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Why is marijuana such a big deal with law enforcement?

A: It employs people and makes the state money. How many lawyers, judges, police, probation officers, corrections officers, rehab centers, and on and on would be out of a job if it was legal. It depends on the attitude of the community. In many places, the attitude towards private use is “leave them alone”. Elected officials get the message and it is conveyed to police and prosecutors. The Obama administration''s attitude, at least towards medical use, is healthy, but the real solution is to get cannibis off of the same classification as hard drugs. Have the feds get out of it and leave it up to the states. Cannibis was a non-issue before the late 1920s. Are you asking why the cops are concerned over busting people for possessing...


Child Support Criminal law not being enforced

A: Set up an appointment with your local State"s Attorney to discuss filing charges. If you need help getting the appointment, contact your local state representative or senator"s office to help facilitate the meeting, they should have an interest since they enacted the law. You are dealing with situation where they rarely use the law, and maybe even some prejudice about using criminal charges in " domestic" situations. 50% of all law enforcement officials are divorced and most are non-custodial parents. Be sure you have all your evidence ready to show the Sate"s Attorney, he/she will need proof of willful non-support to file charges.   Willful non...



A: Hello Melissa, Of course I remember you, I have about you constantly since you first wrote to AllExperts  And I know what you are facing is not easy. It is probably the hardest thing you will have ever to deal with. But you have take a beep breath and go to a teacher or school nurse, the principal or any law enforcement official. No matter how scared you are you need to go to one of these individuals. The reason is that they will help you. They will help you because they are required to help you. That is the law. Someone has to step in and protect you. You can not ignore the fact that the man that raped you is now threatening you. Melissa you need help and you need it now. People will believe you!!!!It does...


dating problems

A: Todd, DISCLAIMER: I AM NOT A lawYER or ATTORNEY. I am someone who has experience with family law issues, and am sharing my OPINION only. For the exact law as it pertains to your specific case contact a Professional Attorney in your area/county/country. Wow hard to read your question but bottom line if the 18 year is having sex with a minor whom is 16 in some states this is considered statutory rape. Check with a lawyer or law enforcement official in your local area to determine if this is the case. IF the child is NOT born yet, and no father has been determined legally Mom is the responsible parent. Kidnapping is not an issue but...


child sexual abuse issues

A: Leo, I"m sorry to hear about your struggles in being heard and having the sexual abuse crimes recognized by your family. This is one of the most critical issues that families must face and because of each of the victims/abusers own experiences, facing the subject is just more than most can bear. In regards to your "legal way to address child sexual abuse" after 10 years, I cannot comment, as I am not a lawyer or law enforcement official. Those laws vary from state to state, country to country. In many jurisdictions there are no limits on sexual crimes, but that apparently doesn"t apply in your locale. Because of the complexities of child abuse/sexual abuse in the minds of the...


Know we have a border problem so it takes no brains to recognise something must be done..but?

A: John Morton, who heads U.S. Immigration and Customs enforcement says that they will not support racist Arizona law He needs to be doing exactly what he is doing; his job. He is there to enforce federal immigration law; not placate the Bull Connors of Arizona in their attempt to turn all undocumented aliens into criminals. They are not. It is not a federal crime to be here without authorization. Look it up. The wonderful people of Arizona enacted this law making it a STATE crime to be in Arizona in violation of the federal immigration laws. Let the good people or Arizona pay to arrest, detain, prosecute and house in state prisons these horrible people who simply...


What Is a Health Code?

A: A health code is a series of local laws and regulations designed to protect public health. Health codes attach to a wide variety of activities and public services. It is the governing health code that sets immunization requirements for schoolchildren, establishes acceptable community water treatment processes, and obligates restaurants to keep their kitchens to a certain level of cleanliness, among other things. In most jurisdictions, health codes are propagated and enforced at the city or county level. They are designed to promote community welfare, and typically exist apart from regional or national health and safety laws.. In most cases, community welfare and public health is a concern of local legislators and elected


Guylaine Lanctot, M.D., "Vaccination, The Silent Genocide"

A: Vaccines Make Disease Remain and Grow (By Dr. Carley, M.D.) Inoculations causing VIDS (Vaccine Induced Diseases) AN EPIDEMIC OF GENOCIDE by Dr. Rebecca Carley, M.D. Court Qualified Expert in VIDS and Legal Abuse Syndrome "One basic truth can be used as a foundation for a mountain of lies, and if we dig down deep enough in the mountain of lies, and bring out that truth, to set it on top of the mountain of lies; the entire mountain of lies will crumble under the weight of that one truth. And there is nothing more devastating to a structure of lies than the revelation of the truth upon which the structure of lies was built, because the shock waves of the revelation of the truth reverberate, and continue to reverberate throughout the Earth for generations to follow, awakening even those...


How Do I Become a Peace Officer?

A: Requirements to become a peace officer may vary, depending on where the hiring organization is located. Typically, peace officers must complete employment application paperwork and submit to background and criminal record checks. Applicants usually have to complete training courses required in their jurisdictions and pass peace officer examinations. Interviews, physical exams, and psychological testing are often part of the process as well. There are many titles that may fall under the heading of peace officer. In many places, the term peace officer is used to mean a police officer. In other places, the term may be used to encompass a wide range of jobs related to law enforcement. As such, an individual hoping to become a peace officer will...



A: The most common ones are: 1. Decision-making for insurers. Many people are often denied health or life insurance, based on current medical conditions. Often, coverage is denied because of "pre-existing conditions", that is, some condition the person applying already has or had. Many times, this is used by insurance companies very blithely, without really checking to see if it is true. For instance, a person might be denied payment for a doctor''s visit for anything that included dizziness (such as a stroke), if in the past, they or a health professional had EVER used the word "dizziness" in a doctor''s visit! 2. Joining the Armed Forces or other branches of law enforcement: Most people know of the rating system in the...

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