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Atypical Lympho Proliferative diseases

A: I know this isn''t exactly what you wanted to read but, of course, I''m going to tell you to see a doctor - but not the one you''re seeing. You''re right, you''re very likely not getting good care. Certainly a second opinion is called for. As is a specialist. One thing you might want to find out is have them test you for Hodgkins and non-Hodgkins lymphoma, as a swollen lymph node can be indicative of Hodgkins and it would, of course, be good to at least rule out those types of diagnoses. While the AFLH could be a precurser to cancer (I''m taking this info from you; I did not look it up), I think it would be wise to at least assure that you don''t already have cancer. Quitting smoking is, of course, good advice no matter what. Whether it''s related, who knows, but it can''t hurt your health...


How does tea cause liver problems?

A: I''ve never heard anything about tea causing liver problems. However, there are a lot of studies that suggest that tea can help liver disease. http://www.google.com/search?q=tea+and+liver+problems&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a...


Is taking simvastatin and Gemfro unhealthy for my liver?

A: I cannot find any medication or supplement called Gemfro. You may mean gemfibrozil (Lopid) which is used to treat high cholesterol. However, that dosing is available in 600 mg rather than 100 mg, so not certain which drug you are referring to. Simvastatin (Zocor) is also used to treat high cholesterol. Damage to liver cells is listed as a possible side effect of simvastatin. However, side effects are patient-specific and often dose-specific. You can also find helpful information on high cholesterol at http://www.everydayhealth.com/heart-disease/cholesterol/index.aspx....


Wellbutrin XL and liver Enzymes

A: Katie, I know if you have a liver disease Wellbutrin is contraindicated and I have heard of people that have had elevated enzymes but that is about all I have to offer.  Please keep us posted on the outcome of your next set of enzymes. Hugs to you Kitt Hi Katie~ Katie, Teresa is a wise person and she is right.  There are other things that can throw off liver enzymes including combinations of medications.  Do check into this.  Take care Kitt other options if you are uncomfortable with stopping the wellbutrin. And remember that many of the members of this forum have been dealing with some of these problems for years. They have great insight and always a kind word. You made a good move by coming...


Advance liver failure

A: Hello BarbL64, and welcome to HealingWell. I am glad you found us also. I am so sorry about your sister. Caregiving is one of the hardest jobs on earth. It takes it toll physically, mentally and emotionally. You need to take care of your self through this.....or you will end up sick.......Is hospice involved? They are a great organization. You need to have a little respite to recharge your batteries. Welcome again..........thoughts and prayers........... your sister. You feel alone. I''m glad you have the chance to talk about your day to day activities, endeavors with others who understand. Not only can you feel relieved that someone is listening,  you will realize that you are not alone. I have realized through Healing Well that I am not alone. After I joined, I felt a sense...


liver Failure and Kidney Failure

A: First of all, I''m so sorry that your friend is suffering so from liver disease.  Has a transplant been mentioned or is she too ill?  How long has she been free from alcohol?  I''m in FL and don''t know of any doctors in that region.  However, I do know that sometimes doctors are  unwilling to intervene when a patient is already under the care and treatment of another physician.  While she is still hospitalized, her parents could see if they could get an in-hospital ''consult'' from a different hepatologist. Because of the insurance issue, they may be afraid that they won''t get paid.  I think the parents need to be very forthright and tell a consulting physician that they will pay for a visit...


Can cholesterol medication raise liver enzymes?

A: Yes they can. Any one who has been duped into taking these drugs should have their liver function tested regularly. Any doctor who prescribes statins and does not recommend this action is negligent in their duty of care to their patients It appears if we have someone here whose only goal is to slander Anthony Colpo. So how about providing some sort of evidence to back up your irrational claims. Oh that''s right you can''t, because there is none Yes. They are known for that. ANY medication will alter your bodys functions. Meds are made with chemicals. Chemicals can affect organs in diffrent ways for diffrent people. IF you are having side effects that are unpleasant... please call the doc back. Yes they certainly can. Have yr blood work checked regularly so any...


Yo liver breaths wussup?

A: you talking to me? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1r_oFmHb8og&mode=related&search= eeh!!!!!!!!!! y u calling me liver breath :( What''s up is your blood alochol ! You shouldn''t be at Yahoo under the influence.There ought to be a law ! Ching Ching You did not just call me liver breath Is this a greeting, enquiry or an insult? Is it the title of a recipe and you have forgotten to include the rest of the instructions? Enlighten us please. ya whats up is that all you have to say boo not impressed What language is this? Stop talking about yourself....


Please tell me which antibiotic should be taken for the disease called acne?

A: proactive from what i have seen it really works Erythromycin and Tetracycline are both antibiotics, I used to take Erythromycin cream myself. Isoretinoin is a Vitamin A derivative that is typically saved for severe cases that don''t respond to antibiotics. It''s also governed by annoying bureaucratic nonsense regarding its distribution. Acne isn''t really a disease... consult your dermatologist and most likely he/she will prescribe a topical treatment. If it''s severe enough they might prescribe medication but these oftentimes come with side-effects. You can also try using over the counter treatments, just make sure to keep your face clean (but don''t overdo it, twice a day is enough), don''t touch your face or pick at your pimples, wash your hair regularly...


Alcoholism - how long to cause liver damage?

A: Dear mwilkers: There is no way to predict how long it will take for liver damage to occur because of alcohol consumption. Some people are able to tolerate excessive intake of alcohol longer than are others. It will also depend on your general health and the presence/absence of other liver diseases. For example, if one has hepatitis, particularly Hepatitis C, liver problems would likely manifest sooner rather than later. I would like to add that excessive consumption of alcohol in the presence of Hepatitis C infection is playing with fire. If you feel that you are ready to get help with your problem, please speak with your physician, or contact alcohol treatment programs in your area. Even if...

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