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iron Deficiency Anemia - Does iron deficiency cause leg twitchs? Like as in restless leg syndrome?

A: 13 Jul 2011 There are a lot of studies that have found corelation between iron deficiency anemia and RLS. Many people with RLS are found to be iron deficient and that taking iron helps reduce the RLS symptoms. Whether or not yours was RLS or iron deficiency it is hard to say and maybe both. Some have found also that taking Magnesium helps. It is also good to avoid alcohol, caffeine and nicotine which can all aggravate symptoms of RLS. Some moderate intensity exercise has been shown to be helpful too. If the iron is working for you then try not to miss doses. Put an alarm on your cell phone to remind you or figure out some kind of system to help you remember to take...


What is iron Deficiency?

A: iron deficiency is a lack of sufficient iron in the blood. People require iron to help transport oxygen throughout the body. When there is a lack of iron in the blood, resulting either from nutritional deficiencies or a loss of blood, symptoms can appear, caused by a reduced amount of oxygen reaching the tissues and organs of the body. If left untreated, it can lead to severe complications such as heart and growth problems. In the human body, iron is used by the red blood cells to help the cells create hemoglobin. The word hemoglobin literally means iron protein from the prefix hemo- meaning


What is iron-Deficiency Anemia?

A: iron-deficiency anemia is the most common form of anemia, a condition in which the red blood cells of the body are not carrying a sufficient amount of oxygen to the organs. iron-deficiency anemia is the result of too few red blood cells caused by insufficient amounts of iron in the body. iron is a mineral needed to make hemoglobin, the pigment that carries oxygen in the blood. A person can become iron deficient if they have too little iron in their diet, are not absorbing iron adequately, or loss of blood. In children, iron deficiency can indicate lead poisoning as well.


What Is iron Deficiency Anemia Treatment?

A: iron deficiency anemia treatment addresses the type of anemia characterized by a lack of iron in the body. iron is necessary to produce hemoglobin, which carries oxygen to cells. Some symptoms of iron deficiency anemia include pale skin, frequent dizziness and extreme fatigue. People often develop anemia gradually and without noticing any symptoms until they become serious. Since they are unaware that they have it, they might not know how to treat it. Examples of iron deficiency anemia treatment include dietary changes, iron supplements, and other treatments based on the root cause of the condition. Some conditions that may result in


What are the Symptoms of iron Deficiency?

A: iron is an essential nutrient for humans, as well as for many other forms of life. In humans, it helps regulate cellular respiration, providing the main source of energy for many different cell types in the body to do their work. It is also a major component of red blood cells, which provide oxygen to all parts of the body and return carbon dioxide to the lungs for expiration. iron also helps store oxygen within muscle cells. When you realize how important iron is to human life, it may become clear that a deficiency in this nutrient can cause serious problems. Perhaps the most well-known symptom of iron deficiency, and the most critical, is iron deficiency anemia,...


Does my iron deficient anemia have an underlying cause?

A: Hello Michaela, Sorry it has taken me so long to reply, I have been quite sick for the past three days.  Hmmmm...Do you have any lab data from all of this.  Have they tested your blood for iron/ferritin/%saturation etc. to come up with the iron deficiency diagnosis?  Or did they assume that there was a deficiency based on a decreased MCV and hemoglobin/hematocrit.  There are many reasons for a platelet count to be elevated, platelets are an acute-phase reactant and become elevated in the presence of chronic inflammation or even acute blood loss.  There is an anemia of chronic disease, where the cells that deliver the iron to the progenitor cells in the bone marrow (the maturing red blood...


How is hemoglobin affected by iron deficiency anemia?

A: iron deficiency anemia? iron-deficiency anemia is a common type of anemia. your blood has a lower than normal number of red blood cells. Red blood cells carry oxygen and remove carbon dioxide from your body. Anemia also can occur if your red blood cells donít contain enough hemoglobin Hemoglobin is an iron-rich protein that helps carry oxygen to your body. iron-deficiency anemia usually develops over time if your body doesnít have enough iron to build healthy red blood cells. Without enough iron, your body starts using the iron it has stored. Soon, the stored iron gets used up. and you can...

extreme iron deficiency

A: Dear Cici, iron deficiency is not a symptom of leukemia but can be related to other disease (benign and malignant). The information provided excludes further determination. However, one should be confident that your aunt does not lose blood. For example, significant blood loss, such as in the stool, can cause anemia that is associated with exhaustion of the iron stores and results in iron deficiency anemia. A complete work up is needed. Thx, Meir....

Do I have iron deficiency anemia?

A: Hello, Your symptoms suggest that you have iron deficiency. Vegetarian foodstuffs have good amounts ofiron, so vegetarian diet is not a cause of iron deficiency. Heavy bleeding during menses leads to loss ofblood and hence, iron deficiency. Blood hemoglobin level will indicate whether you are anemic or not....


My 5 y/o daughter was recently diagnose with iron deficiency anemia. Her finger stick iron was 9.5 and I was told itshould be about 11.7. Her current weight is 40.5 lbs. She has been taking Fer-in-sol 2 droppers (30mg) 2x/day. For thepast 3 days she

A: Hi, It seems your concern is quite valid. This dosage is recommended for adults with iron deficiency. FDAalso recommends iron products to be rationally administered to children less than 6 years due to chances ofpoisoning and to keep away from reach of kids to prevent acute accidental poisoning. However your doctormight have solid grounds for his/her prescription. Kindly re-consult the doctor telling him/her that yourdaughter is not able to digest this much dose and would it be better to reduce it or can she take ironsupplements and iron rich diet for completing her daily iron requirement. If still in doubt you can consult anutritionist in your area about your...
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