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apple stuck in airway

A: Hi Carol, Cough can cause many things. The trouble may be in lung, pharynx and larynx. I ever found someone that releases dirt after I treat him. So it could be a little apple there and may be just a shocked larynx caused by the apple before. I also ever found someone that had cough like you and I found the trouble in chest and his back, in his T4 and T5 that had relation with cough nerves. This man had an accident when he hit the golf?s ball. In my experience I could find it after I touched each part and I heal it with my invention tools. Now, the important thing is you find an expert near you that can solve your problem. If not, I am worried that you will need much medicine and get addicted with it. God bless...


Can apple Cider Vinegar Really Help Me Lose Weight?

A: apple cider vinegar is yet another of the fad diet trends. References to apple cider vinegar causing weight loss are actually nothing new. The first publication suggesting apple cider vinegar caused weight loss was the 1958 book, Folk Medicine by Dr. D.C. Jarvis. Jarvisí book started fads and trends like the apple cider vinegar diet, which has come in and out of popularity since the 1960s. The trouble with Jarvisí book, and all other books that followed his advice is that studies have shown apple cider vinegar does not cause weight loss. Advice for using apple cider vinegar suggests taking two tablespoons before each meal. Theoretically,...


Is it okay for my dog to eat apples?

A: Yes. Dogs like a little vegetation. Vicky''s (now retired) Seeing Eye dog liked bananas and grapes. ^Second this. They eat vegetables, too. Do you mean road apples? My daughter''s dog likes sliced turnips, raw. A cat I had liked cantaloupe. The apples shouldn''t do much other than give her a little gas. I buy Canidae from a local feed store because it has USDA grade meats and no filler glutens unless it''s listed rice on the label. Canidae is nice. Evo''s not so bad, either. My aunt''s dog would steal and devour whole heads of lettuce. So cute. And sometimes annoying. I think it should be okay. I had a dog that liked to steal beer from us. Only imports, though. No Budweiser for my Bub...


Can u be allergic to apples?

A: Oh yeah my little cousin is allergic to all kinds of fruits. And it definitely sounds like your having an allergic apple. Be careful. You can be allergic to apples but in your case I would suspect: 1) You are actually allergic to birch pollen (tis the season) which cross reacts with apple (wait til birch pollen season is done) 2) You are allergic to a pesticide or some other junk on the apple. You might consider shelling out the extra for organic and see if that helps http://www.clinicalmolecularallergy.com/content/5/1/2 Clinically, allergic cross-reactivity is often encountered as symptoms without prior exposure. Another common clinical situation is the occurrence...


What apple do you prefer and why?

A: Empire is a great apple. Plus they don''t turn brown after they''re cut. Honey Crisp by far are the best invention ever in the apple industry! Very crisp, a little sweet, a little tart. Better hurry up, they are almost out of season. Oh, empire are good too, and inexpensive. I buy those when the honey crisp run out. Cox Orange Pippin has a wonderful sweet/acid balance. I''ve never had a mealy one. Ever. Popular in England, but hard to find in the US. Also Swiss Gourmet (aka “Arlet”) for the same reasons. Easier to find in the US, but still too rare. I think these have never been popular as commercial varieties becasue they have russet patches on the skin. Americans like...


What Are the Benefits of apple Cider Vinegar Pills?

A: apple cider vinegar has long been touted as a folk remedy for everything from curing warts to numbing jellyfish stings. The vinegar, which is made from double fermenting apple cider to form a highly-acidic sour substance, is sometimes described as a cure-all tonic, good for whatever ails anyone. apple cider vinegar pills are easily found at many grocery stores, particularly those which feature nutritional supplements. Although medical research has reneged many of the supposed benefits of apple cider vinegar pills, some studies suggest that people with certain conditions could see improvement if the pills are used as a supplement. little medical research has been...


Do you have good apple recipes to share?

A: Sweet and simple. Not sure if this could be called a ''recipe,'' as it only has two ingredients, but if I''m looking for an apple with just a little something more, I''ll sprinkle a pinch of cinammon on small slices. Yummy! apple Yogurt. This is again nice and simple, but it tastes great (just like the apple and cinnamon recipe, which is again one of favorite ways to have apples.)Take some low-fat yogurt. Take an apple and you can either dice it in cubes or grate it. Add the apple to the yogurt. Chill and serve. You can also add other fruits like grapes for flavor. Like I said, it is very simple but delicious and...

What are some ways to turn fresh apples into apple juice that don''t cost $200?

A: @pdworkin: That doesn''t answer my question. Actually, it does. You can make apple juice in a juicer or a press. You wish to do neither of those. I cut the Gordian knot and suggested how you can get it with no juicer and no press. What if you tried the boiling/straining method, but put it through a strainer lined with a coffee filter? @pdworkin: You didn''t “cut the Gordian Knot”. You side-stepped the question. @augustlan Way too labor intensive. There is actually a sieve called a chinoise that is made for that purpose, but it takes way too long for the small amount of juice. Fine. I sidestepped the question. I must be getting cranky. Sorry. Might I ask why you want to do this? Are you overwhelmed with apples? I would just use a...


apple Cider Vinegar....?

A: apple cider vinager is the same stuff and has all the same benefits no matter where you buy it. get it at wal mart at least that way it will taste bad but you can save a little money Don''t drink it you nut. gargle with it for cleaner teeth. Good gawd... why the heck you would drink it?!?!?! Yikes Hill billy got it. It is all the same, but why in the world would you drink it? Weight loss, it doesnt work. I won''t trust Walmart health foods until they have been doing it for at least 5 years and proven you can depend on them for the real thing. I got Bragg''s brand and you should too...only $2.50. And...regarding brands/places (walmart) that aren''t KNOWN for their ACV like Bragg''s is....YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR...If it doesn''t work....just...


What do YOU use apple cider vinegar for?

A: I have heard of many uses for apple cider vinegar as well, but have only used it for a few different things. One is to treat canker sores. I applied a little to a sore twice a day and in a few days the sore was gone. Generally the canker sores last a week to two weeks without any treatment. Another thing I know it''s good for it weight management, cholesterol and trigylcerides. I haven''t ever drank the apple cider vinegar for these purposes. Instead, I take apple cider vinegar tablets. I take 200 mg tablets 2 or 3 times a day and have noticed great improvement. I will have to try the remedy for a sore throat. I am not sure how the taste will be, but even if it leaves a bad taste in the...

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