everyday. Pimples can be caused because of many reasons. Some get it if they have oily skin, some get it if they don''t eat well and some get it if their face gets in contact with bacteria which causes acne. Don''t use creams or other medicines to cure pimples. It won''t work. I had the same problem as you for 7 or 8 years. I used a lot of chemicals but they didn''t work. to cure pimples drink a lot of water. About 1 litre or 2 litres per day. Eat fruits too. Don''t touch your face with dirty hands. Wash your face twice a day with a mild soap. Best way is to drink water. A lot of water. Trust me...you will...


how should I remove whiteheads and blackheads on my nose? should I use nose mask?

A: 25 Jan 2012 Hello iqamee. You might ask your pharmacist, they are fairly knowledgeable in answering this type of a question. Good health to you,pledge Votes:+1CommentVote upReport sweet lemon26 Jan 2012 Hi igamee, There are several brands of Pore Cleansing Strips. You wet them, place them on your nose, or chin and let them dry and then peel the strip off and it will remove the dirt in your pores. Best wishes sweet lemon Votes:+1CommentVote upReport babyr042326 Jan 2012 I agree with sweet lemon. I think Biore has some strips that are good. There are a few. Best of luck to you. Ruth Votes:+1CommentVote upReport tlcandmore26 Jan 2012 Hi Iqamee, I agree with the above for the blackheads. Whiteheads are a different s

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