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What treatment have you received for iron deficiency anemia?

A: I had a complete work-up with a hematologist. She felt the best for me wasto undergo 8 weeks of iron infusions, which I did twice a week for a totalof 16 infusions. My hemoglobin level was 7.7 when I started and I got itup to 14. Within a month of no treatments, it had come down to 13. I''msolving the underlying problem next month with a total hysterectomy aftertrying other less-invasive procedures. I''m not sure how I''ll fair afterthat - but I''m hopeful this is it! From a GI standpoint, I was just fine. Hi Georgia. I don''t have any advice for you, but wanted to wish you mybest. I hope they find the source of the anemia and get you feeling bettersoon!Cathy Hi Georgia I am going through this same thing right now... I feel exactly the...


I have had low blood counts, high platelet levels and blood in my urine since 1997. Until now I had not been told that I have iron-deficiency anemia. I feel absolutely lousy, I wake up just as tired as when I go to bed. I can barely stay awake during the day and I forget things alot. I have been researching iron-deficiency anemia and have found out that it is due to bleeding (a loss of blood) from somewhere. And until the blood loss is stopped or treated the anemia can not be effectively corrected. Should I let my doctor know what I have found out through my researching?

A: Hi...first time I have responded to a blog...your condition is much like mine. Have u been tested for CELIAC disease? That is an allergy to GLUTEN (wheat, rye & oats. ) I have off and on been anemic..had a transfussions 3 times..been on a GLUTEN FREE DIET for 6 mos......& been diagnosed with IBS Bowel problems much better. My Ferritin level is 23 still low...working on getting levels up. You could try this...is also a great way to loose a few lbs. slowly. WORTH A TRY...or talk to you physician about it. ELAINE...


For those with iron deficiency anemia, what type of supplements do you take and how long until you start to see/feel a difference ?

A: I take Ferrous Sulfate 325mg, twice a day. I noticed a difference almost as soon as I started taking them. I was having really bad dizzy/nasua spells when I found out I was anemic, but since I have been put on supplements I have felt much better. I''m glad that you''re feeling better. It''s a horrible feeling for me when I feel dizzy and nauseous. Thanks for replying :)...


What should you eat if you have an iron-deficiency anemia ?

A: spinach ********** Dapper is very right, but you have to get an old caste iron skillet. I have one at home....

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My aunt has iron deficiency anemia.

A: This might be the symptoms of celiac. Watch her for other symptoms such as abdominal pain, skin rashes or weight loss. If she is diagnosed for the above mentioned symptoms then try to avoid wheat and barley in her diet. Consult with doctor to help her....


anemia Associated with iron deficiency - what''s the most effective and least disruptive iron?

A: from http://www.drugs.com/enc/iron-deficiency-anemia.html...

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What is iron deficiency?

A: iron deficiency is a lack of sufficient iron in the blood. People require iron to help transport oxygen throughout the body. When there is a lack of iron in the blood, resulting either from nutritional deficiencies or a loss of blood, symptoms can appear, caused by a reduced amount of oxygen reaching the tissues and organs of the body. If left untreated, it can lead to severe complications such as heart and growth problems. In the human body, iron is used by the red blood cells to help the cells create hemoglobin. The word hemoglobin literally means iron protein from the prefix hemo- meaning


What are the Symptoms of iron deficiency?

A: iron is an essential nutrient for humans, as well as for many other forms of life. In humans, it helps regulate cellular respiration, providing the main source of energy for many different cell types in the body to do their work. It is also a major component of red blood cells, which provide oxygen to all parts of the body and return carbon dioxide to the lungs for expiration. iron also helps store oxygen within muscle cells. When you realize how important iron is to human life, it may become clear that a deficiency in this nutrient can cause serious problems. Perhaps the most well-known symptom of iron deficiency, and the most critical, is...


How do I know I have iron defficancy anemia?

A: Actually I can tell from here you don''t. I can do that because there is no such thing. iron deficiency anemia was invented by Madison Avenue for selling Geritol, a supplement. If you are worried about having low iron levels eat green leafy veggies. It really doesn''t take much iron to satisfy your bodies needs. Don''t start taking a lot of iron pills or anything without a Dr. orders because you can actually OD on iron. The only way to definitively diagnose that you have iron deficiency anemia is if your doctor does certain blood tests,...


extreme iron deficiency

A: Dear Cici, iron deficiency is not a symptom of leukemia but can be related to other disease (benign and malignant). The information provided excludes further determination. However, one should be confident that your aunt does not lose blood. For example, significant blood loss, such as in the stool, can cause anemia that is associated with exhaustion of the iron stores and results in iron deficiency anemia. A complete work up is needed. Thx, Meir....
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