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Why am I so twitchy?

A: I have a twitch. Reading your question totally prompted it, too. Went through the standard battery of tests, no epilepsy, no nothin''. But I was also dxed with severe anemia last month and since being better about taking my iron, my twitchiness has decreased. A little reading seems to implicate iron deficiency in some cases of RLS. FWIW, I also take a B complex and cal-magnesium for my nerves, because I know stress makes my twitchiness worse....



A: Hello Kita Your hemoglobin is low indicating mild anemia...most likely it can be due to iron deficiency. In addition your white blood cells are very slightly elevated. That isn"t very significant...small amount of stress even climbing a flight of stairs can cause this much elevation. Or you may have had a mild infection..sore throat etc.  ...

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Blood Lab results

A: Hello Mary: A number of tests have been done and I will focus on those which point towards a specific condition. Also please remember all these are screening tests and a definitive diagnosis would require further investigation. In blood counts your hemoglobin (HGB) and MCV (refers to volume of cells) is low. This is supported by hematocrit (HCT) another measure of assessing hemoglobin content of red blood cells. This points towards mild anemia most likely related to iron deficiency. Sed Rate and CRP are tests which indicate that there is an underlying pathology / disease in the body but are not diagnostic. These being raised would mean anything from infection , inflammation anywhere like joint pains or in...

Low RBC after kidney transplant

A: Hi Elaine, Thanks for asking my opinion on "Allexperts". Many factors can lead to anemia after kidney transplantation. Some of the common ones are: 1. Graft dysfunction 2. Use of ACEi/ARBs 3. Immunosuppressants like MMf, Azathioprine or Sirolimus 4. iron deficiency A careful history, physical examination and lab tests are required to diagnose your husband"s condition. Please discuss this with your Transplant nephrologist. Sincerely, Dr. Shah...

What should be the effects if WBC count is 13000 and hemoglobin is 13.2.I am from India house wifemy age is 36years and I want to go abroad KUWAIT is it objesctionble.Is there any chance for T.B.?

A: It is very difficult to determine any cause or effect with only these numbers. Are you having any symptoms? Why did you have the blood drawn? In some people, this WBC count can be relatively normal, or may be related to a stress response. There is no set cutoff for saying there is an infection somewhere, which is what I assume you are asking. The hemoglobin of 13.2 may also be normal, or slightly low, depending on whether you are a man or woman and your age and other medical problems. Women frequently are slighly anemic, as they have regular blood losses with their periods. They are frequently slightly iron deficient, which may result in mild anemia. Without any more information, I am afraid I cannot help you any more. J. DeLaughter, DO...

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iam 28 year old since 16 year of age i have started greying hairs now 60 percent of my head have grey hair, my breed and moustache have also got 4to 5 grey hair pls advice me to prevent greying ??

A: Gray hair treatment Premature graying of hair can affect both men and women. The hair color is determined by hair pigment called melanocytes present in the hair follicle. With age, this pigment may stop working and hence the new hair that grows will have no pigment and tend to gray. Certain conditions can result in premature graying of hair like thyroid disorders, Vitamin B 12 deficiency anemia that take place due to low intake of Vitamin B12 rich foods like meat, milk and eggs, Person suffering from vitilgo which is a disorder leading to loss of melanin in the skin resulting in formation of white patches that spreads all over the body, cigarette smoking. Premature graying of hair can be prevented if we treat the problem from within.Drink...

Problems with nails-is it a internal disorder?

A: Onycholysis is a nail disorder frequently encountered by dermatologists. Onycholysis is characterized by a spontaneous separation of the nail plate starting at the distal free margin and progressing proximally. The nail plate is separated from the underlying and/or lateral supporting structures. Less often, separation of the nail plate begins at the proximal nail and extends to the free edge, which is seen most often in psoriasis of the nails (termed onychomadesis). Rare cases are confined to the nail"s lateral borders. Pathophysiology: Nails with onycholysis usually are smooth, firm, and without inflammatory reaction. It is not a disease of the nail matrix, but nail discoloration may appear underneath the nail as a result of secondary infection. When onycholysis occurs, a coexistent...

Is Anemic a form of cancer?

A: anemia is a condition in which a person has too few red blood cells. It can be caused by cancer, but there are other more common causes, including poor diet and iron deficiency. In any case, it should be treated by a doctor....

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Does anyone else suffer from unexplained nausea, tiredness & loss of appetite?

A: Hmm, i've had that before. I'd recommend seeing your doctor for a blood test coz it sounds very much like anemia, which is an iron deficiency. It affects people in different ways, but it's better to get a proper diagnosis from a medical professional. Best of luck and take care...

Why is eating ice bad for your health? there have been doctors that dissuade patients from chomping on ice.

A: Must freeze something inside is all I can think of. Well, it wears down your teeth. That''s the only reason tha I am aware of. Eating ice excessively can cause anemia or iron deficiency which can lead to blood transfusions and if not treated death. It also wears down the enamel on your teeth, causing sensitive teeth. Your teeth also become woren down and it may cause shifting, creating gaps or spaces in your teeth. So, chewing ice is bad for your health physcially and orally....
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