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My lower back is hurting after I had a cold. I coughed a lot. Is it possible the cold went into my back?

A: Hello, Thanks for asking dLife. Did you experience any low back pain before you had your cold? Mild back pain is often made worse if you cough, or sneeze, or even sit or lie down for too long. The act of coughing or sneezing can also create pain in the back. There are many other factors that could contribute to low back pain. Most people who suffer from an attack of low back pain make a total recovery within a week or two and do so with little or no treatment. If the


Calf Muscle pain during running

A: Hi Trevor, The explanation as to why your calf muscle is feeling chronic pain can be as simple as the muscles are tight from repetitive strain injury, or as complicated as your sport has caused muscles to rotate your pelvis and put pressure on the nerve that tells your calf to spasm. Sports that involve high-intensity running will definitely cause a repetitive strain injury of the calf muscles. As you continue to run the muscles keep getting shorter and shorter due to the constant contraction of the fibers until eventually the fibers just can?t release to their normal length. To stretch the muscles while they are being held in this tight position is similar to taking a 12? length of rope, tying knots in it so it is now 11? and then trying to stretch it

Chronic pain for 10 mths now

A: Hi Kelly, I love working with endurance athletes because you understand what I"m explaining, and you"re determined to get well so you do as I suggest. I"ve worked with thousands of athletes in the past 20 years, in fact, I wrote a book titled "The pain-Free Triathlete" that is based on my work with Ironman triathletes.  So, it will be great working with you and getting you back on the road again. It"s important to know that you CAN resolve this list of problems, I"ve seen it so many times in the past. Okay, let"s start with why all of the doctors, therapists, etc., haven"t worked yet.  The odds are the massages either weren"t deep enough, or they were deep but sliding on the muscle fibers. If the therapist can slide on your...

Extensive leg pain and fatigue.

A: Hi Darryl, All of the symptoms, except your fingers, that you are describing can come from two muscles, the iliopsoas and quadriceps, being tight and rotating your pelvis down in the front and up in the back.  Your fingers can be tingling from a bunch of muscles from your neck all the way to your hand. When any of the muscles are pressing on the nerves that go to your hand, you"ll feel the tingling in your fingers, but that doesn"t mean (in fact, it rarely means) that there is anything wrong with your fingers (and it"s also not carpal tunnel syndrome, although you may be told that). It"s a long explanation, but if you go to http://www.aboutcts.com you can read about how muscles from your neck to your hands cause these symptoms. Take a look at the page...

both my legs are swollen and painful from a fall. could it be from my back?

A: I would see a neurosurgeon and get films of low back.  I have had back surgery.  There are also injections they can give for your low back depending on situation.   Tim...


MRI Interpretation : Chronic back/neck pain

A: Dear Karen, Neither the lumbar or cervical MRI are really that bad from what is described because the nerve roots that exit the spine are not being impinged or encroached in any way.  However, 1. You have degenerative changes to the joints and disc bulges in the neck, 2. The disk bulges in the neck to touch the outer covering of the spinal cord (thecal sac) which can create inflammation or irritation of the neck, 3. You have degeneration of the disks in the low back as well as bulging in two areas and a tearing of the outer portion of the disc at the lumbar level of L4-L5. This can result in broad based low back pain...usually without any radiation of


Is Chiropractic the answer for Chronic back and Neck pain?

A: And for another perspective on back pain, read the book, "Healing back pain" by Dr. John Sarno. He was a doctor who performed back surgeries for years and realized that the surgeries were unnecessary. He has been treating back pain without drugs or surgery for over 20 years and many people are healed of their back pain simply by reading his book! Kerri Knox, RN -The Immune Queen http://www.easy-immune-health.com The evidence for chiropractice for acute low back pain is reasonable, but...

Groin/Quad pain

A: Hi Iris, I believe you will be celebrating soon. If you have my book "Treat Yourself to pain Free Living" you"ll be able to do all the self-treatments that will resolve this issue. It"s perfect that you"re working with a massage therapist who is able to do trigger point therapy. Please let him know that he can send me a message (on my forum) and I"ll be happy to work along with him to resolve your issues. Iris, I"ve worked with people who were in terrible pain and even unable to walk, and when we released these muscles they came back to functioning normally again.  Please stay encouraged and know that the odds are good that you"ll be fine soon. Wishing you well,     Julie Donnelly...

What alternatives are out there for back and neck pain?

A: There is a variety of anti-inflammatory and pain relieving herbs available.  If you need detailed info, let me know.  Also, for another healing alternative -- try Reiki treatments, they are very effective.  If I can be of futher service, please let me know. Dear back pain Sufferer, Your back problems may very well be helped with Chinese medicine. What many drug companies don’t want you to know is that their drugs do not cure you of what causes low back pain. The way these drugs work is to disable, for a short time, your brain''s ability to feel the sensation of pain coming...

Have a pain in my lower back but....?

A: Here is a simple remedy until you see your doctor.Massaging the back muscles will reduce the pain.Apply an icepack to the affected area. This will make the area numb and reduce the pain. More details and remedies at http://aches.in/backpainremedies.html low back pain is most likely a result of strain. It may be due to mechanical disorder affecting one or more structures in your back. It may be ligament strain, a muscle tear, damage to a spinal facet joint or prolapse of an intervertebral disc. If your temperature is over 38 degrees many virus infections such as flu may...

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