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What Is the Best low back pain Relief?

A: low back pain relief is often a long and elusive process, but there are some simple steps to get some quick relief, leading to long-term relief. Part of the problem of finding effective low back pain relief, however, is the fact that you must first determine what is causing your lower back pain. This should be done by a doctor or physical therapist. Once you have determined what is causing your pain, you can begin to treat it more effectively. Treatment should be done with the assistance of a doctor. For at-home low...


How Do I Choose the Best low back pain Management?

A: Most people will experience some form of back pain throughout their lives, but not everyone lives with chronic pain that will necessitate low back pain management on a regular basis. A variety of conditions can cause chronic low back pain, and identifying those causes first can help you choose the best low back pain management strategies. Common causes of low back pain include herniated discs in the spine, weak or poorly...


How to treat low back pain?

A: Every one of us experience low back ache at some point in their life. low back ache can be caused due to various regions. Majority of low back ache is caused due to mechanical reasons which can postural abnormality, repetitive stress injuries causing strain and fatigue in the back muscles. It is more common in the pregnant women, sitting professionals, people with sedentary life style etc. Treatment of back pain generally depends on the status of the condition i.e. acute or chronic. • Usually acute pain gets better on its own with proper...


How to diagnose low-back pain?

A: You need to go see a Doctor of Osteopath and/or see a good Orthopedic Spine Surgeon and ask about an MRI and Scoli X rays. A regular xray most likely wont show much and if you are hurting down low its a good chance you''ve hurt yous self previously and/or have a progressive and probably a degenerative condition going on .I''m speaking from experience here in that you don''t want to put this off to long. You don''t neccessarily have to have ( or choose to have) any kind of surgery done or at least not at this time --BUT-- you need to find the source of the pain. If the pain is bad enough to get your attention and is getting worse you need to know. You may have a minor problem or be advised to have minor surgery. What...


What can I do about low back pain?

A: low back pain is frequently caused by minor injury, usually while lifting. Some people may suffer from what is termed chronic nonspecific back pain, in which case a cause canít necessarily be identified. Others may have true injuries or certain medical conditions that require more extensive care. Thus the first step in treating low back pain is to talk to a doctor about what may be causing it. When the cause is minor injury, there are many ways to address low back pain. Most often the approach taken is a conservative...


What Are the Best Exercises for low back pain?

A: Exercises for low back pain are usually quite easy to do, and many of them can be performed in the comfort and privacy of one''s own home. People who have injured their backs generally need to begin the recovery process slowly. One of the best things that can be done for a lower back problem is to lie on the floor, on the back, with one or two pillows under bent knees. Or the feet can rest either on the floor or on a chair. The position chosen should be the one that is the most comfortable for the injured person. This should provide some immediate relief for most...


What are some good exercises for low-back pain?

A: Much of the pain in our bodies comes from imbalances in our musculature. To help remedy this, we want to bring the lagging muscles up to speed. Most of a persons low back pain is located in the lumbar region. However, many times it is not a lack of strength in the lumbar that is causing the pain. It is an imbalance of strength in relation to the other smaller muscles that support the spine and attach the lower limbs to the back. A great way to bring these support muscles up to speed is through variations of core training. Core training has become very popular lately with the rise of yoga and Pilate's type...

Can any one tellme the best excersise?im suffering from low-back pain since 2 years..?

A: Please check out my web site. I feel that this is something that can help you. http://www.mymonavie.com/yourwellnessstartshere Please feel free to email me with any questions. blazerc123@bellsouth.net 1. Sleep on hard bed.. 2. Do regulalry Bhujangasan. 3.Do Suryanamaskar 10 to 12 times a day. 4. Drink daily Noni herbal fruit juice. swimming and jogging are the best. low back ache needs medical work up my 22 year old daughter has had low back pain from sacroilitis from a track injury when she was 16. We''ve done EVERYTHING!! but she finds that walking and pilates and the eliptical trainer at the gym (only once or twice a week) have helped he immensely. Developing the...


Pelvic and low back pain for 8 years

A: First you need to see a physician and get updated tests because a ct and ultrasound are not good enough diagnostic tests to accurately diagnose back pain. You should have a MRI to begin with and based on those results possibly a discogram to follow. A MRI will determine degerenative disc disease as well as a whole host of other spinal disorders that cause back pain that will help in a physician in determining the best corse of treatment. A discogram is where usually a anesthesiologist with the use of a fluoroscope which is basically a live x-ray, will inject a die saline solution into the disc space looking to pressurize the disc space and are looking for the...


How to cure low back pain?

A: Depending upon the cause of back pain, the treatment also varies. The low back pain can be because of several reasons like back muscles weakness, Poor posture, muscles tightness, Improper Vertebral alignment, Prolong sitting and muscles stiffness. For low back pain ,we need to strengthen the back muscles esp Lattismus dorsi and erector spinae muscles. Do proper back stretching to increase the flexibility of back muscles and to relieve stiffness. Try to take a short breaks frequently in between...

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