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A: Dear Denise, Thank you for writing. I"m glad you have asked because i now have better and more effective methods i can give you for restoring lost hair. Therefore the immune molecule is something i no longer use. Hair loss can be linked to hormonal imbalances, thyroid problems or a lack of proper nutrition and blood circulation. To begin with, i would sincerely advise you take the product at the following link: http://www.tryfrutavida.com/main This is an excellent natural nutritional product, that will aid in rebalancing your hormones, increase blood circulation, slow down or stop hair loss, and in general will provide minerals and vitamins. 2 ounce per day 10 minutes before meals will be sufficient. It is easier to take...


immune system

A: Dear Debbie... Sorry to hear about all these conditions. It must not be easy to deal with these. You are Right, the Scleritis and Blepharitis are Chronic Inflammatory-related imbalances. These are DEFINITELY an immune Imbalance. It is odd that the tests came out negative, But tests can often be flawed. Yes, Building the immune System is Essential and is the Absolute Key to Reversing All these imbalances. I have dealt with these before very successfully. The following Protocol is what myself and the Doctors Recommend: "Transfer Factor Advanced Formula"   We recommend this natural immune-molecule as it is the safest and most advanced


What Is an immune Complex?

A: immune complex, also known as antigen-antibody complex, occurs from the bonding of an antibody to an antigen. An antigen is any substance that is capable of causing the body to produce an antibody. Examples include toxins, microorganisms, and proteins that are foreign to the body. An antibody is a specific immune protein that is produced in the body because of the antigen. immune complex molecules help in fighting diseases, but sometimes individuals form autoantibodies that attack the person’s own tissues and cause autoimmune diseases.. The bonding of the antigen and antibody is an important part of a healthy immune system. For example, if a...


Could someone explain the immune system in laymens terms.?

A: Use Wikipedia. There is no reason for blocking that. If you can''t here is almost the entire page in the following: The immune system is a set of mechanisms that protect an organism from infection by identifying and killing pathogens. This task is extremely difficult, since pathogens range from viruses to parasitic worms and these diverse threats must be detected with absolute specificity amongst normal cells and tissues. Pathogens are also constantly evolving new ways to avoid detection by the immune system and successfully infect their hosts. To meet this challenge, multiple mechanisms have evolved to recognize and neutralize pathogens. Even simple unicellular organisms such as bacteria possess enzyme systems that protect against viral...


How can i keep my immune system healthy?

A: keep yourself hydrated with plenty of water (carry a water bottle with you) and take a daily multivitimin. Me and my family use astragulus. One of the ways Astragalus is thought to work is by increasing the production of immune cells. It may also have mild antiviral activity and help with the prevention of colds. vidments if u dont want to take pill then eat frutes and helth stuff and if that dose not work go the doc Keep hydrated, wash your hands often and take a daily supplement. buy some airborne from any local pharmacy. Eat regular, healthy meals, drink plenty of water, take a multi-vitamin Daily, and exercise regularly. I had lots of issues too and I am taking a natural supplement called Transfer Factor Plus Tri-Factor. I could not finish explaining you how...


Smoking and its effect on the immune system

A: Smoking does decrease the strength of the immune system. The immune system fights against substances that can damage the organism. These substances can originate from the surrounding environment (bacteria, virus and parasites) or from the organism itself (tumors, damaged tissue). When smoking, a lot of free radicals are formed. The free radicals react very easily with many molecules, thus changing them. DNA can also be one of these molecules. When changed in a specific part (gene), the cell can loose its reproductive control, thus enabling the formation of a tumor. The immune system can recognize these very hazardous substances (free radicals) and clear them out of...


Boosting the immune system with antioxidants

A: Smoking produces free radicals in the organism. Free radicals are molecules that very easily react with other molecules. Thus they can damage many structures in the cells and the organism itself. The immune system fights with the free radicals. By quitting smoking, you allow the immune system to fight with microorganisms, one of which is human papiloma virus, instead of wasting time with free radicals. However, quitting smoking will not help you get completely rid of them. It might only increase the chance of getting rid of them. Other products like aloe vera, for example, might increase the immune system. Many antioxidant over-the counter products (for example...


dna molecules

A: Stephen, I think that your speaker used a much too simplistic view of genetics with the result of confusing you (and probably the rest of your classmates) with this information. First, DNA is like a blueprint for an organism.  It is basically the instructions that tell our cells which proteins they should make, when they should make them, and in what quantities they should be made.  The DNA in all organisms is of the same composition made of the same chemicals called nucleotides; it is true that between organisms the sequence of DNA differs, and that is how organisms come to differ through their different "blueprints".  [Think of two buildings being built next to each other-- one is for a library, the other for a recreational center-- two different sets of...

What can a person with multiple chemical sensitivity do to get immune system stronger and go back to work?

A: Try this it will raise your immune system 437% Transfer Factor™ Overview not a vitamin not a mineral not a herb Transfer Factor™ is a vital immune factor brought to us directly from Mother Nature, found in every mammal on earth. Transfer factors are messaging molecules the convey information within an animal''s immune system, as well as transferring immune information from one animal or person to another via blood transfusion or breast feeding. This is, in fact, how it got it''s name, "transfer factor." Every mother that breast feeds her infant passes on her immunity, including much of the information her immune system has...


What Is Natural Immunity?

A: Natural immunity describes the state of being able to resist illnesses; such a condition originates in a healthy immune system. Natural immunity is resistance that one inherits from one`s parents, in contrast to acquired immunity, which one develops over the course of one`s life. Acquired immunity is built up when one suffers from and beats a given illness; memory cells in the immune system essentially learn the illness and remember how to beat it in the future. If an individual were not born with some form of inherited immunity, it is unlikely that he would survive his infancy as there are many common illnesses that would be deadly to those without proper immunity.. One of the major properties of a healthy and effective

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