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2 diabetes and liver disease

A:  hi mommyangel, Hello and welcome. I''m sorry to hear about your mom.  My husband has HCV/Chirosis.  He is on the liver transplant list.  I''m here to tell you that I know exactly what you are talking about when you say ''your not as strong as people think''.  I feel the same.  Yet somehow everyday, I get up go to work, come home and take care of my husband.  Sometimes I wish someone would just come in and say, Pati, go ....  just go and relax, don''t worry about home or work we''ll handle everything.  Oh wouldn''t that be a dream!  But I think we are stronger then even we think we are.  We work for peace in our lives, and keep going until we get it.  So, anytime you feel like you are weak....give us a...


How is fatty liver disease diagnosed?

A: Blood tests are the usual method used to determine if you have fatty liver disease (FLD). Various types of blood tests will look for irregularity in the liver, including enlargement. Accumulation of fat in the liver can be identified through technology including ultrasound, CT scans, or MRIs; however, these tests cannot determine whether other characteristics of fatty liver are present, such as enlargement of the liver. A biopsy of the liver, obtained through insertion of a needle into the organ, can not only identify fatty liver but also give information about its causes and severity. Fatty...


What Are The Most Common Symptoms Of liver diseases?

A: Although the main symptom of a liver disease is having a pain in the abdomen, passing light colored stool and having an excess urination, but there are many other common types of symptoms by which a person can get an indication about having a liver disease. These can include having severe headaches, feeling dizzy and tired and even having red itchy eyes. The eyes can even turn yellow in the case of jaundice and even the skin and nails become yellow if it is some sort of hepatitis. People can even develop skin problems, skin disorders and allergies to a lot of things. A patient of a liver disease can experience tremors, spasms in the muscles...


What''s The Name Of The liver disease You Can Get When Someone Sniffs Too Much Cocaine?

A: There''s not a special name, it''s just ''liver disease''. And what that means is that the liver isn''t functioning correctly.  Typically because too many of its cells have been directly damaged, corrupted by toxins or replaced by fats. Symptoms of liver disease. One thing that cocaine abuse can do is promote fatty deposits in the liver, leading to a fatal disease called Nonalcoholic steatohepatitis. Cocaine is often cut with talcum powder.  Snorting the cocaine-talcum mix means that talc gets into your blood stream; this is actively damaging to liver cells, too -- the

End Stage liver disease - First time user

A: Hi Nikki19! I post on the Chronic Pain forum, but your post caught my eye and I had to respond. I know very little about the subject of end stage liver disease but I just wanted to say that I will pray for you, your husband, and your family. You will be in my thoughts. I have never been in your exact position, but I do know some of what you are feeling. If you need a shoulder, I am here. Hi splahdancer...thank you for your kind thoughts..hope all is well with you.  Hi, Nikki!  First of all, I want to welcome you to the forum...though I''m sorry you have to be here.  It seems that your husband''s liver disease was caused by alcohol abuse, is this correct?  He...


Proteins and liver disease

A: Hi Shelly, Again, thanks for the excellent info. Minimal protein intake is of great concern to me & I monitor it daily. Would you be willing to take your best geuss on how much protein a person with Hep C (or any liver disease) should intake daily? I realize this can be different for everyone - but as I am consciously attempting to reduce my protein input to only the level I "need", what would you suggest that migt be? Best, Cary Boy Cary, that is a tough one. First there are normalís for people of good health. As far as I know it is based on body weight. But  another method of calculation is 10-15% of caloric intake should be dietary protein. When liver disease is involved...


Is Tenderness By The liver A Symptom Of liver disease?

A: The term liver disease applies to a number of diseases that affect the liver. These diseases cause the liver to stop its function or function improperly. There are number of symptoms of liver diseases and Tenderness in the abdomen can also be one of the signs, depending on the disease you are suffering from. Here is a link from where you can see a details about several liver diseases and their respective symptoms: https://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/ency/article/000205.htm...


Ascites caused by liver disease

A: I know that some people have a major problem with this and have to be drained often.  If it becomes too much, some will get the TIPS done.  Rick knows quite a bit about this problem.  I had ascites, but they put me on Lasix and potassium pills (high doses at first.)  Because I had a hard time swallowing the potassium tabs, they replaced it with Aldactone.  It took awhile to get it under control, but I never was drained.  I even suggested it once, as I looked like I was 9 mos. pregnant, but was told that the risk of infection was too great.  I had it done once when I developed a pocket of fluid following hernia repair in my midsection.  I had had several drains placed following surgery, and they kept clogging up.  This last time, the fluid was...


Is fatty liver disease serious?

A: By itself, fat in the liver is not usually a problem. Fatty liver disease (FLD) can become serious, though, because of the problems that can develop from having excess fat in the liver over time. If untreated, fatty liver disease can lead to problems including an enlarged liver, cell death in the liver, cirrhosis, and eventual liver failure. Other problems related to fatty liver disease are obesity and poor nutrition; these conditions can lead to FLD and have an overall negative impact on your health....


How Do You Know You Have liver disease?

A: You will know you have liver disease when you see signs of Jaundice. This is because of the increased level of bilirubin in the system. This happens due to the breakdown of hemoglobin of dead red blood cells. The liver usually throws away these dead cells through bile. The other type of disease is called hepatitis. This is usually the inflammation of the liver. Another kind is the Cirrhosis, which is generally the configuration of fibrous tissue in the liver, which in turn replaces dead liver cells. Hemochromatosis, is another hereditary disease, which is caused due to accretion of iron in the...

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