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iron deficiency anemia ? Help please ? ?

A: Pale skin, feelin weak groggy n tired! The docs can do a wee blood test and see how much iron u have, even if ur not at the anemic stage yet u cud be runnin pretty low so best to het checked out! It can be serious if u leave it too long, my mum had to get a blood transfusion as she was soo ill with it. But tjat rarely happens. Docs can giv u high dosage iron tablets to take x...


What Is iron deficiency anemia?

A: Usually when your blood pressure and iron are very low...

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What Foods To Avoid When You Have iron deficiency anemia?

A: Not certain of what to avoid but there are foods you can eat to build iron and they are raisins, liver, red meat, but I would go light on red meat,the best to you...

Are vitamin B-12 and folate deficiency clinically important after RNY gastric bypass?Great Abstract and Such..Good news!!!! <p>RE Brolin, JH Gorman, RC Gorman, AJ Petschenik, LJ Bradley, HA Kenler, RP Cody. UMDNJ-Robt W. Johnson Med Sch, New Brunswick, NJ. SSAT http://www.ssat.com/cgi-bin/frame.cgi?address=http://www.ssat.com/index.htm<p>Vitamin B-12 and folate deficiency are common after Roux-en-Y gastric bypass (RYGB) for morbid obesity. A CBC and serum levels of iron, TIBC, vitamin B-12 and folate were obtained preop and at regular intervals postop in 348 patients who had RYGB during a 10 yr period. The goals of this study were to learn how often patients had symptomatic deficiencies, the response rate to supplements of the deficient micronutrient and whether the risk of developing any deficiency decreases over time suggesting adaptation to malabsorption. All patients were told to take a multivitamin (MVI) supplement daily. Follow up was 42 ± 14 mo. Postop deficiencies were recognized in 268 of 348 patients (82%) including 155 (47%) with iron deficiency, 122 (37%) with vitamin B-12 deficiency, 115 (35%) with folate deficiency and 177 (54%) with anemia. Microcytic, hypochromic indicies were found in 63% of anemic patients. Only 3 patients (0.8%) had macrocytic indicies. No patient had macrocytic anemia. Hgb, Hct, and B-12 levels were significantly decreased vs. preop levels at all postop intervals. Conversely, folate was significantly increased vs. preop levels at all intervals. iron and B-12 levels remained relatively stable postop. After 5 yrs. Hgb, Hct and B-12 were increased relative to values obtained between 3 and 5 yrs. postop. iron deficiency was noted in 51% of females vs. 22% of males (p < 0.001). There was no gender difference in the incidence of either folate or B-12 deficiency. Taking MVI supplements resulted in a significantly lower incidence of folate deficiency but did not consistently prevent iron or B-12 deficiency. Oral iron and B-12 supplements corrected 43% and 81% of these deficiencies respectively. Folate deficiency was corrected with MVI supplements, alone. No patient had specific symptoms of B-12 or folate deficiency suggesting that these deficiencies are not clinically important after RYGB. Conversely, many patients had symptoms of iron deficiency anemia. On the basis of these findings prophylactic iron supplements are now provided to women who have RYGB. We no longer measure serum folate postop.<p>Open divided proximal RNY 12/8/99 beginning weight 367 NOW 260..pounds just melting off ;-)<p>Visit my profile by clicking my name for more GREAT INFORMATION & Recipes!!!!

A: ...

How does the magnetic tattoo that cures iron deficiency anemia, in some cases, work?

A: iron deficiency anemia magnetic tattoo iron deficiency anemia (also called IDA) is a condition where a person has inadequate amounts New Research Reveals Need for Doctors to Know About Medical Tattoos iron deficiency anemia...


pathophysiology of iron deficiency anemia

A: Hi, It is a condition when blood is deficient of adequate red blood cells that carry oxygen to tissues. Causes would include blood loss during menstruation, ulcer, fibroids, chronic use of NSAIDs, tumor, insufficient iron intake, inability to absorb iron in the body, pregnancy etc., Hemoglobin in iron carries oxygen and if there is deficiency in iron, it normally leads to tiredness and skin becomes pale. Person with iron-deficiency anemia may become fatigued, have brittle nails, become irritated, have poor appetite, develop headache with dizziness etc....


adrenal adenoma and iron deficiency anemia postmenopausal.

A: i don''t see a connection, i have to say. iron deficiency anemia is caused by not eating enough iron or not being able to absorb iron. and i never heard of cortisone doing so. it might cause problem in the intestine and absorbing anything...and then iron also. but it''s a bit detached......


Why Chronic bleeding leads to iron deficiency anemia?

A: Answer you must search girl..dont ask people to make your homework Abdul Reda Improve your english rather then wasting your time posting useless answers ''make your homework'' makes NO sense....


iron deficiency anemia

A: Hi Barb, I just saw your post. I''m not sure what to do about the anemia, because you are right about the iron. We are seeing a Hepatologist tomorrow. I will ask what he would do for the iron deficiency, as Mark is also anemic. Mal-nourished big time. HUGS!! Teresa Hi Barbara, I am sorry I can not help you out with this. But I can pray, which I will continue to do. Love & Hugs to you BOTH! Donajean         Hi Teresa, I''ll be anxious to know what your hepatologist says as this is a biggie for all of us with advanced cirrhosis. the only answer they give me is unless it is bottom they don''t intend to give me iron as iron...

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