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how to treat Cellulitis with Acupuncture

A: What is cellulitis? In simplest terms, it refers to a skin infection caused by bacteria, and it happens due to a wound that wasnít cleaned nor treated properly. Bacteria then goes down to the lowest layer of the skin, and may cause even more serious conditions such as infections of the skin cells, blood and even the heart. With that being said, itís very important that wounds be treated and disinfected properly so cellulitis could be prevented. But what can be done if cellulitis has already been contracted? There are several ways to treat cellulitis, and one of these is through acupuncture....


how to treat cellulitis?

A: Here is a movie with tips on managing cellulitis: . Cellulitis is usually treated with a prescription oral antibiotic. In most cases, signs and symptoms of cellulitis disappear after a few days. If they don`t clear up, if they`re extensive or if she has a high fever, she may need to be hospitalized and receive antibiotics through her veins (intravenously). Usually, doctors prescribe a drug that`s effective against both streptococci and staphylococci.. It is very important to say that every organism is unique and can different respond on treatments.Best solution for your mother id to visit...


how to treat difficult std like staphylococus

A: Hello alhartus, All the strains of Staphylococcus are not difficult to treat and all Staphylococcus strains donot cause STDs and they cause skin infections, cellulitis, impetigo etc. Whenever normal antibiotics do notrespond you need to send the discharge for culture test to determine the strain and use appropriateantibiotics, eg: methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus. Take care!...

Cellulitis: how to treat recurrent episodes

A: Cellulitis is a bacterial infection in the deepest layer of skin. Cellulitis develops when bacteria enter the body through a crack or cut in the skin. Sometimes cellulitis recurs. Cellulitis is usually treated with antibiotics. It''s important to take the antibiotics exactly as prescribed — including finishing the full course of antibiotics, even if signs and symptoms have already improved. to relieve discomfort associated with cellulitis, keep the affected area elevated if possible. A cool wet dressing or clean cloth applied to the affected area and ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin, others) also may help relieve pain and swelling. to help...


Health sinerio Need 2know what`s wrong with patient and how to treat him. If your a doctor/nurse please help?

A: vascular compromise/compartment syndrome If this is authentic, you are the worst doctor on the face of the planet for A) Asking for advice on a public message board. B) Divulging private details about a patient, ie: HIS NAME. That last part kinda gives it away.. In my opinion these are the possibilities: Venous thrombosis Compartment syndrome Rhabdomyolitis Cellulitis Plan: Emergent Ultrasound Blood draw for CPK Ortho consult. ever heard oF "HIPPA". ...


how to cure a black eye

A: Black eye cure will include methods on how to get rid of a black eye fast. As black eye is most often the result of an injury to the eye home remedies would involve applying an ice pack to the eye to lessen the pain and the swelling and to constrict the blood vessels. This will reduce the fluid accumulation and numb the area by cooling it and lessen the pain. The ice should be put into a cloth or in an ice bag and applied to the eye and not directly. If this is done every one hour the eye should return to normal soon and also have less of discomfort. Strenuous...


What do you recommend to treat earaches?

A: Pain in one or both ears can occur for many reasons, some not related to the ear at all. The most common cause of earache is pain in the middle ear that occurs when the passageway between the ear and the back of the throat (Eustachian tube) becomes blocked. The middle ear is the small, air-filled cavity just behind the paper-thin eardrum. Normally, air enters the middle ear through the Eustachian tube, equalizing the pressure between the middle ear and outer ear. The Eustachian tube also drains fluid out of the middle ear. When this tube becomes blocked, and air and fluid cannot flow freely, pressure builds in the ear, causing pain. If fluid behind the eardrum becomes infected with a virus or bacteria, it causes a middle ear infection that can lead


Is cipro effective when used to treat mouth/tooth infctn?

A: 8 Mar 2012 Ouch. That has to be incredibly painfull. Yes,Cipro can be used for infections in the mouth, but I urge you to see a Doctor. The symptoms you are describing could be signs of orbital cellulitis. An infection that close to your eye is very dangerous. It''s possible to lose your eye sight. Votes:+2CommentVote upReport sweet lemon 8 Mar 2012Hi again Johan, what taller said! Add your Comment sweet lemon8 Mar 2012 Hi johan4, If you are in the USA please find a dental clinic that will see you right away. Or if you have your own dentist call him/her right away because your infection could become critical if left un


Can Septra be used for cellulitis?

A: Septra is an antibiotic containing sulfamethoxazole and trimethoprim. Septra can be used to treat cellulitis especially if the causative organism is thought to be MRSA....


Which Are the Most Common Antibiotics for cellulitis?

A: Cellulitis is a skin disease brought about by bacterial infection. There are several types of antibiotics for cellulitis treatment. These include amoxicillin, amoxicillin clavulanate, clindamycin, and penicillin. Different generations of cephalosporins are also commonly used antibiotics for cellulitis. Physicians usually choose one of these antibiotics depending on what specific bacteria is causing the infection. Bacteria usually enter the skin whenever an injury or break in the skin occurs. Signs of cellulitis infection include redness, swelling, pain, and warmth of the affected skin involved. Swollen lymph nodes, muscle pains, and fever are also usually present during an infection. Diagnosis of cellulitis is often based on these symptoms,...

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