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how long does end stage liver disease last

A: It depends upon the liver response to the medicines. not really sure how long people live with end stage liver disease, main thing to remember is follow all directions given by liver m.d. strict diet and take all meds as directed. did i say strict diet (very important). my mom has had ESLD for 4 years and seems to be getting better. lactulose very important and check for significant changes in mental status for liver encephalopathy. main thing to do is get educated. learn about the disease....


Does Slippery Elm Really Help Pets With liver disease?

A: Yes, slippery elm can help pets with many ailments. Usually one of the symptoms of liver disease is an upset digestive tract. Cats will sometimes vomit and/or have diarrhea. Slippery elm helps to soothe and coat the digestive tract so that food can then be passed through more easily. Slippery elm also has been know to help firm up stools. The jury is out on whether slippery elm will help with liver disease; any evidence for relief of liver disease is anecdotal....


what are the symptoms of liver disease

A: Hello,Symptoms of a liver disease depend on the type and the extent of liver disease.The symptoms of liver diseasejaundice,darkened urine,loss of appetite,vomiting,light-colored stools,abdominal pain in the upper right partof the stomach,malaise,generalized itching and low grade fever.Hope it helps.Take care and regards....

Is back and joint pain related to auto immune liver disease

A: Back and joint pain related to auto immune liver disease ? This is what is causing these conditions as an indication of the auto immune liver disease . This affects every joint and body process and can cause all kinds of pain in the body that effects all body parts and tissues and you need to go to a doctor before your next checkup and try to get help with this and you are in a very serious time here and the break down of the body is occurring with this and needs some help. so yes this is causing this to happen and you need to go to the doctor ....

My mother has "advanced liver disease". What does that mean?

A: Advanced liver disease, in your Mother's case is Cirrhosis. Such like cancer, Cirrrhosis is staged into categories A, B, and C. You need to ask her doctor in the stage of her Cirrhosis and what treatments can she expect. Here is a site from the Web which offers good information and will help you with her future treatment. Read through the site, it is very informative. Good luck to your Mom! http://www.gastricliverhealth.com/articles/Cirrhosis.htm...

What are the symptoms of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease?

A: There are no symptoms typically associated with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). Some people may experience weariness, general pain in the abdomen, and weight loss. However, even if you experience these symptoms, they do not necessarily indicate NAFLD, since many other conditions are associated with the same symptoms. Enlargement of the liver can also indicate NAFLD....


What is medicine to help with liver disease

A: Few treatments are effective for life-threatening liver disease. Care is mostly supportive, such as diet changes. again!...

Is Cozaar safe for people with liver disease, and can it raise potassium levels?

A: You should inform your health care provider if you have ever had any kidney or liver disease. Also this can effect your serum potassium. Be sure to talk to your health care provider about your concerns. They will use their best medical judgment when treating you. For more information, go to www.everydayhealth.com/drugs/cozaar...


  what pain medication can i use if i have kidney and liver disease, duodadinal ulcers, and glocoma

A: Hi,You have mentioned that you are already taking 3 pain relief medications currently. Considering your pastmedical history of kidney and liver disease and duodenal ulcers - it is best that you do not take pain reliefmedications on your own / without consulting your doctor. This could have serious and even life threateningimplications including kidney failure or bleeding from the duodenal ulcers. It would be best to follow up withyour doctor about this. Regards....


Nonalcoholic Fatty liver disease - Do you guys have a swollen stomach? How often do you get your?

A: 23 Dec 2011 Hi hope31 - Although I don''t have the fatty liver disease, I can tell you that I certainly have a heck of a lot of "liver" spots on my face & hands. So, I think the darker tone could have something to do with that. I''m also many yrs. in recovery, and I gained 30 lbs. in the last year, very quickly! I found out from labs today that my Cortisol levels are quite low in the morning, indicating some adrenal burnout during the day or major fluctuations, leaving me exhausted in the morning. This all makes sense due to all the stress I''ve had over the year. The interaction & healthy balance between all the hormones, and particularly the adrenals & thyroid, is crucial. Although my thyroid...

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