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Dromadol SR - what''s the side effects of tramadol on spinal cord injury patients?

A: The link below has information@@## about the known side effects of tramadol, which will apply to all patients taking it. http://www.drugs.com/sfx/tramadol-side-effects.html...


Stem cell/spinal cord injury

A: This ad-free site stays up to date on the latest spinal cord injury information@@##, including stem cell treatment. Two of today''s blog posts deal with stem cells: one outlines a breakthrough in ''ethical'' stem cell sources and another goes over the upcoming world stem cell summit in Madison, WI. You can find many SCI videos here as well....


spinal cord injury with atlantoaxial instability

A: I applaud your decision to get a second opinion on your son"s case.  The fusion surgery is a major undertaking and it is well worth the time and effort to get another doctor"s view on the case. Having said that, I would like to point out that an injury at C1-C2 is the same level that Christopher Reeve injured his spinal cord.  The fusion surgery does work and in Reeve"s case, it saved his life.  I think that you are very fortunate that your son had not had any problems from the injury so far c


Cervical C1 & C2 Dislocation & spinal cord Injury

A: Hi Kevin, Thanks so much for your question. Sorry to hear about this. It is hard to predict what is going to happen right now. This injury is considered an incomplete spinal cord Injury (SCI) because the cord is not severed. The cord is like a rope and when it is damaged it"s hard for each strand to be reconnected properly for the impulses to travel to and from the brain. That said, it is encouraging that she is able to attempt to move her hands and limbs and also responding to other stimuli. The nerves that may have been damaged can regenerate and re-attach themselves to the


Need information@@## about new treatments for spinal cord injury

A: Hi.  I checked out the nogo sites also and yes they are in the beginning stages of research but it sounds very promising for future use. I included the addresses to few SCI research pages below so you can check them out.  I can tell you that there are no "treatments" being done on people with SCI in the area of a "cure."  This is something I"ve been waiting 18 years for. Although they are much much closer today to finding a "treatment" that will work.  Never lose hope in this. If you have any other SCI questions i"d be glad to answer them. http://www.spinal-research.org/ http://members.aol.com/scsweb/private/scshome.htm ----- Jerry C. ---------- ...


spinal cord injury, no mobility how can I lose weight?

A: Dear Reader, Many people, whether they are unable to exercise or just don`t like it, have wondered whether weight loss without physical activity is possible. Basically what weight loss comes down to is this: weight stays stable when we take in the same amount of calories that we expend. If we eat more energy than we use, we store it for later, i.e., we put on pounds. Some people accomplish weight loss by limiting caloric intake, others by upping their energy expenditure though exercise, and many people use a combination of both strategies to lose weight. one pound of body fat is equal to about 3500 calories. In order to lose a pound per week, a pers


Why can''t I take goserelin if I have had a spinal cord injury?

A: Goserelin is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat various conditions in women, including breast cancer, endometrial thinning, and endometriosis. The side effects and risks of using this drug differ depending on what is being treated. During some of the clinical trials of goserelin, in treating breast cancer, one of the reported adverse events was a condition known as tumor flare, which may include spinal cord compression. Goserelin may cause decreased bone mineral density with prol


Bruise on spinal cord

A: Dear Allison, A spinal contusion (bruise) causes bleeding to occur in the spinal column. The pressure the bleeding puts on the spinal cord can kill neurons. found this information@@## on the following website; http://www.hmc.psu.edu/healthinfo/s/spinalcordinjury.htm =================================================================== In contusion


incomplete spinal cord injury

A: Hi Brian, The following web site is a good source of medical information@@##. I hope this helps, I know how hard it must as a father to watch your daughter go through this. I will keep good thoughts for both of you. Sincerely, Ken www.medicaldoctors.us.com....


spinal cord injury in T4 vertebrae

A: Dear Lenia,   The spinal cord level and nerves damaged are what effect the return. I know it can be confusing. The following website has a bunch of really good information@@##; http://www.spinalinjury.net/ As for the Chinese technique on nerves, as long as it doesn"t have a possibility of causing more damage I would try it. I can"t say one way or another on whether it can help, but I tried everything after my injury. And still do, an example being when my back was in severe pain I could not find anything that would help...

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