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Anyone has an addvise on how to treat animia?

A: OK this is something that works with alot of people 1.- Stop drinking milk, no dairy products. 2.- Increase the orange juice intake. 3.- Eat cow''s liver. This will give you B12 and Iron enought in short time, you can also include the chicken liver. www.naturalcures4u.net I''m asuming that you are B12 deficient NOT iron, correct as you mentioned B12 in your question. If you''ve been doing the shots and everything, ask your Dr. if you can take an extra supplement of it, but ask first!! There really is no way to hurry this along. I mean, think about it. Your body is deficient in something (think of your body as a corn silo,) so now it has to be built back up, sometimes from scratch or pretty close


how to treat low blood pressure

A: Low blood pressure is a serious condition that necessitates a visit to your primary health care provider.   A skilled doctor will montior adrenal glands, check for anemia and do a comprehensive diet analysis. This information is needed to reccomend a treatment program.   Good luck Dr. Coleen Murphy, ND www.natmedworks.com ...

how to treat fibroids with natural treatments, diet, exercise and safe, effective home remedies?

A: Fibroids are a common problem that many women face. Fibroids are benign or non cancerous growths that occur on the walls of the uterus and sometimes on the cervix. This condition generally develops in women who are in their late thirties or early forties. Sometimes a family history of the condition may exist. Very often women only find out that they have fibroids during a routine examination. This is because fibroids very often shows no visible symptoms.   When symptoms are present fibroids can cause frequent and heavy menstrual periods and bleeding between periods. The excessive blood loss causes anemia, which in turn causes weakness and fatigue. There are various

how much iron should I take to treat anemia?

A: treatment for anemia depends on its cause. It's best to check with your physician first!...


Any suggestions on how to treat pre-op anemia and how long expected until normal.

A: The same thing happened to me as well - I was postponed for about a month.I had to build up my iron or not have the surgery at all. My PCP had metake 4 Feosol pills per day. I took them for about 2 weeks but they weremaking me sick so I reduced it to 3 per day. I also ate foods rich in ironie: liver, vegetables, nuts etc. For me it was the longest month ever, butis was well worth it. I am now 10 weeks post and down 66 lbs. Best ofluck to you and eat nothing that is not high in iron. I think your doctor should give you something, but you should eat foodsrich in iron ie liver, spinach. or take some multivitamin with iron. Heressomething that...


Lupus Facial Rash: Symptom & how to treat

A: Diagnostic Criteria The American College of Rheumatology criteria for lupus diagnosis are as follows:The lupus facial rash is one of the 11 diagnostic criteria outlined by the American College of Rheumatology. In order for a doctor to make a lupus diagnosis, you must have a minimum of four out of the 11 criteria on the list. These criteria do not have to occur at the same time; they can occur at any time in your life. Lupus facial rash that takes on a butterfly shape; this rash spreads across the cheeks and bridge of the nose Sunlight sensitivity; rashes that occur due to sunlight exposure are a lupus symptom Positive...


how Do I treat anemia?

A: Anemia is a medical disorder that involves a lack of healthy red blood cells and oxygen-producing hemoglobin in the bloodstream, because of a genetic condition, an iron deficiency, or a lack of essential vitamins. People with anemia often experience fatigue, headaches, dizziness, and chest pain. There are several home remedies and nonprescription methods used to treat anemia, such as eating iron-rich foods, taking dietary supplements, exercising regularly, and getting enough rest. For more severe cases, doctors might prescribe oral medication or order a bone marrow transplant or a blood transfusion. Many people with iron or vitamin deficiencies can successfully treat anemia by employing...


how to get rid of bacterial infection that give stomach trouble

A: There are thousands or maybe even millions of bacteria that live in the human body without causing any problems as such. however, some of the more harmful bacteria could be responsible for a bacterial infection in the intestines. At times, it is the bacteria, which invade the body, which lead to various infections and diseases. In case of people who have weak immune systems, the stomach and some of the other organs in the digestive tract are highly prone to such infections. Hence, it is quite common to see people suffer from an infection in gut, which may include an intestinal infection as well as various stomach bacterial infections. Apart...


Does anyone know how to relieve resless leg syndrome without using Requip?

A: kiss Try one of those special pillows for restless legs .They are sponge-like with a groove to comfortably fit between the knees or legs. Restless legs syndrome can be cured with the help of Homeopathic Remedies. Homeopathy treats the person not the disease so I need to know what and how you exactly feel in your own words and the accompanying symptoms with restless legs from head to toe. Complete details about you including all modalities and medical history if any ? What makes you feel better what worse ? What are your eating preferences ! And most importantly any mind symp


What causes a charlie horse in the calf upon waking up in the morning? how to rid?

A: Many people already have said what may cause it. I will tell you how to deal with it, whenever it happens. Since, you are able to tell when a Charlie horse is about to take place, sit down on your bed immediately, after you feel it is coming. Extend you leg, not bending your knee. Bend your foot with all your might towards the front of your leg, (Not towards your calf) without touching it with your hands. With your closed fist, massage your calf with all your might. You will see immediate results. You probably need to drink more water. lay on your back, with your legs straight, lift or pull...

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