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I have a horrible sciatica, right side low back pain that has plagued me since 2001?

A: 29 Dec 2011 Have you had an MRI of the lower spine or seen a neurologist? It sounds like you have either a stenosis or compression of the L5 S1 nerve root. I have had this for 44 years due to a bad surgery that left damage to my nerves in my spine & they can do nothing for me surgically anymore. They treat the pain. You need to find the right doctor to check you out & find the cause in you back & then get the correct treatment... Mary632009 Votes:+2CommentVote upReportAnonymous29 Dec 2011 Hi Anna, you beat me to the punch on your question about sciatica pain. I was just going to ask the same question. I fell down a flight of stairs too many times, first time fractured my cochyx....


What is DENERVATION in conjection with injections to L4-L5 for low back pain? How often can this method be given?

A: Denervation; also known as Radio Frequency, and Short-Wave Diathermy, is a method used to block/cut the afferent nerve from conducting pain signals to the brain. This is not an injection. You will need to be awake enough on the table while the doctor dials the frequency and you must say whether you feel or do not feel the RF waves. This is usually done alone, i.e., not combined with other procedures or injections. This can be done more than once, and outcome varies from complete relief of pain in the denervated area, to no response, also there can be numbness of the skin surrounding the area. These are small prices to pay if this procedure works for you. Good Luck!!...


Persistent low back pain

A: Your worsening symptoms appear to be coming from your back - possibly a degenerative arthritis, possibly from repeated injuries. You and your doctor need to know the real cause of your pain before it can be treated either with therapy, exercises or other modalities. Because you are now having symptoms of nerve involvement I think that a CT scan (computerized tomography scan) of your back would be very beneficial to establish a diagnosis. This should give the exact etiology of your pain, including bony or soft tissue involvement. For example, if you had a buildup of bony tissue at the exit of the nerve roots, or spinal stenosis, standing on your feet would cause the veins in those areas to...


low back pains

A: hi, stacy, Some women experience uterine contractions as low back pain. So this isn"t too surprising. I would say be watchful, but try not to worry. It"s too soon to know you are going to be OK. There are many other ways abortion can harm you. But it looks like you are past the immediate emergency situations. You didn"t say how the abortion was done. But don"t be surprised if you have heavier bleeding. But don"t let it go on for weeks or anything. Seek help if that starts to happen. Your uterus should contract, which should eliminate anything that is left inside. Also, if you feel any weakness or undue tiredness or show any signs of anemia, please check into it. There is always the possibility of...

shoe t ype for low back pain,

A: People with low back pain should follow three rules for shoe wear:   1) The shoe should be stable with good heel control. No flip-flops or sandals that have no heel strap or heel cup. 2) The shoe should be flat. High-heeled shoes are very hard on the back (and rest of the body) because they alter the posture and alignment. 3) The shoe should be well cushioned. Especially, on hard surfaces, the more cushioning the better for your back. Even, using some off the shelf insoles can be very helpful. Change those shoes and ensoles out every six months because the cushioning breaks down.   A great resource for foot products is...


is it normal that having low back pain in 5th month of pregnancy? if so what is the remedy for that?

A: I have lately been expiriencing the same thing lately, i asked my midwife and she said that the best thing is relaxing in bed with a nice massage by your partner. And it works!i start feeling so relax that I sometimes fall asleep. She aslo told me that most of the time it is because of too much activity. I used to carry around a heavy bag full of books and stand with it a lot. So just try to relax. If you take a warm bath it helps too, but no bubbles baths. back rubs help. Might want to consider a massage @ a day spa to relax. Also, with weight gain, our bodies are trying to adjust to carrying more and that''s where some pain comes from. I would recommend a maternity belt. it''s meant for your lower


face is swollen, low back pain. Test confirm protien in urine

A: Hi , I had the same probelm some 10 yars back. This is called Neuphrotic syndrome. I was treated with Medicines . Protein has the capability to absorb wator in the body when you loose that in the urine , water reamins unobsorbed which results ina swollen look (not the actul swelling). You must have noticed a decrease in weight in recent times?. Anyways I was treated with medicines for 3 months. Take less salt , eat more protein like boiled egg etc., I recuured once but treated again with medicenes. One inresting thing is nobody knows how this happens. They say there is afilter to filter the protein and let the urine go out , that malfunctions :)...

What really are the causes of low back pain?

A: Pulled muscles , lifting objects incorrectly , spine/disc problems can cause back problems...

  History: Severe low back pain going across the hips and into the groin, inaddition to numbness to both thighs on top.Thediscs show narrowing at L3-S1, the conus is normal. The facet jointsmoderate to severe asymmetric degenerativechanges.At L1-L2, ther

A: Hi, Osteophytes are new bone formation and this occurs when vertebrae degenerate and loose shock absorbingcapacity. Therefore, osteophytes formation may be associated with nerve compression and requires a doctor?sopinion for medications or surgery like laminectomy or microdiscectomy. You may also experience pain,numbness, tingling, and weakness in extremities or neck. I would suggest consulting a neurologist as well inorder to reach at probable diagnosis here. Hope this information proves helpful to you....


Can kidney cancer cause low back pain after urination?

A: Yes, pain in several areas such as lower back, kidney area (your lower sides), and pelvis are all symptoms of kidney cancer.. ...

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