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Chronic low back pain with no diagnosis.?

A: 1. I have a small disc buldge and have pain EVERYDAY in my lower back. My chiropractor did find I have a short leg, might be worth a check, it also makes my right knee hurt if I don't wear a lift. I do stretch and my physical therapist and DO have worked on my low back and tried to stabilize my pelvis so I have had times of relief. I think disc bulges and structural problems can cause pain, I am almost your same age. Some theorize that peri-menapause increases pain levels and I have been told Fybromyalgia, etc. I do get massages....really helps as well as moist heat and ice packs on my low...


severe leg aches, low back pain

A: Dear Anne, Yes, I am positive that it was pregnancy related.  In fact it would have been great for you to have been under chiropractic treatement during your pregnancy. It sounds as though you may have sciatic type pain or sacroilliac joint pain.  I would recommend you get a chiropractic evaluation from a well credentialed chiropractic physican in your area.  Let me explain why, including pregnancy recommendations. All of the symptoms you have described can originate from sacroilliac dysfunction, because the sacroiliac joint,(SI)has pain patterns that encompass the entire leg depending on the dysfunction of the joint, the ligamentous complex and associated muscles. It gets its nerve supply from...


low back pain/ Frequent urination

A: Dan, let me begin by stating that I have no expertise in primary back problems as they are in the field of orthopedics.  In the field of urology, by far the most common cause of your symptoms would be prostatitis, an inflammation of the prostate gland.  With this condition, you may have both bowel symptoms and lower back pain.  However in prostatits, the pain is referred to the back from the prostate and is NOT related to physical activity while in structural back conditions (ie muscle or ligament strain, disc diseases, etc.) it is related.  To follow is some information on...

13 years old and i have low back pain. Is it normal?

A: 1. it isn't very "normal" but there is a possibility that you have low back pain. tell your parents and see a doctor. 2. Growing pains 3. OMG i feel the same way, i'm 14 years old, what i do i get some icyhot and put that on my back or use a heating pad 4. its probably a backache from your period. 5. completely normal, its called growing pains. if the pain is unbearable you could consult a docter but i wouldnt jump to any rash conclusions. its most likely growing pains. your probably going to shoot up a few inches in the next month 6. ask yur mom. 7....


Is there any evidence to support the use of physiotherapy led pain mangement and exercises classes for the treatment of chronic low back pain?

A: This question is complicated due the many different ''meanings'' an exercise class might have.  For instance, one exercise class might do different things to another.   CKS (formerly PRODIGY) have published a guideline on low back pain [1] and this reports on classes for back pain, and report on the UK BEAM trial [2].  In this article, the authors define the exercise classes as:   “We developed the exercise programme ("back to fitness") from previous trials. It comprises initial individual assessment followed by group classes incorporating cognitive behavioural principles. We...

I am getting bad low back pain what should I do?

A: 1. go to your doctor. sounds like sciatic nerve pain and that''s not going to get much better without some sort of intervention. don''t start with chiro though b/c you need to have a clear picture of the problem. you may need cat scan or MRI to determine if there is a pinched nerve or not. i have SI joint problems in the lower left side of my back and it radiates into my side. there are treatments available but you need to go to a back dr or ortho that treats backs and get a regimen in place. good luck! 2. low back pain is a very common complaint and affects four out of five people at some...


How does acupuncture performed in a primary care setting for mechanical low back pain compare with outcomes from standard physiotherapy treatment ?

A: This question does not appear to have an answer, due to lack of research evidence.  Most trials of acupuncture appear to use physiotherapy as part of ‘usual care’ (which includes other components of care).    PRODIGY has a guideline on low back pain [1].  This highlighted the lack of evidence supporting acupuncture:   “A meta-analysis of 33 randomized controlled trials [Manheimer et al, 2005] that compared acupuncture with other active treatment or no treatment found evidence that acupuncture is more effective than sham or no treatment for chronic low back pain. Evidence about acupuncture''s...

Is it normal to have too much low back pain at 29 weeks pregnant?

A: 1. back pain or discomfort is common during pregnancy and should be expected to some degree by most women. back pain may be experienced during any point of your pregnancy; however, it most commonly occurs later in the pregnancy as the weight of the baby increases. back pain can disrupt your daily routine or interfere with a good night of sleep. You are not alone if you are experiencing back pain during your pregnancy. The prevalence varies with reports, showing between 50 to 70 percent of all pregnant women having back pain. Hope this info...


what is good for low back pain?

A: 1. Stretching helps relieve the pain. You also need to focus on strengthening your core muscles (stomach) as these are strong support for your lower back. You need to alternate ice and heat. If it continues or gets worse see a doctor - sounds like a disc in your lower back. 2. i have cronic lower back pain and nothing takes the pain away but your not as far gone as i am so i would suggust trying some pain patches that you can buy over the counter 3. You may have pinched your sciatic nerve. Lay down on your back. Pull...


low back pain getting worse?

A: Ouch! No one can say for sure but it at least doesn''t sound MS-ey. Can you get a referral to a back specialist? You also might want to post on the back problems board here -- someone might have an idea. Keep us posted! I have low back pain, big time. My nuro did an mri on my spine and said that I have ms in my spine. I asked him, if that is why my back hurts so much, he said probably. So my family doctor gave me some medicine that really helps it is called ultram er. Hi lillyfields... sooo sorry to hear about your TERRIBLE pain! Did I miss it.. are you diagnosed with MS? Personally, I am not...

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