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what are the treatment options for low back pain?

A: 1. I recommend going to the chiropractor, it feels amazing! You will feel sore at first, but it really does relieve back pain, and after a month or two you feel great for several weeks (depending on when they want you to come in.) 2. go see a chiropractor. Dont go the medical doctor route with back pain. Medication will only cover the symptoms and give you the false sense that you are cured. I am a chiropractor and treat LBP all the time and many times after people have underwent surgery or a handful of meds. go see a chiropractor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aslo, PT or physiotherapy will not really fix the problem, it will only allow your body to compensate for the problem,...


What should I do about my severe low back pain?

A: 1. flip your mattress and use a heat pack. if you wear heals, try flats for a few days 2. Physical therapy 3. See a Doctor. He/she may prescribe Robaxisal. 4. why don't you try diclofenac sodium 50mg twice a day for 3 days and otherwise consult your DR. 5. Go to your doctor. Also consider getting acupressure as it seemed to help my lower back pain. 6. Seek medical attention immediately! If you haven't had an accident recently to cause this pain then you need to see a doctor! 7. Are you getting enough fiber? Sometimes when we have an intestinal blockage or a compacted colon it will cause back pain. See a doctor, will ya'!! 8. At my...


18 weeks with low back pain and dull belly aches?

A: 1. Sorry your in pain. When I was pg rest helped alot. Drinking lots of fluids. Keep your feet up when possible. 2. Put a heating pad on your back. It worked for me. 3. have your man rub you out! 4. The low back pain is probably sciatic nerve pain. I have it too . It sucks. Tylenol won't help because it is not an anti-inflammatory. Try using a heating pad and lying on the opposite side of the pain and drinking a lot of water. You can also try an analgesic patch like ben gay. 5. Try not to lie on your back, it puts more pressure on it and increases the pain. You an...


what should I do about low back pain?

A: 1. I don''t know, but I FEEL YOUR pain. (no seriously, I do have a bad back..) 2. I too, suffer from low back pain since a auto accident in 98. I have done all you have. A pain management will try to work with you to ease the pain. My husband was sent to a counselor to learn to take his mind off the pain. He was also given injections. It wouldn''t hurt to try that. Are you doing exercises for the back? If not email me and I will give you several in detail. I also took a steroid shot and it eased me for a long time. I have heard there is a gold shot that really helps....


Does anyone know of any good home remedy's for chronic low back pain ?

A: 1. A good chiropractor. Search youtube lower back stretches. 2. I see a compassionate and affordable chiropractor who uses a technique called Network Spinal Analysis. It''s gentle touch (no cracking), holistic, and very effective. You could see if there''s a doctor in your area at this website http://www.wiseworldseminars.com/nsa/practitioners/ I wouldn''t want chronic low back pain. It would affect too much of my life. Good luck. 3. back pain is caused by pinched muscles in your lower back a very common ailment for men. Here is how you can easily release those...


low back pain/frequency to urinate

A: Although I am not a physician,  I agree with the osteopath in his assessment of some pinched nerves in your lower back.  The nerves in the lower back contain those that involve the bladder and reproductive system.   I would recommend continuing with your colon cleansing routine although not as strident; try more of a maintenance approach.  I would also recommend a follow-up with the osteopath for further assessment and testing.  That may or may not include an MRI.  I believe that your osteopath will recommend some manipulation of your low back along with some physical therapy. Thank...


Is misdiagnosis common for women who present with low back pain? Including shooting pain and muscle spasms in the calf and foot?

A: I found this article for you: The Basics of back pain. The article states: ''The cause of an episode of back pain, on the other hand, often is more difficult to pinpoint, and may be related to the discs, joints, or soft tissue supports (muscles, ligaments and tendons).'' When I went to the doctor with low back pain last year, the physician''s assistant said I probably just strained a muscle and gave me some muscle relaxers.? Three days later I was in the emergency room and was still told it was muscle strain.? The next day the doctor ordered an MRI and they finally realized I had two herniated discs. Good luck! When...

28 Weeks Pregnant and severe low back pain?

A: 1. i have the same pain but it is in my right leg my doctor told me that it is just the baby pressing down on your nerve ending in your leg. But yes you should go see if its anything bad or not 2. it sounds a lot like round ligament pain or possibly the baby being in a position that puts pressure on a nerve or two. you could call the doctor, but as long as you aren''t having actual contractions i wouldn''t worry too much. sometimes low back pain can accompany contractions, when this happens often the pain will start in the back and then wrap around to your lower stomach and harden your uterus....


What causes chronic low back pain?

A: According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Americans spend more than $50 billion each year treating low back pain. Because low back pain affects so many people and can be costly to treat, it is important to know its causes and how to avoid them.AgeA simple cause of low back pain is age. When people get older, tone, strength and elasticity decrease. The discs in the lower back also become less flexible, providing less cushion for vertebrae....


Why may an enlarged prostate cause low back pain ?

A: 1. kidneys or constipation can. 2. low back pain is a typical symptom of enlarged prostate . The prostate is a small gland approximately the size and shape of a walnut. It sits directly below the bladder, in front of the rectum. The prostate is a part of the male reproductive tract. It produces fluid that combines with sperm to make semen. The prostate surrounds the tube that carries urine from the bladder (urethra). During puberty, the prostate expands evenly. The enlargement that occurs in the second half of life, however, is concentrated in the part of the gland next to the urethra. As the gland gets bigger, it interferes with the flow of urine out of the bladder....

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