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Nonalcoholic Fatty liver disease - I seem to have alot of pain in my right side. I am having trouble

A: 14 Oct 2011 Hi, the foods you need to eat reguarly are fresh vegatables raw or cooked, go on a high fibre and sea food is very good, avoid any high carbs and fats in your food, i dont know what stage you are at and how long you have been dygnoised, your gp should refer you to a steatohepatis because in some cases if left untreated may cause cirrhosis. Hope you get better soon. Votes:+0CommentVote upReport brenda fain14 Oct 2011 i too have nash but unlike you i am a heavy person !and yes your liver can hurt you i asked my doctors and some said it was in my head but i was sent to a liver doc and he told me yes ,my liver could cause pain !mine also gets hard some times too!i am have gastric bypass surgery around the...


Do I Have liver disease?

A: Misscali, I don''t know anything about lupus with liver involvement but I know there are others here who do and I''m sure they''ll check in with you. I''m sorry you have to wait until next Wednesday to have your ultrasound, and I especially hope you don''t need to have a liver biopsy. I''ll sure be thinking about you between now and then and hope that increasing your prednisone doesn''t have any negative side effects. Hang in there, and take care. the condition of your liver and some other organs. It can tell fatty liver from cirrhosis from normal or inflamed tissue. It is pretty accurate because the tissue vibrates at a different rate depending on whether it is like shoe leather...


alcholic liver disease

A: I don''t know what you should ask but they may do a endoscopy with a biopsy. mc13, hello and welcome to HealingWell. I am so sorry that you have to watch your husband go through this. It is so very hard to feel so helpless and unable to do anything for him I know. I am glad you are getting educated. It will help you as time goes on as to what to watch for. I do think that you need to make a list of questions to ask the doctor. First you need a definative diagnosis so ask him/her what it is. Ask what the treatment and prognosis is and the plan of care. Do they plan on doing a liver biopsy? That is a definative test and common teat done in suspected liver disease. You may have told his full story in another post but I...


Living and Caring For Someone With End Stage liver disease

A: LighninSilk- First of all....welcome to the forum! You will find a community of loving, caring knowledgable individuals here!! I am so sorry you are havin to watch your grandmother go through this! Do you know what kind of liver disease your grandmother has?? liverr disease affects everyone differently, and there is no specific "timeline" for how long you have.....I know that is not what you wanted to hear, but unfortunately....is is different for everryone. There are several topics posted, just below this thread that address end stage liverr disease as well as some of the other issues surrounding it. I would encourage you to read...


liver disease & diabetes 1

A: Dear mmmcookies: To gain weight in liver disease I recommend a product called Immunocal. This product is made from the protein portion of milk. The amino acids in the product, when ingested, produce glutathione. Taking glutathione directly into the GI system is not well absorbed but this product Immunocal enables successful production of glutathione particularly in the liver. Immunocal is indicated for cachexia, muscle and weight loss in cancer patients and AIDS patients. It is a beneficial antioxidant and is utilized well in the liver. Because Immunocal is solely the protein portion of milk (the lactose sugar is separated out in a patented process) Immunocal can be consumed as a way to...


What Diet Should A Person Follow Who Has liver disease Symptoms?

A: A person showing liver disease symptoms or even having some sort of liver disease is always advised by the doctor to strictly follow a diet which will be prescribed by the doctor himself. Reason being a patient can not eat the normal food during liver disease due to many digestion and stomach problems. When we eat food, the food is broken down in to nutrients in the stomach and intestine and absorbed in to the bloodstream and sent to the liver where they are either changed so that the body can utilize them or are stored. However when a person gets a liver disease, his...

Education: Stages of liver disease

A: dansbrother, we are all guilty of wanting them to remain on this earth so you are not alone in that. We are at some level happy that they are no longer suffering and are finally escaping the ravages of the illness yet we don''t want to let them go. I think the biggest sacrifice I made when my mother was passing was to tell het it was OK to let go. I can rest in the fact that she is at peace now. This helps me not to dwell on the past and her suffering. Life is for the living and I know that she would want me to and the rest of the family to do just that....Live.  Shelly Shelly  Re-the stages of liver disease-Do all of these symptoms apply if they are taking medication.  Or does it matter.  Jerry has had all of those...


Is there a cure for fatty liver disease?

A: Fatty liver disease (FLD) does not have a single cure, but can be managed and often resolved through an appropriate treatment program. If FLD is the only problem (meaning that your condition has not developed into the latter stages of alcoholic liver disease), then simply abstaining from alcohol can often be your cure. Additionally, managing your weight or participating in a weight loss program and beginning to eat a diet of nutritious foods will also help to reverse the effects of fatty liver disease. For people whose condition has progressed into the latter stages of alcoholic liver disease,...


What are the symptoms of fatty liver disease?

A: Fatty liver disease (FLD) is a stage in alcoholic liver disease and is closely related to cirrhosis, which can occur if fatty liver disease goes untreated and the liver becomes inflamed and damaged. FLD on its own may be difficult to detect because external symptoms are uncommon. Someone with fatty liver disease may have a liver which is enlarged and smooth; however, only one in three patients display this symptom. In later stages of fatty liver disease, symptoms will probably be related to...


Restless leg syndrome and liver disease

A: Welcome, Jackie!  Exactly what does a medical anthropologist do?  Study disease history or ?? I don''t exactly have RLS, but lately I''ve been having foot/toe spasms when I''m trying to get to sleep, just dozing off.  I was diagnosed with chronic active hep C in ''93 (thus the name), and am a liver cancer survivor.  Do you take any meds for the RLS?  I know there are some new ones on the market. Connie Hi everyone! It''s been a really long time since I''ve posted. Hope all is well. I was reading of few of the posts trying to catch up. As far as Restless Leg Syndrome goes...I''ll keep you posted. I''m going to the doc tomorrow as my legs have been driving me nuts this week. They have been tingly and sensitive to the...

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