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I have low back and hip muscle pain of the sacriel joint area..what is a remedy for pain and for fast recovery

A: See your doctor. He can order x-rays or others tests. You could have something as simple as a strain, or could have osteoporosis, rheumatoid. It is better to get diagnosed than speculate. Feel better!...

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At 26 weeks, I''m having horriable hip, low back and leg pain, what do i do?

A: I would say to go to a chiropractor. I had the same kind of pain as you and mine worked wonders for me....


low back and butt pain

A: Dear Angela, Seeing a chiropractor would still be beneficial.  I"m  glad you went to the ER, the injections will help, but are only going to help to reduce the active inflammation and kill the pain only.  The injections will not change any physical relationship between the joints, therefore spinal manipulation will still be beneficial.  However, I would wait one to two days before you get your examination...this will give the medicine some time to work, and time for the inflammation to reduce.  Not to mention, the injection sites may be sensitive as well. By the way, make sure that you get the x-rays from the ER to take to the chiropractor you choose...they will...


pain in low back and hip and tailbone

A: Hi There, It depends on where the scar tissue is and if it impinges on other areas causing pain. I don''t know if you ever had a muscle spasm through your problems. I have, after a fall onto my bum. All my muscles spasmed and I was unable to move for quite a few days. Eventually I was able to mobilise BUT my piriformis muscle has stayed tight and this causes great pain in my bum,groin and hip. The pain also travels down my leg as scar tissue has caused irritation at the point where this muscle runs next to the sciatic nerve.You mentioned hip


low back causes hip pain?

A: In 1999 I had an MRI that showed Pelvic arthritis. (OA) as well as bulgeing of the Lumbar spine. I had pain ONLY in the right side of my lower back area right along the top of my hip. The pain was sporatic but at that time I did not have much arthritis yet. The pelvic bone is actually the "tail bone" part of your spine, not your hip. I''ve had a CT scan of the pelvic area. Would that show any arthritis? I feel some pain on the bone itself, is that where you felt your pain? Did it feel like it was in the ovary region? I just can''t tell. I never had an ovary region in my


low back and Leg pain

A: Chris, Sounds like you are in a very tough situation. First I don"t think the knee replacement is directly at fault but may have been a contributing factor as the replacement may have left the leg shorter or longer on the side of replacement which cause your body to have to adapt to the change in length. Many surgeons say Chiropractors are just crazy when we say that. I challenge them to have their heel built up by one inch on only one side and then try to live a normal life. No one has taken me up on my experiment. Not much can be done to remedy this at this point but once you get your pain under control this should be addressed. Now for your leg/thigh pain. This is most likely caused by pinched nerves or...


low back and thigh pain

A: Hi, Of course I cannot say what is causing your pain, but I have had very similar symptoms. Mine, though, were all seen on MRI and were caused by spinal stenosis and sciatica. I really hope the nerve conduction test will give you some answers. Hi i had similar symptoms aswell and it was due to sciatica also, the pain was unbearable and i ended up undergoing a second spinal surgery and am still recovering, what did the mri results say in relation to your lumbar spine and discs? I never had a nerve conduction test and kind of hope...


What can I do to relieve a pinched nerve in my low back that causes pain in my lef hip and leg?

A: go visit a massage therapist. they will help tremendously You need to get that nerve out of your pinched area so keep moving. You might try walking in a pool. Try ice and ibuprofen. Good luck! G.G. See a chiropractor. He will take x-rays to be sure that is the problem and then he''ll get started right away to reposition your spine to relieve the pain. Go see a doctor. Is it making your leg feel numb? My mom had that problem 8 years ago and it came back this year only worse and in both legs and she ended up having 3 bulging discs and had back surgery a couple months...


What do I do about knee and hip pain from working out?

A: . stretching is the best answer. You did something wrong. Avoid working out again until you are healed. Maybe talk to a trainer to find out what you are doing wrong. are u running? doing high impact? try just doing high impact every other day Correct get a physical cjheckup, it maight be "referred" pain from your back. What exercises did you do? If you lifted weights incorrectly and slkightly injured your quads, hamstrings doing squats, leg lifts, abs etc that could cause this Get a physical exam. If the joints are hurting, then stop...at least don''t exercise that area for a few days and see if it goes away...if not then see a doctor as you may have a problem that has been...


lower back and butt pain

A: Dear Ashley, Simply put this is most likely joint irritation.  Falling on the hip or buttocks creates increased stress and compression on the cartilage which lines the joint spaces.  Additionally, the joint capsule which surrounds the joint spaces can easily become stretched and torn.  Now the lower joints of the lumbar spine (facet joints) could be affected or the sacroilliac (SI) joints in the pelvis.   The best way to determine which joints are the problematic ones is with a functional examination.  This would include active and passive range of motion of the joints and stressing them with orthopedic tests...

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